Take What you Need and Give Away the Rest

It is getting messy out there isn’t it? Just as the US population is trying to figure out who will be the best leader for their country, so is our government, 2/3 of which was not voted by the people because of inadequate turnouts, in the end we got a coalition that can’t stand each other and a Premier Oreskovic that can’t speak Croatian very well, a true technocrat with no political background. Although I admire the fact he’s not a politician, I also predicted the political hyenas would get rid of him very quickly because instead of debating politics with him, he’s bringing in foreign investments just as he promised.

This is just a summary of our political situation because I don’t sit in front of the TV and watch this crap, I hear it in the background while working on my laptop here. My partner stares at this crap all day long and now with Soccer, I might as well take a 2 week vacation because he’s absent from my reality. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with him choosing what he does, the main thing is that it makes him happy. If he’s happy staring into the TV then I’m happy for him too.

Last night, we were invited to a get together. There were 20 people present, food and wine, I mean it was literally like a royal evening with so much food that was not eaten. While everyone was busy chatting about their illnesses, olives, politics and fears, I was deep in thought, wondering how many children the food we didn’t eat could feed. Let me give you a list of what was available. Appetizer: Platters of prosciutto, cheeses, olives, smoked meats, risotto made from Veal and french salad. The main meal consisted of trays of lamb roasted in our traditional method of the fire pit. 2 lambs were sacrificed for this dinner, yet we barely ate one. With that came salads, roast potatoes, roast pumpkins, and various breads as we are bread lovers. It was disgusting watching the hostess remove so much food from the table, not knowing what to do with it. She politely bragged about not having to cook for a few days, I get that. We are a society of “I don’t have enough”, yet throw out more food than we consume. Although the atmosphere was a happy one, everyone joined in singing our traditional music, ancient dances that are ancestors danced, I was not able to fit into it. I can’t fit into a society where food, dance and song is all that is. There was no mention of events going on, no mention of crazy weather, no mention of chemtrails, no mention of damaged vegetable crops due to chemtrails and toxins raining down from them, there was no mention about eating healthier, none of their topics had any value for me.
Does that make me strange? In their world I am strange. In their world I am the recluse that rarely comes out into public. In their world, I hold on to truth, speak what is on my mind and that scares the shit out of them. I was proud of myself last night, I stayed quiet, observed, smiled when someone talked to me and never once mentioned how all that food was going to give them bad sleep and a hangover from drinking different types of wines. I never mentioned the fact that I didn’t eat much because eating after 7 pm is really bad for your body to metabolize. I did just fine with french salad and lettuce salads…had a glass of wine and kept poking my partner in his leg for us to go home.

“Fake it if you have to” I whispered in his ear. “Tell them you need oxygen, say anything, just please lets get out of here”. It was a wonderful evening, the food and drink was fantastic, the hosts went into a big expense to give us the best money can buy, but I am still counting how many kids that leftover food could have fed.

I may be strange, I may seem weird to some, but what is wrong in counting wasted food and thinking how it can be given to a few kids? I am so fortunate, yet even in that fortune I only cook how much we can consume that day, I don’t throw out anything, most of it goes to the compost pile or I pack it up and give it to the poor neighbors.  It’s always been my philosophy to grow as much as I need, hunt as much I need, buy as much as I need and anything extra, I give away. My biggest pleasures in life is seeing a smile upon opening a bag to find clothing or food or baked bread. Nothing will change until we start changing, nothing will improve until we become better humans. We came here to experience being a human, but we are not fulfilling our true potential, it’s called LOVE.


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