Some Food for Thought–You Need it Now!

This video/interview is a compilation of everything I have been writing about the least 4 years. It’s  not the information, rather it is the thought process these two people are sharing. As both will confirm; there are no correct answers, there is no real truth for all of us, as we all create our own realities.

I really enjoyed listening to the ‘savior’ topic because I used to write about this a lot. It never made sense to me that we would create this reality only to wait for someone or something to bail us out. It’s like the Christian God creating man in his own image and likeness then punishing him for doing things that are not very good. If God created man in his own image, why would he punish him for creating in him all the qualities? The same goes for our reality. Why go through all this work only to sit back and wait for a savior to come by.

If anything, this interview will give you a lot to think about. As you know, I never question if the information being given is correct or not, I only question WHY and what purpose and if it makes any sense. I question those that claim to be voices for gods or angels yet maybe are able to communicate those messages to a few thousand people. If these beings truly wanted us to hear these messages, why would they choose one person to send through? If they are higher dimensional beings, do they not possess abilities that we don’t and therefore, are able to simultaneously send messages to everyone on this planet since we are all connected by energy? So, this is what I question, things that don’t often make any sense. We talk about being equals, yet certain entities choose certain people to relay their messages while at the same time saying that we are special and equal.

This video is intended for you to take what you don’t already know and to give you something to think about if you have not done that already. Whether the information is correct or not, I can’t attest to that, I can only say that I have been thinking along the same lines and sharing those very same thoughts with you over the years. I’m glad to see that there are more of us on this same wavelength.


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