Is Something Really Up? Alex Collier at his best!

The videos below are a must for you to listen to. As I have written many times, I have been a supporter of Alex Collier since the internet existed and I have never found anything dubious in his information. Why? Because he’s never claimed to know the truth, he’s always stated that the information he received was his interpretation and that it was up to us to discern, to accept or believe.

This video also confirms something I have been writing since the start and that is how deep the deception is, how things will get much worse before they get better and most important of all, our ignorance in not being aware of how powerful we are. Alex also says that our thoughts create our own reality and that so many forces/games/deceptions have been put into place to keep us separated and in the dark so that we don’t ever find out who we are and just how powerful we are.

Alex talks about the Planetary Mother moving towards the galactic center, this is also what the Gnostics/Yeshua taught; that these would be the signs of the end, that it is a planetary shift and the forces keeping us in the dark will give everything they have to keep us from awakening.

The 2nd video with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn, it was recommended by Alex to listen to and I know it’s very long, but if Alex suggests to listen, then perhaps it’s time to do that. I will do so at my leisure though I have listened to both people over the years and for some reason I didn’t resonate with Steve Quayle, not because I don’t think that he is forthcoming or that he is not providing correct information. I feel an arrogance in him, he makes money from his work and I am not sure just how accurate the bible is which of course he uses to discuss and provide information for humanity.

So far, I have not been wrong about the people I write about, that doesn’t mean I am always correct and will be about this post, I too am being bombarded with nasty frequencies and I have had to finally admit that I am not bulletproof despite my belief that I am powerful and have been able to keep the dark frequencies/entities away from me. It seems that they are really targeting me now and I have been in extreme pain. Whatever it is that is causing this, I celebrate this because I’m either speaking truth or my body is going through some really fucking serious changes!

May the force be with you and may you find the time to listen to these videos….we are at the precipice of what is to come, this I have been writing about for the last 2 years, so it’s becoming obvious that the terminal madness is upon us. Stay strong, stay in love, awaken from your inability to accept how powerful you are and learn how to use that power, we need all of you now to ‘believe’ that WE are the ones that will bring in changes.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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