Sure Mr. Moon, We Love you Now

Let me get this straight. We are supposed to thank the UN for coming forward and admitting they were blackmailed into removing the Saudi Government off the list? The Saudi government funded a lot of different agencies, therefore, the UN had no qualms in abiding by their threats? Are we supposed to celebrate now and say “Yeah, truth is coming out???”

Are we supposed to respect Mr. Banki Moon for coming forward and for admitting the blackmail would endanger young lives therefore, it had to come out? Give me a fucking break. They don’t come out with this shit unless they have an agenda, they certainly don’t do this because they are trying to correct something that we already know is broken.

The U.N was never intended to be used for the benefit of humanity and to think that Saudi Arabia is a major player in financing these programs, a country that has the worse human rights abuses, is now going to be cleaned up because Mr. Moonshine spoke? Personally, I think the US forced him to come forward because they have a bone to pick with Saudi Arabia and not because this revelation is going to change the course of this madness or lessen the amount of dead bodies.

It’s crap like this that I criticize ALL news sources, including Alternative Media and RT that I heard it from last night. Nobody is asking the correct questions: Why now? Why not disclose all the lies and manipulations? Why only Saudi Arabia?


Think about it….something is coming down and it sure isn’t honesty.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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