Orlando – A Reminder

This is called the worse mass shooting in America. I am sad for all those that have lost their lives. Every single life matters so please don’t think that I don’t care, I do. Every life is precious and that includes Palestinian children, Syrian and Iraqi, African children, all life is precious.

The Florida Governor during his first announcement that RT picked up asked: “What is happening to America?”. I can answer that question. It’s not Americans that are causing the problems, it’s himself and other politicians that don’t give a rats ass about human life and please don’t tell me there are some Governors that are different. They are all the same because if they were different, they would not be Governors, period.

I am sad that this is happening, yet part of me is thinking “Maybe Americans will appreciate how it feels to be ruthlessly shot down, like those innocent Palestinian children that had no choice in how they lived. An American life is no more precious than a Palestinian life and I think that is the problem with America, that they, feel they are different/exceptional and therefore, their lives may be worth more than other people of other countries. I am not pointing fingers at specific people or saying that it is Americans that are the problem, though, you have to admit, if you’re awake and aware of what is going on, then you’re not the problem because you’re not feeding into the system.

I respect all life, I am not happy about what happened, but I also understand those that do these things. As Gerald Celente coined the phrase: When you lost everything, you have nothing left to lose”. We invade and occupy their countries, shove our democracies down their throats with DU weapons and Napalm, but when they attack us back, we call them terrorists. No,  I do not support their actions, but if you think about it, if  another country occupied yours, destroyed your infrastructure, killed your children, raped your women and forced a new regime upon you, would you just stand there and allow them? Would you and could you just stand there and pretend that nothing just happened? Would you not go into hour house and get weapons, get organized, join other folks and work together to protect your country? Of course you would, but according to this theory, that makes you a terrorist now.

This is what is wrong with all of us. We are all special and want to be special above others, yet, when it comes to loss of life, Americans seem to make a big deal out of losing 50 people or 3000 people while in 2014, 780 Palestinian children were killed. A LIFE is a life, your life, my life, we are all special and we need to speak up.

Although I am saddened that this happened to Americans, they also need to pull their heads out of the sand and realize that their brainwashed jelly brains allowed this to happen by believing they were an exceptional nation and that they were the police of the world. I hope at the least that it will get those asleep to start thinking what happened to their great nation, to start asking questions and wondering why these horrible things are happening to them.

My sincere condolences go out to all of those that have lost someone in this mass murder attack.



7 thoughts on “Orlando – A Reminder

  1. Such bullshit!
    Not your article but the misguided thought that Americans don’t get it or think we are exceptional.We don’t. You seem to like to forget that the media is manipulated and think that we over here can do something about it. Again we can’t. And neither can any other country…
    And it was Kris Kristopherson that came up with the phrase Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
    Sorry Sis… I think one would be better off casting shade on the controllers of banking that are directly controlling the deaths of the innocent and not any citizen of any country. To not get that is the crux of all of this.


    • I agree with you, but people also have choices. they have internet and other sources of information that they can seek for truth. Many are asleep….how do we change anything if we don’t take responsibility for what we have done? Including myself. Knowledge means nothing if we don’t use it to help others and do something about it. What happened to courage? I get your frustration, truly I do!


  2. Yes agreed.
    So what are the people in Croatia or Canada doing to stop the slaughter of innocents. I mean besides you and your blog of course?
    I am not frustrated. I expect this kind of diatribe when these events happen. And they happen all over the globe as you know. Did you accuse the people of France when they “allowed” the psyops? I do not recall that if so.
    P.S. The internet?? That is also controlled. But you know that also.Maybe it is time that we stop the blame game on the slaves and start directing it to those that are actually large and in charge. Just a thought…


    • I don’t have solutions sis, I simply see what I see and we are so deeply programmed, it will take “divine” intervention to wake up humanity. We in Croatia are no different, and I never said that anyone was better, it was simply about the Orlando event. We’re all in trouble if we don’t stand up soon.


  3. I know… it is just when you suggest that it is only Americans that need to pull their heads out of the sand it does imply that those of us that live over here are responsible in some way or do not see what is happening in Palestine etc.. We are not. It is yet more of the divide and conquer indoctrination which we all work very hard to get across to the sleepers.
    Side note…. lots of videos of tanks being shipped across the country here and they are not for transport across the pond. It is in prep for the revolution that is in fact happening here that the MSM is not covering. Nor RT or any other news outlet alt included. So…. looks like many Americans do in fact not have their collective heads in the sand. So many in fact that the camps are almost ready for us! Stay tuned! 🙂


    • I’m so glad to hear that, you see, we in different parts of the world get different information. Stay strong sis. I hope you are right for the sake of humanity. US has always been considered the powerhouse of the world, now the cards are reversing against it….I don’t want you to be attacked because of the mistakes the Elite have made, although the cow fodder group pays the most. Let’s hope good things are to come and I apologize if I insulted you.


  4. No worries my friend. I was not insulted at all. Just wanted to add to the narrative that people of ALL countries have heads in sand and not just here. You know I LOVE and respect the hell out of you!
    Also don’t forget that as this story unfolds many will see it for the false flag that it is. Many questions coming out now. Like: how is it that this so called muslim got into this club carrying assault rifles in the first place? How is it that there are said to be unidentified victims as no club or any place that serves alcohol allows anyone in without ID? I could go on and on and shoot my own holes in most of the info being fed to the MSM and Alternative media on this particular story. Also Craigs list put out an ad a month or so ago asking for crisis actors to be hired in… you guessed it! Orlando FL.

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