Synchronicity in Yeshua

Although this is a long video and may not be interesting to some of you, I found it profoundly synchronistic today. Without seeking a specific subject on YouTube, and typing in Gnosis, this video showed up first. Although I had to admit that I didn’t have time to listen from start to finish, I did manage to pick up a few things starting at the 45:00 min. mark.

Jesus or Yeshua said: “You are the light”. This is something I have been writing about and truly believe to be so. ” Gnosis or knowledge is simply seeing things as they are.” Not only do we see things as they are, but we are the observer. We observe, see without judgement and Yeshua says in this lost Gospel to: “Keep an attitude free of projection and judgement”.

Free of projection as I understand it would be something like: “The sky is cloudy, it’s going to rain today”. Projection is like predicting and if you believe your projections, they will create themselves into your reality. Keeping an attitude of non-judgement is very difficult. We have been programmed and brainwashed that everything has a value. From colors, to numbers, letters, symbols, emotions, time, right and wrong dualities so that our brains can’t see it any other way other than comparing to what we think we already know.

Judging the taste of a pear is different than judging another human. It takes a lot of work to remove that judgement from our thoughts, but this is why we are in this state of terminal madness because of this judgement. It’s either peace or war, good or bad, my way or your way, it’s a constant tug of war. The brain and ego are constantly judging each other, keeping the heart as far as possible.

Being the light means shining upon everything around you. You can’t be the light if you are judging or comparing, but again, easier said than done. The programming was designed to keep us busy doing everything else except working on ourselves. They know if we focus on our truth that we would eventually find out who we are. Stay observant, be the observer, accept what you see as your truth. We are entering into the eye of the storm of terminal madness. I compare this to finding an anthill and dusting it with a pesticide. These thousands of ants are panicking and running into different directions. Some didn’t get dusted but heard the others sound the alarm. Some are wounded and running around trying to shake the pesticide powder off of them, some are rushing into the storage area to protect the food while others are running to the egg hatchery in case they have to quickly evacuate their homes. They don’t know if there is going to be another pesticide attack, some will get on with their work, while others will stop and live in fear, expecting another dusting…..this is what we are this moment. We know the shit is about to hit the fan but we are all doing different things and have a different attitude about it. Some believe all is well and life goes on, some believe it will soon be the end of the world, some believe we will ascend to some higher dimension, some believe ET’s are coming to save us. Whatever it is you believe in, let that belief come from you and not anyone else.

Be the light you are and while you shine, nothing will touch you. From light you came, to light you will return. You are, have been and always will be the light of this world and every world you create. Do not fear. Fear is their most lethal weapon against us. The frequency of fear is what slows down our progress. Do not fear anything, you are the light.


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