Can You Hear the Whispers of Love?


By Christina Lavers
Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Have you noticed something mysterious, electrifying, but slightly daunting stirring within? Something that just doesn’t quite fit with the way we have been taught to see the world? If you have you are not alone. After eons of near silence our hearts are calling out, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore their whispering truths.

Those of us who have chosen to pull our attention away from the seduction of the external theatrics, to respond to the gentle urgings emanating from our core, find ourselves opening up to profound transformation. Suddenly jobs, friends, entertainment, and for some, whole lifestyles that used to seem like a good fit, now feel uncomfortable and unsatisfying; so many of the ‘things’ in our surrounds that we once deemed essential to bolster our sense of identify no longer feel meaningful; and concepts like integrity, compassion, authenticity, and love that were once just distant ideals abruptly take centre stage and demand to be acknowledged.

To illustrate the situation I will use a simple analogy. Imagine if we had grown up listening to a radio that didn’t work properly. Every station had some form of distorted noise coming through that we had come to regard as normal music. We had our favourite distorted tunes that, though they didn’t really sound amazing, had a certain familiarity and appeal. Then one day everything changes. As we flick through the many channels we hear extremely faint, yet discernibly pure music seeping out. We can make out a melody, a harmony, and a beat that not only sounds, but feels, sublime. As we get better at attuning to that particular frequency we begin to hear the music with increasing clarity. The more we listen, the less appealing the old distorted channels we grew up listening to feel, until we eventually find ourselves satisfied by nothing less than the depth and radiance that is embodied in that new frequency bandwidth.

Some of us have been following this mysterious call for a long time. Drawn towards long forgotten and undiscovered terrain we have abandoned the shallow, busy, fast-paced mainstream highway and worked to carve out a unique path that we know is ultimately leading back to alignment with our hearts. For others of us this calling is new, and though compelling, is also somewhat perplexing in the way it contrasts with everything we have accepted to be true. The good news is that numbers are growing exponentially – there are many of us who are succeeding in pulling our attention away from all the external distraction long enough to allow the faint whispers to come alive within us, to expand through our being, and to spread outward, subtly affecting everything we touch. And as the numbers swell and more people choose to move against the grain of mass consensus, the momentum gradually increases, and the journey becomes a little smoother, a little less treacherous, and a lot more evident.


One of the beautiful aspects of this process is that though each person’s journey is completely unique and perfectly aligned to our individual needs, because we are each connecting to the frequency of heart source, a space where we all meet as one, there is a sense of cohesion, of coherency, and interconnection to all that unfolds from that divine point.

Can You Hear the Whispers of Love

However, as the impetus increases, the misaligned distortion of the old reality we are moving away from will continue to threaten, thrash and buck. Trying to command our attention and scare us, or seduce us back into its sway, it will attempt to escalate the intensity of its spectacle. However, the more we learn not to buy into the old drama, not to feed it with the energy of our focus, the less power it will ultimately have, and the more swiftly it will fade into oblivion.

The real challenge is just to be true. We are so used to hiding our flaws, our vulnerabilities, and even our light, but the path of the heart requires emotional bravery. It requires us to step out of the comfort of normality, to stand in our truth and to honour all that we are. As we make this shift inside we need to be prepared to learn to accept our perceived weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and to experience awkward and uncomfortable situations. This is just part of the process. As we get used to operating from the loving space of our deeper self, the more we will be able to move through the world with ease and grace. And the more we align with this change, the safer we will feel to expand out to far reaches of our beings and re-member all that we truly are.

Personally, as this shift occurs within I have felt myself drawn to a more natural, simple, creative lifestyle. As I release social programming the need for external validation lessens and I find myself discovering what really makes my heart sing. I am learning to weave love into every aspect of my life, through the light and the shadows, and the more I am able to do this, the more I feel myself participating in a profound magical dance that is at once an expression of my unique soul, and a reconnection to a beautiful collective harmony. As more and more of us choose to realign with our hearts and discover our true natures, I believe we will see that we are capable of creating a new world that instead of being driven by fear, greed, exploitation and competition, is based on love, acceptance, compassion and cooperation.



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