Trolls Are Getting More Obvious

Below is a comment I received  today. In fact, this person actually took the time to leave 2 comments on this page below. Normally, I would get defensive, get angry, and then try to calm this person down by justifying why I write what I do and why I believe in what I do. Instead I chose to approve this comment because trolls have no conscience and they are not only parasites but they are psychopaths. Paid or not, they have no conscience let alone are aware of their own consciousness. I don’t want to insult this person because I don’t know her/him, but I often wonder what kicks do they get out of writing silly things like this? After all, they visit MY blog and then attack my point of view. Kind of silly and childish actually, but hey, I promised from day one that I would never block or not approve comments. All are welcome and sometimes we get to see the true colors behind the fake personality. This one is faking to be mean and obnoxious when I actually feel a very sensitive person, full of anger and resentment. Truth hurts doesn’t it “blue dots”. Well, nobody invited you here, so I don’t see why you need to react this way, I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

If you’re here for other reason other than learning and sharing, please go away, there is no place for negative energy or destruction =====> F =U =C =K YOU, HOW’S THAT!? But hey good luck with your whole trying to control the internet there sistah!


2 thoughts on “Trolls Are Getting More Obvious

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