It seems we humans are always waiting for something. Whether it’s a new job, new partner, more money, or something as simple as waiting for the next train. We tend to put limits on ourselves that tell us, we can’t do “x,y,z” until we have (fill in the blank). So, as a result, we are always in the energy of waiting. Sometimes we don’t even know what it is we are waiting for, but still we wait, as the seconds on our life clock ticks away.

We do this to ourselves, on a subconscious level. 99% of the time we are completely unaware of this thought process, and it is one of the biggest barriers we have in life. Our unguarded thought streams program our decisions.

When you are in the energy of “waiting” you are expecting something to happen in the future for project Z to occur. According to spiritual quantum physics, this is impossible to do and expect your desired outcome/project to manifest.

When you are in the energy of “waiting” you are in the future, “waiting” for an outside event to manifest so your desired outcome/project can begin. The future doesn’t exist due to the fact that time is not linear. The past is gone, and the future is yet to be created. In fact, energetically, the past and possible futures, are always changing. Nothing is permanent and set in stone. The only constant is the present moment. It’s easy to say, “I live in the Now moment.” But, if you are waiting for something, anything to occur in the future, then you are not in the present. Sounds crazy, but the truth usually is.

You can’t be in the energy of Now and contain any of the energy signature of “waiting” at the same time, it blocks the divine flow of your manifestation.

I like to scan myself to find where in my life I am living in the energy of “waiting”, I have been shocked at how much of the energy signature of “waiting” has been in me. When I locate the energy of waiting in me, I locate what event it is attached to and I transform that to the energy of NOW. This changes the vibration of the signature, and changes my mind, body and soul.

waiting for friendIt’s fun for me to do this exercise when I am waiting for a friend to show up to a lunch date. When I feel myself waiting and always looking at my watch, I transmute the waiting energy, and poof, my frustration of waiting is gone. And I can enjoy the moment I am currently in, and have fun until my friend arrives. Time flies when you are having fun.

The reason I decided to write this short article on waiting, is because I have been working on a large article about the 13th gate and how it connects to our body. What I discovered is mind-blowing, but it is a very technical article, with so many different aspects to it. It has been the most challenging topic for me to put together. I have been waiting to finish it. Which is so frustrating. I have been waiting for more time, more clairvoyant information, and I think most of all I have been waiting for me to become smarter. LOL….

No more waiting, be in the energy of Do-ing, and not just in theory, or in certain parts of your life. You have to live it fully and completely. I discovered there is a big difference, you have to take the time to do your inner work and scan your body to look for your blockages. What you find will amaze and surprise you…the journey never ends, it just gets better and better.

The “wait” is over…so be it,live it, and become it.

Lisa Rising Berry

Source: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? | Rising Frequencies

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