Just When You Think You Got it all Figured Out

Just when I think I have it all figured out, I learn something new. Did any of you know that Dr. Carl Jung was deeply involved with Gnostics? That he actually worked with Helena Blavatsky of the Theological society. Last night, while listening to Stephan Hoeller, I was intrigued at this information that I had never heard of before. In fact, when I checked out Carl Jung on Wikipedia, there is no mention of Gnostics or the Theosophical society. Here are some highlights to Dr. Hoeller’s lecture:
“A good deal of material available to us in the early part of the Century (1900’s and 1920’s) was material translated from the original sources by G.R.S. Mead who was Helena Blavatsky’s last secretary and prominent member of the Theosophical Society, and a great translator.

We also learned in the last few years that in the 1930’s, Jung made a special journey to London where he visited the then ailing and aging George Mead to personally thank him for translating the Gnostic texts.  Carl Jung played a very significant role in the development and understanding of Gnosticism.

Why was Jung so attached and interested in these ancient gnostics, especially since their philosophy or knowledge was very conveniently hidden and secretive? Gnostics were the first heretics. The first people to be driven out by official Councils of the Church. Their scriptures and their books declared deviant and not within the Canonic Law of Christian doctrine and within a relative short period of time, within a century or so, it entirely disappeared from our culture.

Yet as Jung stated to Barabara Hanna, one of his disciples, when he read some of the materials for the first time, he immediately felt as if he had met an ancient group of friends. Jung came to discover that there was an uncanny totally mysterious affinity between what he was trying to do with the Scientific and cultural tools available, and what these ancient people were trying to do long ago and far away.  There was a mysterious cord/thread that connected the third century with his own.”

If you want to read one of his works that are not mentioned in Wikipedia: “Secret of the golden Flower”, you can find it at this link: http://www.holybooks.com/wp-content/uploads/Secret-of-the-Golden-Flower.pdf

I was intrigued by this information, learning for me is much easier listening so I find something on youtube and listen while I play solitaire in the background. I find learning and remembering much easier than reading.  After listening to Dr. Hoeller, on the right column I came across a video titled: “The Hidden Teachings of Jesus”. It intrigued me as well and not because I didn’t know what he taught, but in Gnostic literature, he is mentioned as a secret mystery school teacher and Yoga is not mentioned.

I will now highlight some of the information of the video underneath it, so that if you don’t have time you can read what the video is presenting and at the very end I will make some of my own comments.

“The reason Jesus spoke in Parables is because he knew that if he spoke plainly about this teachings that the powers that control  this world would never allow his teachings to be disseminated. He created Trojan Horses full of truth and the PTB embraced his teachings not understanding the meaning behind these parables would expose their lies. ( I don’t agree with this statement, the PTB knew fully well what he was doing, they just let him do this for a while until he gained a huge following).

The world you live in is not real. You think that you are born into this world but it is exactly the opposite. The world is born in you. Every time you place your consciousness through the mind and the five senses, you create this world. There is a parallel world that co-exists with this one that you can also experience instead of this one. (If I remember my out of body night trips, this parallel world is not violent, it’s all without fear and violence).

After opening up a few energy centers in your body, you can experience this world in any way you want. Jesus called this world the Kingdom of Heaven. He taught what today would be called Kundalini Yoga. Yoga is a science and not a religion. Jesus was not a Jew nor did he preach a religion. He was a Yogi or a Mystery School Teacher according to the Gnostics. The people of his time called him a Rabbi because he taught about the divine especially where they were coming from.

Jesus was killed because he upset the power structure of his day saying that the traditional practice of worship was not an effective way to experience the divine. The body your consciousness is placed in, comes with a mind. The mind acts as a bottleneck in the ability for the consciousness to utilize the brain. The mind actually prevents you from fully accepting your capabilities. As long as you have the mind to perceive the world, you do not have the capability nor the capacity to understand who and what you are or what you are capable of.

Your consciousness was placed in a malfunctioning body. (We can all attest to the fact/proof/evidence that our human genetics have been tampered with many times and never with the intent of making us better). Sinning is believing that you are the body and the wordly desires it creates has something to offer you. (Jesus has said somewhere in the bible: “I am not of this world”.)Your consciousness has only received info from your mind and the five senses your entire life, so you erroneously believe that is what you are. But if you were the mind, you could tell it to stop thinking and it would.

When you go to a movie theater, you know that what you are seeing is not real, yet you still go through many emotions as your endocrine system pumps out various hormones, depending upon how you reacted to the movie.  We do this in real life or what we think is real life.

What is the difference between the movie and real life or life that we perceive to be real?

The movie world you are experiencing is light being shown through pictures flashing by. The real world that you are experiencing doesn’t even exist until you create it by placing the light into your consciousness through the filter of your mind and five senses. Your thoughts from the mind are so powerful that they press upon the unmanifested and create the world you are experiencing. When your consciousness transcends the mind and the five senses and is shown through the Third Eye Chakra, a completely different world is both created and experienced.

As Jesus said in Mathew 6:22: “the light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness. No man can serve two masters: For either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon”.

Jesus is clearly telling us that we are sinning when our consciousness is placed in the filter of the mind and the five senses with two eyes instead of our Third Eye Chakra, thine single eye. Jesus is saying you can serve the body or you can serve divine, depending upon where your consciousness is placed. ( I don’t agree with the last sentence, there is no explanation about the two masters ,therefore, just an assumption).

The second coming of Christ is really us gaining Christ consciousness. Jesus is not coming back, he never left. In John 8:58, Jesus said: “Before Abraham I was, I am”. If Jesus existed before his body, how could be die with his body? Just like you, Jesus is, was and always will be timeless consciousness. The second coming of Christ is one of the most misinterpreted aspects of the Bible. The Second Coming of Christ refers to you recognizing and attaining your Christ consciousness.

Jesus was a Yogi. In Mathew 11:29 he said: “Take my Yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle, humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls”.
Yoke- Yoga
Yoga – Union of self with the supreme being
Yoke – Something that couples or binds together

Ask any religious person or leader why Christ’s life from the time he was 13 to the time he was 30 was left out of the bible? Jesus was one of the most important persons to ever live yet his life was left out of the bible. (Gnostics and written materials were long written before Christianity was established in the 3rd Century, and even if it was not available then, it could have been added and updated to reflect new information. It was kept out for a reason, the truth was not to reach us). 

According to the Gnostic texts, Jesus spent his adolescence traveling through India, Nepal and Tibet practicing and teaching Yoga. The Three Wise Men from the East that visited him were Magi or Zoroastrian Elders from India. There is no country called the East. Why do the Christian religions obfuscate these facts? Why don’t they want you to know the true path to the divine?

Jesus was given the choice to stop teaching or be killed, he refused because he said his ‘soul’ purpose was to teach and that his body meant nothing, yet why do Christians lie and disregard his teachings? (Notice that it is ‘soul’purpose? Yes, it’s not what we thought it to be ‘sole”, as in only, rather, literally, our “souls” purpose to be here).  

Revelation 1:12 states: “And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks, and in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man and he had in his right hand seven stars: And out of his mouth went a sharp two edged sword; and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength”.

When Jesus revealed his true form to his disciple John, John saw Jesus’s seven chakras. Jesus himself said in Revelation 1:20:”The seven candlesticks which through saw are the seven churches”.

What do you do in a church? You worship. Jesus called them candlesticks, Yogis call them Chakras. Jesus was a Kundalini Yoga Master. The seven seals, seven lamps, seven candlesticks, seven stairs, seven churches in the bible are referring to what Yogis call the Seven Chakras.

The spiritual path that Jesus talks about refers to your Kundalini. You don’t become spirit until you have turned on your Kundalini, opened up all your chakras and raise your Kundalini to your Crown Chakra. Jesus is speaking about the electrical system inside our bodies that make our respiratory, circulatory and digestive system redundant. They are not needed after you have your spiritual birth or are Born Again.

You are destined to transmigrate or reincarnate until you have this spiritual birth.

Final comments: I write about this often. We are here to figure out who we are, connect with Source and become all that we were designed to be. I am not religious and abhor any religious dogma or institutions that claim to know god. Although I can’t claim that everything in this video resonates with me, it is only because the person creating this video has formed his views and opinions based on his research. I also believe that our future is defined by us and that we can change course, therefore, the outcome is not always the one we think it will be. 

On a final note, I understand the controversy and the need to speak in parables, but how many years did it take us to decipher those parables, just as long as it took us to decipher Nostradamus quatrains. If Jesus was not his body, if he had no fear to death, why did he not directly teach if he could reincarnate? I’m sure we all have different views on this but like any curious truthseeker, if I had to risk being killed standing in public speaking for what I believed in, I could not speak in parables because nobody would understand me. I would be the only benefiting from this while everyone around me listens all confused. I would not do that, I would speak my mind and risk the consequences because it is what I believe in. There is a contradiction in this area, he claims to have superpowers yet he must speak in parables so that he is not killed. He was killed anyways, and it took thousands of years for us to find the hidden and scattered ancient texts of his life. 

The path that Jesus was teaching us is about self empowerment, about connecting to the Divine (Source), about learning that we are not flesh and blood rather higher consciousness. It makes sense that anything that wasn’t Christian was killed or destroyed. Our entire history has been covered up. The fear of us becoming Christ consciousness must be terrifying to the PTB.  Religions were formed to divert us from our true selves, to keep us waiting for a savior. It has divided us across the entire planet because each religion today claims to worship and know the true god. 

There are so many experts out there claiming  to know the bible and it’s contents, but my final words on that is this: “We don’t know if anything is true in the bible, so based on that possibility, we can only guess WHY it was written, and not what is truth in it”.


5 thoughts on “Just When You Think You Got it all Figured Out

  1. I regularly read and appreciate your blog, Ines. I have wondered for quite a while if you are familiar and have read A Course in Miracles?


    • Yes and no. Briefly and glancingly, just not enough time in this lifetime to learn everything! Thanks for visiting!


      • Yes, I understand. Only by reading “The Disappearance of the Universe” was I able to approach ACIM after having been really turned off the first time I tried to read a little in it.


        • Michael, I question everything these days. Because our reality is full of illusions and deceptions, we simply don’t know what is real and what is not. As you can see from the last few posts…How do we know what is actual and real in the bible after finding out that our entire history has been erased, and that we have been lied to about our origins and identities? This is why I encourage self-determination and self-retrospect, going deep within where all the knowledge resides. Problem is, we have become accustomed to instant answers or results, but we can’t change overnight. For millions of years our memories have been erased so it does take a long time to find that center or heart center within us. I do it every night before going to sleep, but not when I am exhausted, I take an hour before I know I will be tired and meditate in comfort, now it’s just automatic, I can will my consciousness to travel and leave the body the entire sleep time. I have some new and exciting posts coming up.


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