May Update

Wow, time sure flies. The book translation is finished and already selling on, it was the first book translation project I had ever done so I’m very happy that the author was satisfied with the quality of my work.

During that time, I was also nursing my partner. While I sat the desk, behind me was the Oxygen Generator pumping oxygen. If things didn’t get bad enough, I injured my lower back doing stretch exercises and confirmed with X-Rays that my congenital scoliosis is just getting worse and the lower back region is now twisting. Despite 2 months of not feeling my right heel and calf, I kept going and didn’t allow it to distract me from what I had to do. It’s only after the challenges when you look back and realize: “Holy shit, I did that?”.

I’m cautious to say that my partner is slowly working, his general health is improving but fluids still build up around his lungs so he has to have it removed every several weeks, but I believe that he’s come a long way from his deathbed as I was not expecting him to survive spring, but here we are, still here.

I missed out not posting for a few months but then I had to focus on this book and after completing it, I needed some rest. My typical rest is going into my garden, removing my shoes and working barefooted. I have mulch and sawdust so I don’t worry about thorns or anything, but I can tell you, I return into the house totally energized and relaxed. My garden is not just a place of quiet, it’s a place where I grow food and this year has been an incredible success, I guess because after 4 years, the soil has finally mulched and composted enough. I have problems with birds though because they are looking for worms and insects as the soil in the beds is very rich with them, but hopefully the sunflowers will form seeds soon and they don’t have to steal my bugs.

My personal journey is overwhelming at times. I seem to leave my body almost every night and visit my other experiences or better said, experience them consciously. I don’t need any proof now that we are multidimensional beings. My soul groups is everyone in this life, they are also in the other realities as well, it’s interesting, my mom is the only one that duplicated her role, in other words; she is my mother in another reality as well but the opposite of what she is in this reality. The journey is difficult to remember, but since I no longer take pain meds, I am much more clearer in the morning and can remember more details.

WE are on the cusp of Terminal Madness. For those of us that live with open eyes, all we can do is laugh at the madness because we know it has to happen and we can read their lips, their intentions, their plans etc. It doesn’t mean it is fun to have to live in this reality, but I can tell you that once you accept your part in it, you no longer sit back and do nothing about it. I have said many times that my job here is to shine the light and be an example of what I feel we should all be and that is loving, compassionate human beings. Although we all came here for different experiences, it’s important to note that we must respect each other for that. Not all of us have come here to shine the light. Some of us have taken up destructive roles, negative roles, so even those that we see doing this, we must respect them for their journey. They too have a part in this play.

There is another wave of energy coming in, but I also feel that something shaky and big is going to happen by the end of this month. I’m talking about a natural disaster, don’t ask me how I know, I don’t. I just feel it and have seen visions of huge waves passing over. Remember, we don’t die, we simply choose to leave this body and go back to Source, take up a new number and off we go again wherever it is that we decided. Everything is the way it should be.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now that I have started my Tramadol withdrawal and I’m doing great. It’s much better than I expected and I can tell you, if you set your mind correctly, there are no withdrawal symptoms. I have proven this now. We are so powerful!


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