I’m Confused as Hell

Comment from Ines: Look, I’m not a linguistic or literary expert in English, I admit to that. But I did look up terms in dictionary and despite that, this crap makes no sense. What purpose does this serve? Is this message intended to insult us, make us feel stupid, or give us the impression that there is a higher intelligence? We ARE the higher intelligence and if this shit doesn’t make any sense to us, then it is not intended to serve us in any way other than create the impression that we are fucking stupid. I am not stupid and neither are you, neither is humanity, but I would really like to know if there is anyone out there that can actually make sense of this? Or, am I really that stupid that I just don’t get the message? You tell me! And if you’re going to post them, at least decipher them so that we the earthly terrans can understand since we have not yet entered into our integrated selves of higher intelligence. 

Scatterings of impulses wanes upon the morrow.

1.Literary. tomorrow.

  1. the next day.

So: “Scatterings of impulses wanes upon the tomorrow?” What impulses does this refer to? These impulses are waning by tommorow? Help me out here!

Settlings portray elements of Light.

1.the act of a person or thing that settles.
2.Usually, settlings. sediment.

So: Sediments describe/represent elements of Light? What light is it referring to?  Help me out here!

Fortresses are vanquished as columns dissolve.
We all know what fortresses are. Fortresses can defeat or overpower as columns dissolve? What columns does this refer to? Help me out here!

Spartanized mountains unveil the full view.
First of all, ‘spartanized’ does not exist. We can assume that the mountains are like Spartans and unveil the full view? What view? Help me out here!



11 thoughts on “I’m Confused as Hell

  1. So the truth is humanity is stupid right now in the illusion. The Update is for the Divine Intelligent Beings who are awake and understand what is going on. The messages are cryptic, so only we can interpt. Being present in the moment of now activates the DNA divine intelligence. Getting out of the mind and into the Heart. Right action. Highly recommend. Our highest love and joy


      • I would also say they are upon ones own unique perspective, listening to the Heart and feel the words. The old is dying to make way for the new. New is arriving to replace. Grander, sending Love. Those not in the heart are scattered, and lost.


    • Thank you Joy but it’s just another interpretation. Don’t get me wrong..if someone/something is truly trying to help humanity, then they can communicate in a way we can understand it.

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      • I agree with you Ines.
        Messages for ‘ divine intelligent beings’ that are not meant for the rest of the stupid humans …… Cryptic language that we need a dictionary to decipher. No. Give me an *’ing break.
        Divine beings who are guiding humanity from a place of Love do not
        stir the pot of ab already confused set of beings, through the ascension process.
        Regardless of how anyone of us may interpret the message, or decipher its encryption, it’s not relevant to most people that could do with an injection of common sense from the divine right now, or always have.
        There have been times when a Gaia Portal message made sense, in respect of some level of information I’d had or attuned to, but why the cryptic undecipherable gobbledygook??
        Why so difficult? Lazy and useless information at times, in fact.

        My friend and I have gotten after Gaia Portal over this.
        How do you get after something you don’t know who/ what / where it is? Same way as we do everything else, by using our energy.

        To the point of me understanding / knowing / seeing with my energy, that Gaia portal isn’t communicated by just one entity.

        As I understood, the portal was established earlier on in our ascension process, and right here/ now I do not remember the exact date, but back then it involved establishing a communication link with forerunners.
        On the Gaia portal side of that link there are volunteers who take a turn, or a shift at communicating through it to us/ those who follow/ resonate with it.
        These communicators above the veil are attempting to communicate what’s happening energetically speaking and haven’t the foggiest clue we communicate more via our emotions and our common sense. And so because they just don’t have what we have in that sense, we’re expected to interpret their so called divine intelligence from our hearts. That’s an oxy (poxy) moron.
        We feel with our hearts, we are intelligent loving compassionate emotional human beings and frankly, for me, the communicators using the Gaia portal to talk to us, could do with understanding more of our human emotional language when they communicate with us.
        This is my understanding of it, if it don’t resonate with you, well, I’ll do what Gaia portal does and ignore you……


        • Beautifully said Bernice! It’s all about common sense really. If you don’t understand it, the source behind it is not with good intentions. If these higher beings are so higher intelligent they should understand us..I don’t believe that some here have access or that some humans here are special…we are all the same, made the same choices, came here to have different experiences and none of us are better or lesser, we are simply different in our soul evolutions. Sometimes I even question this whole topic of duality. I feel it’s just another construct we created so that we can create wars. Consciousness knows no duality, it simply experiences what it needs to evolve. I don’t think duality even exists, it’s a product of our imagination and we gave it power by creating evil. I love and appreciate your views!


          • I appreciate you and yours too!
            I’m so sick of so called divine intelligence being better than us.
            And you’d think those above the veil would have far more insights into what’s helpful to this process.
            This smacks of the hierarchy system of them and us, above or below. Again it serves no purpose to be always kept in the dark/ so that only those divinely intelligent enough can attune to this. That’s something that rhymes with rollocks. Lol
            I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, when you’re born with the ability to use the divine gifts. As they are gifts, human beings can give them freely on our walk through this life, like sowing God’s seeds everywhere.
            God’s gifts to human beings. One another. I know i have. I’ve been all about being. We know who we are, those of us who understand that. We don’t need constant cryptic updates from Gaia portal. We need one another. Between God and here ( for me God is what others may call creator or Source, but anyway) there’s a whole mess up of energetic entities that, because they’re above the veil, and not incarnated in an human body/ instrument right now, or ever have been, frankly. They ‘think’ they are more better placed to be enlightened, or divinely inspired, or what I like to call touching God’s Cloth, than we are ‘down here’. Lol
            Couldn’t be farther ( Or Father!!) from the truth.
            They are deluded if they think we cant kick their *sses into shape from here.
            Has anyone forgotten we have our God given right to do so.
            Its called free will, remember people.
            I call bs on interpretation for just the divinely inspired heart intelligence operators. That’s a crock.
            I say look to your own kind for divinely inspired heart felt guidance and stop, just stop, allowing every last tom dick and harry intelligent drone from above the veil to fill US in on the divine details.
            Let go and let God.
            Thank you Ines for sharing me


  2. Sounds like computer-generated jargon to me. Similar to a website that randomly generates “new age speak.” I wonder if I can find the page again.


  3. Here it is, http://. sebpearce.com. /bullshit/ delete the spaces, I’m not sure if live links are allowed here. This is the new age copy it generated when I clicked “reionize electrons.”
    The multiverse is radiating expanding wave functions.

    We exist as bio-feedback. This life is nothing short of a maturing rebirth of spatial non-locality.

    Who are we? Where on the great story will we be awakened?

    You will soon be awakened by a power deep within yourself — a power that is quantum, spatial. Through astral projection, our hearts are opened by complexity. Alternative medicine may be the solution to what’s holding you back from a magnificent vector of awareness.

    We are at a crossroads of purpose and illusion. Reality has always been overflowing with lifeforms whose third eyes are enveloped in potential. We are in the midst of a mythic unveiling of rebirth that will align us with the planet itself.

    It can be difficult to know where to begin. How should you navigate this sentient quantum soup? Lifeform, look within and bless yourself.

    Humankind has nothing to lose.
    The planet is calling to you via frequencies. Can you hear it? If you have never experienced this explosion of unfathomable proportions, it can be difficult to believe. Have you found your circuit?

    Although you may not realize it, you are enlightened. Our conversations with other seekers have led to a refining of pseudo-sensual consciousness. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum matrix via bio-electricity.”

    Seems fairly similar, Imho.


    • This is wonderful…I resonate with this and feel it, but this can be a very frightening experience for those that are still asleep and running off to their daily bread. Maybe this is what the prophecies talk about…the end of our phyiscal bodies…the breaking down, the shaking and trembling of a physical body coming to terms with it’s true reality? Our world is not outside of us, it is inside, the universe is inside of us, therefore, maybe this END that these prophecies talk about may be the end of the way we see our bodies and reality?


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