About Consciousness

Consciousness is the sea of Being which is of the one infinite Creator. It is made of unconditional love. In our normal state of mind, we may not have access to consciousness. Consciousness dwells within our mind in a non-local, non-physical intersecting our energy body in the heart chakra.

What is this energy body? The energy body is what connects our physical bodies to our spirits/souls. This energy body interpenetrates our physical body and is inseparable from it during our lifetimes.

Visualise your body standing straight. See the vertebrae of your spine. Place over that connected series of bones another body: a kind of energy pipeline. That pipeline is the energy body. It consists of seven connected chakras or energy centers. This slightly egg-shaped energy tube of chakras runs up the spine from its base to its tip.

The energy body holds the blueprint of our perfect body; our body at birth – the body that came into incarnation “from the factory” so to speak. It is also the train we will ride when we depart. It’s not physical as we understand physicality, but it is connected to our physical bodies.

We don’t have to worry about losing the connection between our physical bodies and our energy bodies. The two are firmly attached via a sort of umbilical cord which some call the “silver cord”. This energy has profound effect upon our experience of life. And the reverse is also true. Our feelings and thoughts have a strong influence on our energy body. Therefore, we need to understand how the two bodies work together in order to offer to us the experience of living a lifetime and how to use that energy to create our intentions and desires/experiences.

Our bodies are fueled or energized in such a magnificent way. We receive this information along our spines, in the physical lines of a system of energy, reception and usage. It is fed infinitely in an unending supply, by the love and the light of the one Creator.

That light is literally sent down into our Planetary Mother, who when pours it from the center of the Earth up through to the soles of your feet, into your body system so that it’s constantly streaming into your energy system and rising up and out through the top of your head to the gateway to intelligent infinity.

Unfortunately, many are not receiving the adequate amount or any energy at all because we are disconnected from that source by concrete, synthetic materials, shoes and damaging frequencies. When we think about how our bodies get the energy to live a life, we immediately think of food and drink. We assume that we need solids and liquid nutrients in order to be healthy. This assumption is correct, except in those very rare mythical cases where a yogi claims to live on light alone. If we can’t get access to water or any liquids, we will die within three weeks. If we can’t find food, we will die within three months.

I see the body as a mind/body/spirit complex. The body is the creature of the mind. What we feel physically is heavily influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Involved in the word “mind” are the emotions, feelings, intuitions, gut reactions and biases which inform our thoughts and delimit our ways of processing thought. If this extended mind, including our feelings and biases, is out of power, the physical body will not experience health, no matter how good their diet may be.

The food we eat does not send power to these mental parts of our mind/body/spirit complex. Our emotions, thoughts, intuitions and inspirations are fueled by a more subtle kind of energy. When it comes to the deepest basis of healthy and well being, these subtle energies are far more influential in creating wellness within us than food and drink.

We have evidence of this in research and studies where groups of patients diagnosed with same disease, all of them are put on the same diets, given the same surroundings, same treatments yet some never recover, some completely recover. We know this is based on our current beliefs, perceptions, in essence, what we think.

So what is the subtle energy and power source? We see evidence of this everyday when the sun shines in our part of the world. I call this energy the “the love and light”of the one infinite Creator. The outward visible symbol of the Creator’s love/light is the light of our Sun. This same light pours into our energy body in infinite supply. Nothing can survive on this planet without the Sun’s light/energy.

Just as the Creator’s outward love/light, the sun brings life to the planet world by offering its light for photosynthesis and the food its interactions with plants develops, the Creator’s inward love/light brings energy and vitality to our energy bodies.

Each planet has the same system. It is accurate to call our Planetary Mother as alive and aware. She loves the points or focuses of consciousness which live upon her. The Planetary Mother loves us without reservation, she’s the best of all mothers and feeds/sustains us well. She radiates a never ending supply of limitless love which feeds the energy bodies of her children.

We all want to be healthy and in a good state of mind. What many scientists and spiritually based sources say is that we can effectively block our own sense of well-being. We can make ourselves miserable.Often, we are not aware that our own attitude and thoughts that are destroying our peace of mind and leaching away our vital energy. This infinite energy enters the body at the feet, as if flowing into the body from the Earth itself and exits out the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. Each energy center or chakra vibrates at a unique frequency and works in unision to balance our mind/body/spirit.

When we are having trouble in our lives such as relationships, our birth families, our work environments and other problems, we can block the energy. If we are blocked in one, two or all of these first basic centers, this means that the love/light cannot sufficiently supply to the fourth or next chakra.

It’s similar to Meridians and Acupuncture points. Each Meridian has several points along it’s length, each point or acupuncture point has a unique frequency as well that tunes the organ it is responsible for. If we have blockages in our bodies and these blockages can be emotional or physical traumas, the entire Meridian will be affected as the rest of the body will become unbalanced.

So keeping these first three energy centers unblocked is essential for the Player of the Game of Life. Currently, many of us are using the mind to live and make decisions. If we were humans, that would never be an issue, but we are more than that. We are multidimensional beings, we are consciousness and are using this body to have a human experience so we have to use the mind and consciousness together.

The infinite waters of consciousness are all about us all the time. Our intellectual minds are not aware of them nor are they disposed to seek them.

Why not?

The mind of the physical body is our intellect. This intellect is our very own bio-computer. It may have many features in common with other people’s  intellectual capacities but it remains unique to each of us. We work our brains by focusing our will and steadying our attention on our chosen subject. Someone who’s intellect is high is said to possess a powerful mind. The intellect uses its power like a bulldozer to push the subject at hand into an organization which makes logical sense. Its favorite tools are words. It writes its programs using the language of words.

The mind of the energy body is consciousness, it can be viewed as the ‘the mind of the heart’ or ‘cosmic awareness’. This consciousness is part of the unitary nature of the Gameboard we play on. It writes its programs by concepts rather than by words.

Those who are able to access consciousness within their daily lives are said to be inspired, blessed or awakened. It’s as though the user of consciousness is touched by a more spacious point of view and given a higher degree of insight. This consciousness doesn’t wield power in the same aggressive sense in which the intellectual mind wields power. It’s inspirations come quietly into the asking heart.

Consciousness does not overwrite the programming of the intellectual mind unless asked to do so. We all have access to this same consciousness which is the vibration of unconditional love; the vibration of the Logos. It is the steady state of vibration for the entire Creation. It’s an ocean of creativity and insight into which we can enter when we have been able to balance and clear our lowest three energy centers.

Our intellect solves problems, it uses logic and expects to stick close to the facts of what the senses can ascertain and what the authorities, usually scientists tell us is so. It’s a great, competent tool as far as it goes and it’s good to use its powers of analysis and organization to solve problems.

Consciousness is another/different kind of mind. Its basic nature is that of the soul or spirit within us. Insight, intuition, purified emotions, “knowing” or Gnosis and inspiration are its hallmarks. Its power to inspire are limited only by our ability to take our intellects offline and clear the way for access to this “mind of the heart”that we call consciousness.

Our intellects will die when our bodies die. Our consciousness will never break a stride and I know this having experienced physical death for 12 minutes. I experienced no loss of consciousness or awareness of who I was. I did shift environment and found myself back home at “Source”as I felt the familiarity of being there many times before. When I came back into my physical body and into this world again, opening my physical eyes and seeing the doctors hovering over me on the operating table, I felt the impact of returning to my pain-ridden body, but again, there was no change in my awareness.

We can feel and know the differences between our intellect mind and conscious mind. We can feel the effects of consciousness rising up into our everyday mentality. We can’t locate consciousness or prove that it exists, but we can certainly feel the thoughts of the mind and the thoughts and feelings of the heart.

We can’t effectively play the game of Life without both working together. Until we are able to keep our energy pipelines open into our hearts reliably, we will have trouble dealing well with ethical issues in life. Because without our heart centers being open, we can’t access the consciousness that is our higher or metaphysical mind.

And this now brings me back to the energy coming from our Planetary Mother. We can’t receive it if we are not directly connected to her and that means physically touching her or grounding. For city dwellers this may pose to be a challenge to even find a grassy park as sewer systems and underground structures may be blocking that energy. There are many ground devices available on the market, some even make their own. I personally have a frequency therapy device that I have to plug into the grounding socket to release all the negative energies accumulated in the body. It is important to make contact with our Planetary Mother. Even scientists are now confirming that grounding raises the bodies frequencies thus healing if from diseases that modern medicine is not able to.

You are powerful, you are a being of light, you ARE consciousness having a human experience but your battery is low and needs charging for both consciousness and intellect to connect and work together.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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