We Have Only Just Begun

Comment: As I wrote many times last year, we are only at the beginning of madness. This is now the momentum build up, get ready, stock up and hope this is just another deception to scare the crap out of us. I personally believe that we will move into a new dimension very quickly and those that are still caught in negativity and fear will remain here to continue their lessons. Learn to not fear, learn to accept that whatever happens is something we all chose to do before coming here. Learn to trust that your participation has created the reality we need to stop this madness.

May 2016 – SIGN OF THE TIMES – You don’t need a web-bot predictive analysis or a psychic reading to tell you that there’s an ominous chill in the air that something bad is about to happen – something large and just catastrophic enough in scope and magnitude to change life for all of us on […]

via World on the Edge: Is something catastrophic about to happen? — The Extinction Protocol

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