Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms

Comment from Ines: Mumbo Jumbo Crap: What exactly does this shit mean?
I swear, people that post this crap should really explain what it means. If you even bother to read their posts, I dare anyone to explain to me what this crap means. Light impress??? Gaia Higher forms?
I mean really, does anyone really understand this crap?



Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms.

Stereos of viewpoints are accepted and embraced.

Latitudes of Inner magnificence are traversed.

Monitors release.

Harmonies entreat.


3 thoughts on “Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms

  1. lol I love it when you speak your mind! I don’t understand their meaning or purpose but I take it as it has something to do with the ‘Energies’ and that if they were meaningful, I imagine we would witness some form of ensuing breaking ground and/or event(s) stemming from such.

    I used to enjoy them but as time goes by and nothing seems to become of them, their impact on me is more or less wearing off. “Question everything” is good counsel and not knowing who is the source of said messages I, too, question!


    • That’s my’s like reading hebrew…each one person is going to translate it into their existing reality and understanding. If these beings are truly wanting to help, why can’t they use a more simpler language so that we don’t have to decipher. It’s bullshit.


  2. ahahaha you crack me up!
    Justin from Stillness in the Storm is the only one I have seen that attempts to put some kind of deciphering to these messages.
    I continue to post them as I enjoy the new words that have actual meaning that I am obliged to look up and the made up words that they use.


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