Abraham Hicks Says

“You are not inferior Beings in need of enlightenment…you are not misguided children trying to find your way home. You are powerful Leading-Edge creators riding the most significant wave of expansion that has ever occurred.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Comment: I don’t know about you, but today in Croatia I saw the most strangest event. At 7:00 pm, the sun was at the 5pm spot today. It was supposed to set at 8:15, it set at 9:21, I stood by the window and timed it because it was just so bizarre. Also, today while in the garden from 3 to 5 pm, normally, first sun exposure is a light red color at this time of year we are tanning already. I had no change in skin tone today, the sun had no effect on me….very strange, but feels exciting, something is about to happen.


2 thoughts on “Abraham Hicks Says

  1. Yeah, I have recently had several dreams where I got the direct message: ‘you are going home!’ Something is definitely up!!

    Also: I was moved by your revelations concerning the pain killers you were taking, and letting them go. I know how hard that is; I *still* fight the urge to drink too much beer!! Ah, the curse of the Irish, I suppose…but good going!!

    Good luck for what is coming, and I do think it will be good, in the end. VERY good, in fact. Just HANG ON!! It is no coincidence that my favorite three songs of the last year contain that verse!


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