George and Alfred or Tom and Jerry?

It’s nice to break away from the computer and blog for a few months. Not to say that I didn’t keep up with news, but I didn’t do my usual research and keeping up with the ” gurus”  out there. I have written about George Kavassilas last year, mainly as a reference to something he said. Truth is, I really liked what he had to say a few years ago, but today, after listening to this interview, I realized that George is no further from the truth than I am. In fact, what he is saying right now is something I have already and have been writing about for years.

At the 6:00 mark he now defines ‘Ascension’ as Integration. This is what I explained Ascension to be as well, to re-integrate our  completeness higher self, soul, spirit and connection with Source. He is now explaining this but keep in mind that he was a proponent of ” actual physical ascension”, going somewhere and has come full circle. In other words, he’s defined ” ascension” at least 3 different ways so far.

Although George claims that he doesn’t know everything, his information is based on his experience, that’s great. I have been in contact with Alfred Webre, he’s visited this blog and made comments on it, yet he’s never invited me to his show to talk about these subjects. How come ol’ George gets the spotlight? I can tell you why. Because George like many wanna be gurus out there are not service to others, he’s been confusing folks for years now and changing his tune every 2 years and taking his followers into different directions each time.

I, on the other hand have been consistent with my information and experiences from the first day I started my blog 3 years ago. Why don’t I get noticed? How come I don’t get called on Internet Radio Shows? Is it because I am putting 100% truth out there and not confusing folks? I don’t know, but it sure pisses me off not because I want to be on some radio show, but because I have been consistent with my information all along and have not misled or lead astray from the information that I bring forth based on my personal experiences as George claims. I too had the same experience as George did, and from that time I figured out what was going on. He’s had his experiences over 20 years ago as well but he’s still ‘evolving’. We’re all evolving, I get that, but if you have access to higher dimensional experiences and remember them, then it should not be so confusing. At least it wasn’t for me.

It’s simple folks. We create our own reality based on the lessons/experiences we chose before incarnating here. We are multidimensional beings and old souls can have multiple experiences, the soul can fragment into many different lives/experiences. When we go to sleep, we are then shifted into those different realities IF we are aware of this. If we think of them as just dreams made up in the mind, we go nowhere and gain nothing from our out of body travel. Our experiences and creation of realities determines our future, based on our environment which unfortunately has been hijacked and we have been caught in a prison of which we must get out. That’s all there is to it. It’s not complex, it’s just a matter of remembering why we are here.

For those of you that are new to the blog, go back to older posts or start from the beginning and you will see that my messages are the in tune with George’s and I don’t see anything different or special, which leads me to the same conclusion. George and Alfred work for the same group. They have created an illusion of higher experiences, but both have been jumping all over the place on several issues. I think that if we are to contribute, we should take the experience we had and focus on that, rather than be in many places at one time which leads to confusion, which leads to a planned agenda these two are involved in.

I don’t claim to be right, but I do see how they have both ‘evolved’ nowhere. All of these so called Gurus have not helped in creating Peace, or stopping wars, or hunger or pollution. They have only put out information that leads nowhere and leaves the listener/reader perplexed because they have already heard it somewhere else with a different twist.

Dont’ forget that Alfred has admitted he has been compromised by AI. Are we to trust him now? George has been hijacked to a spaceship. Are we to trust him now? Both could have had implants or programmed to do the work for the cabal. Be careful what you believe in and ask questions directly to those that are claiming to have information. I have asked Alfred and his scientist friend Leuren Moret about providing us with proof that Fukushima has killed the Pacific Ocean given that she lives on California. She sent me a chart of radiation readings across the US. If she knows this, why didn’t she personally go out and measure it? Heck, even I have a Geiger counter. So, the rule of thumb is this: If you ask them questions and don’t get the answers you are seeking, throw them out with that bath water.

Enjoy the Video!


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