The Matrix and You

The Matrix or Prison Planet is an artificial created reality which hides the truth through manipulation, mind control, artificial intelligence and very convincing lies if repeated often enough, eventually become part of your truth.

This has been going on for thousands of years. We didn’t evolve from apes and I believe that man was never less intelligent or enlightened than he is today, the rabbit hole is deeper than the one Alice fell into.

In the last two years, this matrix of control has become serious, dangerous and unpredictable because we are one step ahead of the handlers now, they have to change plans.

If you read this and laugh, then you bought into the lies, you live inside this Matrix and you’re perfectly happy to live under this condition of mass hypnosis. You’re content with being told what to do even from people you don’t know and following orders is just doing your job.

Perfect example of control and manipulation is religion, education, marriage certificates, birth certificates, government, television, newspapers, symbolism and all mass media distribution, food, medicine and property ownership or non-property ownership because you really don’t own anything.

Perhaps you lived your life never caring to take responsibility for yourself or take control of your life. You rarely question the establishment, you honor authority and do as you are told like a good little dog. You feel comfortable and safe so long as you have a JOB and a home to come to even if you have to work for the next 30 years to pay it off. You never thought of other options or ways of life and you are afraid to let go of all that is familiar to you and feel safe with.

You love tradition because it gives you a sense of identity. Identity is the most important human trait.

People reject, judge, hate and even kill over identity. So stay where you are, don’t change. Why should you?

Maybe you ARE aware of what is going on and know the truth but prefer to be silent. You have been teamed up with the rules and the players to manipulate and control everyone around you. You sold out for the identity of fame, money, power, glory and recognition.

Maybe you know the truth, but don’t know how to break out of the Matrix.

It’s all about choices and consequences.

Decide. Become free and powerful in a way you can’t imagine or stay under the evil/dark control of the Matrix handlers and live with the consequences. Whenever you live someone else’s life, there are always consequences.

Everything in existence is energy and vibration. Energy can’t die, it can only transform. The matrix contains negative energy, the controllers feed off negative energy called FEAR.

They make up the fear and you put it in your heart, in your everyday life and you believe them.

Priests, vicars, rabbi, witch doctors, medicine men, cult leaders, clergy or any religious elders manipulate your self created fears. From ancient tribes in the jungles and deserts to sophisticated tribes in the concrete jungles. From the first dawning of humankind until now.

Become a force for the greater good. Make a difference. BE different.

Live with free will. The truth is in your heart and so is everything you need to do this. It always has been, but you got caught in the Matrix each time you incarnated and since you are reading this, it means you either want to change, have already made a difference or you’re laughing because you prefer the lies and don’t want to take responsibility for your life. It took until this lifetime to figure out you live in a Matrix.

Some of us are brave and wise enough to live outside the Matrix. We come from a place of love, strength, honor, spiritual and metaphysical power, we harnessed in our higher selves. There is no need for a seal of approval or recognition for what we do. There are no iron weapons or mind control. There is no FEAR.

Imagine living without fear. Do you know how? To live without fear means you are no longer in the Matrix.

As difficult as it may be to accept, many people do not have any idea whether their lives are real or illusory. They live out false lives just long enough to serve what they believe to be their own purpose, which in reality is a slave source of energy for whatever is draining them.

To discover that you’re not in control and that you have been lied to about everything is to begin to understand and gaze into the core of the subtle power that runs this Matrix.

To question if we are in fact living our own lives honestly, awakens us from this insidious comfortable, sensual sleep of lies, self-deceit and illusion and opens the door to freedom. Then we cut off the life force energy to all those human handlers of evil who use our life force to make our lives hell on Earth.

We starve the war machine that gains more and more force, creates more fear through perpetual wars. We remove ourselves from the Matrix by stopping any activity that feeds that machine.

We disconnect from the Matrix to stop losing our life force energy to them but not buying into the lies and to question everything put forth to us.

In this illusion that we helped create, we must end it soon by disconnecting from all the control mechanisms such as religion, education, medicine and mass media garbage.

It’s not about defeating them. It’s about cutting off their life force. Their physical life force is money, their spiritual life force of this Matrix is fear energy. They can’t feed off positive energy thus they have to create FEAR to feed off of us.

How do they do that?

In my last post I wrote that we unwillingly bought into their marketing and created it for them. They managed to get us to be afraid and focus on all the things we fear thus giving them power.

Fear is the opposite of Love. There is no in-between. You either live in Fear or live in Love. If you fear not having money for tomorrow, you’re still in the Matrix.

If you feel that changing your life will bring hardship then it will. You will create whatever it is you think.

We are so powerful that we are afraid of ourselves. We are afraid to even believe that we are so powerful and it’s the other way around.

The Matrix fears us. Look at the lengths they have gone to contain us, they will do anything to keep us from knowing how powerful we are.

Wake up old soul, haven’t you had enough of hoping tomorrow will be a better day? it will never get better because tomorrow doesn’t exist, it’s another illusion, another construct. Today, now, this moment is the only reality to focus on. In this moment, tell yourself “I am fucking powerful, what have I been waiting for? I am powerful, I am in control and I am all that I am.”

If I was able to teleport, I’d be by your side giving you a hug and telling you that you CAN do it.


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