Hey Humanity, We Are Right On Track!

“The history of Europe covers the peoples inhabiting the European continent from after prehistoric times to the present. Some of the best-known civilizations of prehistoric Europe were the Minoan and the Mycenaean, which flourished during the Bronze Age until they collapsed in a short period of time around 1200 BC.” You can read more at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Europe

If we create our own reality, then we should be or probably are asking ourselves why we are creating such madness. I don’t know about you, but I struggled with that ideology for a long time. Even though I write about it, I KNOW it to be true, as a human, that ideology didn’t sit right with me because  of the right/left brain malfunction in order to keep us believing what is forced upon us through mind control.

If you are American or living in the US, you may not relate to this madness in Europe even though your ancestors originally came from different parts of Europe. Just by memory, I think the Irish, Scottish and British settlers were amongst the first ones to inhabit the New World.

My point is that most Euro-Americans really have no idea of the multicultural aspect of Europe which I will now refer to as EU, unless you returned to your ancestral land at some point and learned that way of life in order to understand your ancestral culture and language.

Why am I bringing this up? I received the answers I have been waiting for 2 years now last night just before I go into my deep sleep. This is the time where I pick up any messages left for me or just communicate with higher self. After reading this article last night: https://www.rt.com/op-edge/329961-invasion-europe-migrants-brussels/ , I didn’t feel it as being truth or a reality we do not want. In fact, the answers just threw me off track completely as the logical mind tries to make logic out of it.  This article refers to the migrant crisis as an ‘intentional’ process designed for a specific purpose.

How do we come together as humanity if we all believe in different gods, eat different foods, speak a different language, live in a specified culture passed on from our ancestors and fight tooth and nail to hold on to that while at the same time wanting peace and wanting to create a better world?

Remember, the entire system we live in today is artificial, the very system/matrix we want so much to retain and hold onto was created by design. What I mean by that and I will use my own struggle is that I want my life to be the way it is now, living on this island, separated by Adriatic Sea, I don’t want settlers on this island, I want to live a peaceful quiet life and eat the foods I eat now. Some will want to live in their homes, work at the same jobs, go to church every Sunday. These are traditions and part of our cultural existence that we all try so hard to hold on to because we have been taught that it should be that way. Habit is the program designed for us to believe that certain things must be as they are taught to us.

The only way for this matrix to function in controlling us was to keep us separated into smaller groups (countries), create different languages, set up borders to permanently separate us, create entities such as worship of  nationalism and patriotism  and insert religion, education, cultural differences, in other words a very tightly controlled system designed to keep us apart and as dumbed down as possible.

The answers I received last night at first seemed ridiculous. By nature humans are loving, are not violent and do not support or like violence so our immediate instinctual response is to reject any notion that we might be creating this reality unfolding in front of us globally.

In order for us to unite and come together as ONE powerful entity, we had to create chaos, wars, refugees and occupations in order to break down the very cultural programming/false teachings and eventually break down all the fences/borders that separate us.

It looks and feels so ugly and horrific, the refugees, migrants, immigrants; call them what you like (our brothers and sisters), but they are creating that starting momentum of re-integration, whether they realize it or not.

It is ugly right now because Europe is a very old multicultural, multi-nationality, multi-traditional, multi-language region and while the influx of people is entering it for a better life, we are struggling to hold on to our past, afraid that if we lose our past, we will lose our identity along with our cultures, traditions, language and history.  For whatever reason these people are coming to EU matters not, they too have the right to a better life.

It will take time, perhaps years to integrate EU alone, for one side uses fierce opposition to ‘change’, while other side demands their way of life and culture they bring with them is respected and that they are allowed to continue it. Both sides are struggling to hold on to something, both want to continue with their way of life while one is the receiver of new people and the other is entering into a new culture. Either way you look at it, they are afraid of change.

This is why the fear mongering has started about Islam or other non-European religions taking over EU society. They (cabal)  know we are doing this as part of the war against them, they know reintegration into ONE HUMANITY or Unity Consciousness will cause their demise.

We are in essence, let me use this analogy as Earth being the mixing bowl. We first add flour, eggs, sugar and other dry ingredients along with liquids,etc. Looking at this mixture looks disgusting just sitting there in that bowl and has no purpose, so we whip it up to create a smooth mixture, then we add spices, fruit, nuts and mix that together as well.

That raw mixture probably doesn’t look that appealing or tasty, so we bake it in the oven and out comes a delicious, aromatic cake. The ingredients come from different parts of the globe. Flour comes from Croatia, eggs from Hungary, milk from Germany, spices imported from various Asian countries, nuts from Brazil, fruit from the tropics. Do you get the analogy?

If the ingredients just stay in that bowl without processing them, they will probably rot or start collecting microbes within 24 hours, this mixture has no purpose and serves nothing.

WE are at that stage right now. We are the ingredients. We haven’t consciously figured out how to re-integrate all these people, we’re not yet aware it was part of the plan we made before incarnating here.

The catalyst  is the mixer. When we start mixing these ingredients, they slowly form a homogenous mixture that is disgusting raw but once baked comes out incredibly tasty and nutritious.

You can look at this another way. The raw ingredients combined together do not taste well and are not for consumption until baked. The same ingredients after being integrated and baked together form a wonderful and edible product. While just standing in the bowl, they have no essence, no form, no shape, they are just dumped with each other, separated by organic differences.

“Oh my, this tastes great, what ingredients did you use?” You see, it has to have the right blend of ingredients. Too much liquid will create a runny and thin cake, too much flour will create a pound cake and it will take longer to bake.

The destruction of the Middle East is necessary for humanity to let go of the lie that it was the Cradle of Civilization. It was NOT, it was the LAST cradle of civilization but not the first and you know this.

In order to let go of the false history and our false true origins, this region HAD to be decimated, it is the evil foundation of what we are taught and brainwashed with. It is where Babylon created many languages, it is where the last human body suit was genetically altered and dumbed down even further or descended into lower frequencies.

They say a cluttered house reflects the owners cluttered mind.

We cannot fix/repair our current condition using bandages. We have to remove ALL false realities and histories created to separate and control humanity, we must remove all borders on this planet.

So, herein lies the answer I received. Although I often write about the coming days, months and years where chaos will rule, and that our lives will be greatly affected before it gets better, I wasn’t really sure exactly what chaos meant and or what the cause of it would be.

I now understand how and why. There is no bandaid solution, we have to break down all concepts of religion, tradition, culture, language, skin color, nationalism that have separated us for thousands of years. We are NOT the above. They were artificially placed upon us using mind control, subliminal messaging and other methods.

We cannot become Unity Consciousness so long as we live within borders and other separation factors. How do we unite consciously while holding on to our current way of life? It’s not possible. We need to face this now.
The most difficult aspect of our evolutionary changes is giving up what we thought to be true: giving up our culture, our language, our geographic locations, our human identities, our traditions and family bonds. It is not just about humans migrating to different parts of the planet, it’s about you and me realizing that everything we believed in was a big LIE. We don’t need traditions, traditions keep you in a time loop constantly repeating the same paradigm. We don’t need religions, they disempower us by teaching us that god is more powerful than we are. We don’t need different languages, but long ago, we communicated telepathically so we didn’t need to vocalize our intent, we simply thought it. Language was a descension into a lower vibration because we now had to use large parts of our brains to decode letters, learn different languages etc., it’s all about holding you back rather than moving forward.

We all think that eating meat on Sunday is a good tradition or opening presents Xmas morning, or that coloring eggs on Easter is a tradition. How silly is that? Think about it? Why are we pushing this crap upon our kids? This is the most difficult part of our growth, how to let go of these false/made up worships that really serve no purpose, even the purpose was programmed into us to believe it was part of who we were.

So long as the Cabal are in control, we cannot UNITE as humanity or as multi-dimensional beings, we can’t be either one, they are preventing us from being that.

The chaos we are experiencing/creating is the necessary and such painful process of reintegration. The MSM and even the so called Alternative Truth Movement Media is using “integration”as a negative and unachievable process. They are using more fear to scare people into believing that it is not possible to integrate the influx of ‘migrants’ but what they are doing is programming you and I through subliminal messaging, mind control, whatever; in order to create the reality THEY want. We focus on what they are telling us, we create exactly that, we are such fools. 

The “false” migrant rapes and assaults, the many, many false flag events in Europe were all designed for people to fight AGAINST the migrants, for you and I to believe that we are being invaded by unwanted people and that we can’t handle the influx.  You see, so long as we fight against migrants, we can’t re-integrate so we are in essence focused on the reality they want us to create. We are creators, remember that, they know that, they are programming us with what they want us to create.  Whether it is legal or not, whether they have ID or not, whether there are terrorists amongst them, those are THEIR laws, not Universal Laws. We all have the right to live where we wish, therefore, understand that you are not a Croat or Spaniard or American, you are a Soul having a human experience. They want us to ‘think’ what they want us to ‘create’. Nothing is created for our benefit, we have been creating their reality for eons! It’s time to stop creating their reality, stop listening to the bullshit on TV, stop reading the bullshit they put out and also, be very careful. They have infiltrated the truth movement, they create the New Age movement hoping you will buy the “alien, love, light and savior” paradigm.

I have used the re-integration term many times in my posts when referring to “ascension”. This means moving into higher vibratory awareness, re-integrating the soul, body, mind, heart and higher self into one body, the original self, the original design thus activating the DNA to expand and bring us back to our rightful existence. What others call ‘ascension’, I call it re-integration and Chris Thomas also uses that term.

The same process must happen with humanity. When we were first created, the first human body suit, original design by Aeon Creator Sophia later becoming Gaia, we were 7th or 8th dimensional beings with all 12 DNA strands activated. Why give us 12 DNA strands and then only activate a certain amount? But I believe we lost this in Atlantis, Lemuria, those very high achieving and technological civilizations and once destroyed, our bodies could no longer hold the higher self, soul heart and mind in one body.

This re-integration of the bodysuit with higher self happens when we are ready to accept higher vibratory frequencies, in order for that to happen, we must at least partially re-integrate humanity or start that momentum.

It is this collective  process that will enable us to go through our FINAL re-integration, that is body/collective humanity as ONE.

What we are seeing now is our collective plan within various soul groups acting upon the chaos or creating it to break down borders and bring humans together.

It is not going to be easy or smooth sailing, I believe Gaia will contribute as well by reacting in anger with earthquakes and volcanoes, we are now the ingredients in the mixing bowl called Earth, thrown into it and yet we cannot mix ourselves. .The ingredients need a MIXER, a catalyst of change, to change the raw ingredients into a perfectly baked cake.

What is that catalyst? What is the catalyst that will create that momentum for humanity no matter where we live, to freely walk across our borders without being stopped?

I don’t have the answers for that  one yet but I am sure that we need that catalyst or alarm bell and I believe it is not coming from humans. It will be either through natural disasters, non-earth visitation and assistance but only if we are unable to complete the work or if our planet is in a situation where it could self-destruct if the cabal really goes nuts. Interference is not allowed except if an event on Earth will affect other solar systems or universes.

The catalyst is not an anti-christ, that may be the false flag alien aspect, a mind controlled or holographic vision event, the catalyst is what is needed for the Cabal to start running and hiding because they know it is the endgame for them.

It all makes sense now, how do we come together if we are separated by border?  How do we re-integrate humanity into ONE if we all have different belief systems, different languages, skin colors, nationalities etc.? It’s not possible, no matter which way we look at it, we can’t become a Sovereign Human until ALL barriers are removed.

It is not a question of IF, it is a question of WHEN that catalyst happens. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have sharing the information I received last night.



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