Hey Humanity We Are Right on Track – Part Two

After realizing today just how afraid our handlers are, I also realized they were not creating anything. We are Creator gods, they know this so their entire plan was to create effective marketing strategies so that we would accept and through our thoughts create the reality they wanted. 

Most of us now know or suspect that 9/11 was an inside job, false flag event. On the surface it appears as if it was done as an excuse or pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. On the human surface level yes, but that was really advertising for the creation of terrorism through us. It had to be big, dramatic, tragic, devastating, unbelievable and shocking for us to imprint “terrorism” into our minds by focusing our thoughts and fears on terrorists, so what we would believe it was now the greatest threat to humanity.

We created an incredible amount of energy to destroy the entire Middle East. They may have destroyed the physical aspects of those lands through soldiers and weapons of mass destruction but we destroyed it spiritually by giving it power through thought-focused-manifestation.

Everything is falling into place now. We were not lied to, we were manipulated into believing their marketing methods because they knew it was not possible to do what they did without creating the energy for it to manifest. Everything wrong on this planet was done through US. Because of our ignorance, because our memories were blocked prior to incarnating here, we unknowingly allowed them to use our creative abilities to create the reality that they wanted.

This is why it took hundreds of years to set us up for it. Knowing the power to create was within us, they first had to contain us, implant us with false teachings, separate us, demoralize us through religion so that we could then follow their programming.

In other words: “Sell them what they think they need, they will then write about it, talk about it, think about it, focus on it, obsess over it and voila, they will create the reality we want”.

The human race is not a violent or aggressive race. They had to do powerful marketing to create anger and feelings of injustice, revenge and patriotism in us to believe we would go to war to defend our countries.

No person today will join the military with the express reason of killing another human being. They do it because they believe they are defending some ideology or protect their country’s inhabitants.

I don’t believe there are many soldiers active or  non-active who have killed another human and not been affected by that. All we need to do is research the numbers in the US from Vietnam to today, how many veterans are suffering from various illnesses, PTSD and not to mention suicides. It is not from shock or stress that creates PTSD and other disorders. It’s the deep knowledge and heartfelt shock that we took another life and that person or people were part of us.

Even the so called bad guys were created by the same Creator, good or bad we can’t take another life and it isn’t until we do that, that we feel a part of us died or all parts of our soulness if we killed more than one human being. The collective feels this pain as well though for some reason we are not directly affected, rather indirectly in our lives through illness, bad luck and things simply not going the way we want them to.

Why do you think the elite don’t send their children to war? Do you think it’s because they know what those wars are all about? I don’t think so. I think they know their children will inherit the death energy from the people they maim and kill which in turn permeates like a curse or bad karma in the family.

Folks, they have been hiding this occult knowledge from us forever, they know how energy works, they know the cause and effect laws, they know of ways to keep free from the ‘curse’ of killing, this is why they don’t need to send their children to war.

We are Creators, they planned all along how to get us to create their realities. It wasn’t so much about deception or lying to us as it was about desperation. As the global population grew, they had to take on more drastic measures to contain us.

Once the internet was open to the public, this is when everything sped up, they had to complete their plan of global dominance before we figured it out.

It is because they have all the hidden knowledge from us that they can manipulate and control us. You could say they know us better than we know ourselves.

Think about that. For centuries or even longer, we have been struggling for freedom and democracy, killing each other, occupying foreign lands, because we thought we knew who we are; while the entire time they were setting us up to accept their marketing and to create or manifest exactly what they wanted.

Endless wars for profit, global control and the complete enslavement of the human species.

I’m not going to get into the ‘who done it’ of this plan. Does it matter if it’s the archons, the reptilians, the grays, the elite, the illuminati? It matters only that we now know it is being done to us because we can’t get rid of them individually. We must halt the machine, halt the matrix wheels and this is now happening as more and more information is coming to light.

As we awaken through knowledge, so we will stop them through the very system they used against us; our minds, our gift to manifest our reality and this goes back to my last posts from January and Dec.2015 about creating our reality.

Rather than focus on what we don’t want, we focus on what we want. Those that are constantly and consistently telling us how rotten this world is or what may happen in the future are either traitors to humanity or have not yet awakened to the knowledge of who they are.

I am confident that the information I shared with you today in these two posts are 90% truth and 10% unresolved speculation based on the fact that I do not yet know what that catalyst will be.

There is talk/rumors going around the veil has been lifted, karma is no longer, that the archons are gone, but if this information comes through channeling, you can be sure it’s probably just bullshit or disinfo.

The veil or quarantine cannot be lifted for two reasons: 1. The planetary mother is not only entity going through a transformation, all of existence is, so until peace is achieved in our solar system, we are in danger of being invaded by unwanted guests. We are the ones that will lift the quarantine, when we are ready for that. 2. We are not yet at the position we need to be, we are not yet collectively mature enough nor is our vibratory frequency strong enough to have access beyond the quarantine.

As for the archons being gone, folks that is irrelevant because if we are aware of how they mess with our minds, we can stop that. The archons are parasitic by nature, so as long as they have victims to suck energy from, they will stick around to the last one.

We are now faced with 2 challenges to get to the finish line: 1. Remove all borders and reintegrate with each other into one global society. What this means is that we are united as ONE humanity, working in service to others with no religions, no dogmas, no traditions or mind control, as sovereign beings. 2. Remove our handlers from power by not creating the reality they want and freeing ourselves to create the world we want to live in, the world that was originally given to us free, a world of love, joy, happiness and freedom to choose.

We can do this, I have always said old soul, you are the one that can make that change, you just have to want it.


2 thoughts on “Hey Humanity We Are Right on Track – Part Two

  1. Hallelujah Ines.

    When it comes right down to it, we just need to quit letting them use us for their creations. Absolutely. And what is the route to that? Inner work. We do more for helping others by doing our own inner work than any amount of “out there” DOings. We free ourselves. Then we ourselves quit radiating “false light” and instead can truly BE ourselves, in all we think, say and do, essentially giving permission for others to do the same. The utmost in setting the example. Living it.



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