Non-Interference The Ugly Truth We Don’t Want to Discuss in the Love and Light Movement

This is probably one of the most important posts I have ever shared with you. It is important to me, it may not be important to you, but this theme has been haunting me for several days now and I have received much information from my higher self about it.

Spiritual Law of non-interference
From “The Kelee: The Psychology of Spirituality” by Ron W. Rathbun
The above paragraph with links is really the subject matter in this post. It is based on my opinion, research and conversation with higher self. I do channel with my higher self and don’t write about it much because in reality, it is my information, intended for me. My higher self is still separate from me because of the separation and the descension of our body suits, but eventually, as I have written in many posts,,  we will re-integrate ourselves into one mind/body/soul/higher self entity. Some will call this Ascension, but in the end, we will transcend and become higher vibrational beings.

Slowly but surely we are coming to the conclusion that I came to long ago, that is that because interference in our reality is not allowed, these messages or in body take-overs are from beings that do not mean well or it is some type of psych-op/mind control program.

Some will say: What is wrong with an entity contacting a human and giving them positive or valuable information?  There is everything wrong with that because it changes the humans general perspective and it will change how they continue to live their current existence. We are here for specific reasons, in other words, we have purpose on this planet in this reality. The Law of Non-interference was intended so that nobody can interfere with our free will, with our evolution, with our desired experience that we chose before incarnating here.

This is a free will universe and regardless of the fact some people claim we can’t excercise it, has nothing to do with the fact it was given to us. We agreed to come here because of this Free Will experience to see if we can remember who we are by creating our own reality. The controllers/elite/cabal try and prevent us from exercising it through THEIR laws, religion, borders, racism, education and other mind control programs, but Creator gave us free will for a purpose.

Because we DO have by divine right the free will, a non-interference was specifically placed for that very reason, because of our free will, to see how far we could get and how fast we would learn who we truly are. We agreed to incarnate here for those reasons and conditions, we agreed to find our way home through free will without any help.

Does this make sense to you?

It is all those humans who through trance, telepathy or giving an entity permission to enter their body such as Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Kryon and many more that are being interfered with. None of them mention the Universal Law of Non-Interference, so whether they have good intentions are not, they know they are not allowed to do so unless these are simply AI, mind control programs and some form of “forced/invasive” telepathy.

What we can all agree on is that none of these entities do not speak of a specific future, constantly change the timelines when things should happen and when being asked: “Why didn’t it happen”?–they cunningly answer that it is up to humanity.

If it’s up to us, why do they bother to contact humans? If they are not allowed to mess with our free will, why do they do it and who are they really? And finally, all of these entities convince their host that what they have to say will assist humanity and the host has no way to verify their veracity of information.

These entities claim to be from higher dimensional realities or from our future like Bashar. If they are from our future then would they not know the exact date when something will happen? They claim they can’t give us that information because we have to figure it out ourselves, yet they interfere with our free will? Where is the logic here?

That’s like saying :I know the day you will die but I can’t tell you because you will change the course of your life. Of course you would. If you knew you were going to die on July 11th, 2020, you will probably quit your job a few years before that and enjoy life or in disbelief just continue on like nothing happened. If you change the course, then the future can be affected as well. So, what the hell is someone from your future doing here if we can change it’s outcome? What is the intent of a being coming from your future but not telling you anything that will happen? This is the confusing part.

We don’t think about these details. Perhaps if an entity contacted me claiming to be my future, I would ask they prove it: “So tell me, at what time will I get a phone call tonight or tell me, what time is the postman arriving tomorrow?” It’s a small gesture but it would convince me this entity truly was from my future.

Dimensions don’t exist in some different locations. It’s all within our unseeable reality around us. We exist in the same time-space continuum of reality but vibrate at different frequencies. We can’t see the million of frequencies zipping around us, just as we can’t see higher dimensional entities, it’s all within the same time/space continuum. So, if an entity is contacting someone, they are more than likely sitting right beside them in a higher vibrational frequency and not across the cosmos in some galaxy or star system.

I wrote a few times how I travel during my sleep to my other existences. Fact is, I don’t travel, I simply leave this physical body and as an etheric/light spirit I can think of where I want to be and I am in that reality. The universe is not outside of us, it is inside of us, we simply project our thoughts into a 3D reality to have that experience. If you have not yet read the Holographic Disclosure Series, I would suggest you do so.

Why do we need higher dimensional beings to tell us what they know and logic would have it that if they are a 5th or higher vibrational being, they can morph into a 3D reality/body and show themselves to us. Think about it.

We are creators. Believe it or not, know it or not, we create our reality through thought. If we can do this at a 3D level, then why can’t a higher vibrational being lower their frequency?

Non-interference is one of the greatest laws of the Universe that is always followed by the beings from higher realms. Of course, there is a fine line between being helpful and being interfering.

One can say that they are just providing facts, information or just giving their opinion and that it should not have any influence on the decision of the person they are communicating with. This would be acceptable if it were truly so, but 95% of the time it is not the case. There is an intentional manipulative purpose behind most of the communications of this nature. Interfering literally interferes and alters the free will of that individual and in most cases can change the outcome of their lifetime, therefore prolonging this Soul’s lessons and thus it must return to complete whatever it was the interference altered.

Once an entity is confronted that the interference is being injected into his life, it is negated but it never entirely eliminates what was communicated. That’s like telling the jury to dismiss a part of the witness testimony, it can never be done away with and the jury will never be able to be completely objective because of that information.

Even if that entity disappeared and never returned, the damage was done.

Non-interference is the spiritual law of harmony and the most important spiritual law in the universe. 

Interference is done unknowingly through ignorance or intentionally. Non-human entities are not ignorant, but are aware of this law therefore are intentionally doing this or they are not from natural etherical/created by Source beings but are created through technology.

By interfering with our free will, it stops us from experiencing the life we were meant to live, it is imprisoning our mind because it stops us from thinking on our own. Creation is a universal consciousness which guides and prevails in the BEING of consciousness. The universe is the internal and external body of Creation. Nothing exists outside of it. Since the spirit of consciousness is our true self, then to follow this first recommendation is to see yourself as the most important thing in your life.

This is known to all in the Cosmos, therefore,  to contact us/interfere with our free will happens for 2 reasons: 1. These are not beings of goodness 2. These beings are created through technology.

There is no fine line or in between or gray line because the law is supreme without exceptions.

So what about all these people that channel or give permission for their bodies to be used as a host, what do they think about non-interference?

You will never hear Bashar, Kryon, Abraham, former channeler Greg Giles, Sheldon Nidle, Monty Keen, Mathew Ward/Suzy Ward, Ron Head, Linda Dillon et. al most of them in the US, discuss the law of interference. They talk about the laws of attraction, vibration, polarity, rythme, cause and effect, but no mention of Law of Non-Interference.

I can only give credit and recognition to one form of channeling and that is from our higher selves. That wonder transcendent message of divine love is you! They brought that through but in order to get there, they must merge with their higher self, but if they did that, there would be no need to channel anymore, they would speak divine truth, directly.

These people still separate themselves from the divine, they can’t take responsibility for the messages if indeed it is their higher self, they can’t accept how powerful they are so they attribute it to someone else, some other being.

Unfortunately, there are very few people like that, that we know about because most of us that channel our higher selves, don’t release it publicly because it’s not intended for the public. We write about it as if it is our thoughts or opinions, but all information that comes to me is from my higher self. It’s obvious if any of the above channelers claim to be contacted by other entities, they are not aware it could be them, but from what I have read over the years, most these channelers have been compromised.

I am not discrediting the channelers. Perhaps I had the same experience in another lifetime, it was an experience I wanted to have, but they are ignorant or willfully projecting information despite of the non-interference law. I am discrediting the entity be it etheric or technological because both are knowingly doing something that is not allowed.

How do the channelers justify their work knowing the law? Do you think they are not aware of it? Perhaps the laws are all about another mind control program?

Lets just say that no laws exist. We live in a free will universe. We create our own reality, we are admired throughout the cosmos because supposedly we are the only beings in existence to have “imagination”. The Gnostics write about this. They also tell us that knowing “nous” who we are will eventually take us to the next step. If all of the above is true, why are we being interfered with if we already are ALL THAT IS?

In other words, the only reason we are interfered with is NOT to help us, rather to confuse us in a fog of different, contradictory, unprovable and nefarious information. It  matters not that it is good, valuable, helpful and enlightening information, how else can they convince folks to channel?

They can prove it even though they may be interfering with our free will, if they are real higher vibrational beings, they should at the minimum be able to move a toothpick  in front of you. Don’t you agree?

You claim to be from my future, you can enter my body but you can’t move that toothpick on the table? Really?

We want so much to believe that our answers or our future depends on something or someone outside of ourselves. We are so powerful, much more powerful than the very beings that contact or even the technology created to mind control these folks. It is because of this very fact, we are being played with. They are using every technology and mind control program to confuse us, to divert our attention from the real matter at hand, there is nothing they are not willing to do in order to demote us, just like religion teaches folks they must pray to their god in order to receive blessings. Holy crap, you ARE the blessing, you are ALL THAT IS, what the hell do we need some invisible, unprovable so called higher vibrational beings telling us what we already know?


Think about it. Personally, if someone/something entered into my head, I would demand proof, no proof, no cooperation especially knowing about the non-interference, there would have been a good explanation for it, even though there is NO exception to that rule. We are not being contacted for good reasons. Although the information may be divine in nature, lets face it, if you really think about it, these beings are not saying anything different or out of this world that you could not find online yourself, and since we are such beings of wild imagination, we can too create unbelievable stories and amuse others with it.

We are coming full circle, it is now up to the channelers to come to that knowledge that they are not being used for humans good. Kryon has been communicating for over 30 years to Lee Carol, I would like to know what that has changed on this planet or if it has even helped humans to be better at what they are? What have these entities contributed to humanity other than helping the channelers make a good living?  I think we need to start using our own logic and instead of verifying the information, we need to ask WHY humans are being contacted and WHAT has been accomplished by that/those contacts? In the end, it’s your discernment that counts, I’m merely asking questions.

4 thoughts on “Non-Interference The Ugly Truth We Don’t Want to Discuss in the Love and Light Movement

  1. Reblogged this on marcosmusings and commented:
    Love this Blogger. I’ve been reading her stuff for ages; One of the reasons I started my own blog.

    Just sayin’ Folks; People spend their entire lives seeking power through the form of INSIDER Knowledge, When it’s simpler and more reliable to BUILD your own Strength.


  2. Thank you, as a former ‘contactee’ of the channeled beings calling themselves The Federation of Light, I can relate to this blog, I ‘worked’ with them ( not channeling them) for a few years, my usual hesitation to get involved with ‘spiritual things’ was overridden because my emotions were played with, I felt such ‘divine love’ . In my mind now this was interference, this has caused me to become extremely distressed as I had to break free from these beings as I began to doubt my involvement with them. I went though such conflict and self doubt I feel I had a nervous breakdown, so what happened to my free will ? Thirty years ago an astrologer predicted my ‘involvement ‘ it was in my chart, so is it destiny? Was it my soul contract ? Have I chosen now in free will to ignor my destiny? I don’t know. The other people these beings guided me to continue to channel them, I am the black sheep , so to speak, I will not! I know about Greg Giles , he put his channels on my site, until I began noticing a change in the channels and would not approve some of them, he left my site, soon after I heard about the mind control interference he spoke of and he stopped channeling, good on him for doing so! I admit I know very little about spirituality, I never studied, my contact came easily, why did it come easily? Why would someone like me get gifted ? Why would my path be ‘quickened’ when I was obviously not ready. If anything it almost turned me back to my Catholic Church, back to wanting forgiveness and healing from God. Is that their agenda ? Is it the Jesuits agenda ?


  3. Hmmmm… interesting piece you share. For even this piece alludes the law of non interference. Does it not? I think it’s important to share… step over the boundaries. IF nothing more than the mere fact of the deception, broken rules, etc. I believe it is our duty, our reverend and FREE WILL that we step over the boundaries of non interference due to above mentioned. As a crossover of these boundaries one must remain elusive to the energy’s that surround them and carry their own.

    There certainly is a fine line but one that must be met with certainty and an understanding.


    • I’m glad you enjoy. This is why I write, to invoke thoughts and look at all perspectives, contemplation, and whose truth do we accept. I wrote on my FB last month and asked people to stop sending me ” inspirational posters” and ” someone else’s videos”. If you want to send me something, send me something original like your work, your thoughts. Anyway, thank you for sharing.


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