Flat or Not? Aliens or Not?

24:00 min. Question: Is Earth flat or diamond shaped? If you don't want to listen to the entire interview, start there. I don't have much good vibes on Andrew Bartzis, that's not to say he's not being honest, but I think he too is influenced by technology and so could be sharing some truth and some not. As I said many times, we don't know the shape of the Earth and as long as we can't travel into space or far enough to see the earth, we will probably be guessing for a long time. Personally, if they are telling us it's a globe and not willing to divulge otherwise, it probably isn't round, but you decide for yourself.

Sean Stone is the host for this interview. Sean is also a part of “Going Underground”, a show hosted on RT once a week. This is interesting, it seems to me that RT is revealing information but indirectly through shows such  Going Underground and Redacted Tonight. Check them out!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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