JANUARY 15, 2016

Comment: There you have it folks, it is becoming more and more clear that these “fake” entities/holograms etc., are merely deception and horrific koolaid laced drinks.

I have spoken out against Channeled messages that are posted online since 2011.  I eventually stopped because I got tired of being harassed.  My first experience with being in a room and actually seeing someone channel a message was in 2008.  I had many experiences like this with different people.  Since I can see and feel energy streams, I can trace them right back to their source.  I was able to see a line of energy coming from a fake hologram object going into the person doing the channeling.  This energy stream that people think is organic is as fake as it comes.  Real energy that rides on the Aether is 100% different.  It looks different and feels different.  It is like comparing a plastic flower to a real one.  If you are someone who still follows these messages, then my article may not be to your liking.

Experience is the biggest teacher.  The reason I know Channeled messages are false is from my experience with being hunted by those who were sending them.   During the difficult time period on the Old Time line, I was a target like Greg was – which was between 2008-2012.  I had energies try to come into my body, some were so forceful that a few were successful.  I could see them in my energy field, looking back at me, so I removed them.  I had them try to connect to my throat chakra and speak through me.  I didn’t let them.  It was hell.   I could see where the energy stream was coming from, and I knew it was evil, fake, and I wanted nothing to do with it or those who were sending it.  It was physically painful when they would attempt to hook into me, and it was equally painful pulling hooks out.

I had fake energies try to manipulate my dreams as well.  I knew every time this would happen.  I would wake up and see in my room a big full color hologram that was right out of my dream.  It would move and change images just like a TV.  As soon as “it” was aware that I was no longer sleeping and I was watching “it” with my eyes, ” it” would run away and disappear into the wall behind my bed and explode into a flash of light.  There was a portal in my room that we could not shut down.  It was fake and inorganic…nothing like I have ever seen before.  My only protection was to work on raising my frequency and level of consciousness as high and as fast as I could so my body would be above the manipulation -which I did.  They would still come into my room, and I could still see them.   The hologram would do its disappearing act, but it could not affect my physical or energetic body.  This happened hundreds of times, and I am not exaggerating.  It was programmed not to stop.  Once I was above the manipulation, I just enjoyed the show.  I would even try to pretend to be asleep and really look at the holographic image so I could  write about it in my journal.   Once the planet moved to the new timeline of energy, the portal disappeared, and I stopped seeing the fake energy.  Now, if anything appears in my room it is only organic.

I am not special, there are many people on this planet who were manipulated by this fake energy.  It was first created by the negative ETs and supported by our government.  This technology is no longer available, which is why those who were manipulated are coming out of it.  There is no shame to those who allowed the hooks to be placed.  We live in a society that does not educate those who were born with high psychic abilities.  People are not taught to increase their spiritual maturity along side of their growing abilities.  If they were, then their bodies would vibrate at a level that could not be manipulated by any inorganic energy streams.  I do not regret any of my experiences, because they have made me who I am today.  I am very grateful.

The true energy streams are 100% connected to the real and very organic Aether that is on the etheric and astral level of existence.  Aether is our true radio waves.  When someone does not raise their vibration, their bodies do not have large amounts of Aether/Chi/Prana running through them.  We have 3 channels in our body that govern this flow of energy.  Two side channels and one central channel which is connected to our spine.  When your body does not have the proper amount of Chi, it can be easily manipulated and replaced with fake and inorganic streams of energy.  When your Aether/Chi/Prana is high, then NOTHING can hook into you.  It is impossible.  Your energy becomes so strong that it becomes like a suit of armor.  Once I raised my vibration high enough to stop them from trying to communicate with me, I could still feel the fake energy trying to come into me.  It just kept on knocking, but I told it, “You can’t come in.  Not today…you’re done!”  I did reach the point that I could no longer ever feel the attempts.

So, this brings us to today.  We have switched to a new timeline.  The negative ETs are either gone or have been healed.  All of Source/God’s dominion has moved to a new place in space and time.  You would think that people would not be posting channeled messages anymore, but this is not the case.  When I read a channeled message now and look for the energy stream, all I see is nothing.  There is no energy stream to be found.  Whoever is writing the message is either lying or actually can’t tell the line has been cut.  I prefer to believe that someone would not lie about anything spiritual they post about.  If the person who was doing the channeling couldn’t tell they were being hunted by an evil fake energy stream, then they most likely can’t tell when it is gone.  Some may be connecting to their higher selves.  If this is the case, I would still not see an energy stream going out from them to an outside place.  When you truly connect to your guides or star families, the connection comes from within.  You do not send your antenna out anywhere.  You must go within to communicate, which is why all the ancient texts teach to go inward, and that is where you will find everything that you need.

Now, I want to qualify that I have not read every channeled message that is online,  nor do I want to.  So, if you feel that the channeled message you read is authentic, then that is your choice.  I will not point fingers at any one. That is not the intention of my article.  I have only seen two people in my life who can really channel a benevolent being.

This brings me to someone who I now have great respect for.  His name is Greg Giles, he was the one who channeled Ashtar Command, as well as what he thought was his star family.  He is a very talented psychic who has come out of the spell and is apologizing for the false information he put out.  I found this post on Air Kopel’s website.  I will include links to both websites at the end of this article.

Here is the wonderful intro to Greg’s apology that Ari wrote.  It has more information about this topic that I feel is important.

Air’s intro to the post on her website:

Do you all remember the famous Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation Channeler by the name of Greg Giles? This looks like it’s his latest article and sounds like an apology of sorts, one that leaves me speechless. I don’t even know what to say… so, I’ve had to resort to laughing!

What’s even funnier is that I’ve been screaming this message to everyone for years! Now we need the others who “Claim” to get these channeled messages from Wherever to STOP being an accomplice to the dark forces, by being disinformation/psyop agents. 

How about COBRA come out of the closet and all the others that are out there making these outrageous claims which serve to dupe many of the so-called “Light” “Workers”?

I read this article and I couldn’t stop laughing from Joy and from remembering how ridiculous some of the claims were, and how many times I said something about this and the hypnotized “Light” “Workers” bullied me about this. 

I guess the TRUTH will come out no matter what! 

Love to all of you, and in appreciation to those who did hear the message, back when I was trying to break the spell that was cast on so many, and who did heed my warning.

I appreciate your trust.


-Ari Kope

Here is Greg’s apology:


Hello everyone, I will be taking down this blog shortly in the days ahead as I do not want to see anyone else entrapped in the horrible U.S. government PSYOPS (psychological operations) program that had lured me into its trap some years ago and has refused release of it’s clench on me and my life. At this time, I am leaving this blog up simply to get this message out to the remaining visitors, and hope they will help share this message far and wide and reach those who have formally followed my work. (I have been unable to delete the associated content, as PSYOPS agents have successfully hacked this Blogger program.) The so-called ‘channeled messages’ I received claiming to be from my soul family from the stars were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents, allegedly from the military industrial complex, working in concert with volunteers, many of which are secret society members, who help propagate enormous numbers of hoaxed news stories of UFOs and related space news, building a backdrop for a PSYOPS program that lures science and spirituality-minded individuals such as myself into their web, a program that has destroyed my life completely and which continues to devastate my life until this very day. These program operators are relentless, showing little or no mercy, keeping me under total surveillance, tormenting me, torturing me, and attempting to reprogram my mind as I sleep, turning my dreams into nightmares, effectively altering my behavior and free will choices as I continue through the mercifully final days of what was once my life. They have also in the past, and again very recently, scarred my body with their electromagnetic neuroweapon technology in a successful effort to control and negate my relationship with a woman who is now gone from my life.  

There is no recourse I have been able to uncover to shelter from this evil program. Their weaponry envelopes us and follows us everywhere, sharing space with cell phone towers all throughout the U.S. and the entire globe, soaking our airwaves with the digital information of their hellish nightmare. There exists endless documentation throughout the internet concerning government mind control programs and the technology used against the people, and it is advisable to familiarize yourself with this technology, as the spread of knowledge is our best and only defense against this despicable evil that will not stop until every last member of our society is a prisoner of his or her own altered mind. That is their sick and twisted plan – the construction of the dystopian nightmare forewarned by George Orwell throughout the pages of his prophetic Nineteen Eighty Four.         

My advice to all is to stay clear of all these stories of UFOs, extraterrestrials, channeled messages, and psychic mediums speaking to the dead, as these fictitious news accounts and dubious television programs are a direct part of, or at the least stand as compliment to, the hugely encompassing plan to desensitize and familiarize the public to synthetic telepathic communication, a simple but very effective feat of technology essential to mind control reprogramming. (I personally believe we come from somewhere in this universe and we are also not alone, but this is a subject matter useless and dangerous to explore at this present time, as a vast majority of the related news stories are complete hoaxes devised solely for use as backdrop for these mind control programs. I also feel there may be a number of differing programs, though all earthly conceived by human hoaxers, that list among their tools so-called channeled messages, and not all may conceal mind control at the heart of their agenda. I can only speak of the program of which I became an unsuspecting participant.)                   

I humbly and sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone who has followed my work as a so-called channel of the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. There is no denying my complicity, and I accept full responsibility for my actions. Soon I will be judged by our true higher powers in this universe, and may God have mercy on my soul for helping steer so many of you so far astray and into the clutches of this devilish, life destroying mind control program. I am forever truly sorry.

Greg Giles  

I have shared my experiences along with information from Greg and Ari, it is up to you as to whether you chose to continue to read and resonate with any channeled messages.  I would like to leave you with just one last thought.
out with the old
We are now beginning a time of re-learning everything, and this includes how we communicate with the “As above and the so below”.  It’s now time to drop the old stories and the old ways and move into the new.  The choice is yours…what say you?
Any good relationship begins with good communication, and this includes conversations with our guides, ourselves and each other.
Click here for the link to Ari Kopel’s website
Click here for the link to Greg Giles blog
Lisa Rising Berry


  1. Awhile back you posted a couple commentaries on RA channeled by Carla Rueckert. Do you validate that work and why? Thank-you so for taking the time to respond ♦


    • I don’t validate anyone’s work. In order to validate something I would have to see or experience myself. All of the work I present from other people is really information that I find helpful, useful and contains information that I believe in as well but not 100%. Who really knows the truth? Maybe we know the truth but don’t know how to access it? Truth is our own, my truth only becomes your belief system, therefore, I do like what RA has to say, and there are many things I wish I could materialize but no matter, that information is good to know and take what you need from it.


      • PS. I evolve like everyone else. One year ago I didn’t know as much as I do today, so, in this evolution we are going through, the key is to grow, evolve, acquire knowledge and understanding and find ways to become better at what and who we are.


  2. I also posted the Galactic Federation and Ashtar, Kathryn E. May’s work, and uncovered it to be mind control, programming and compromising the channeler. This is not to say that all channelers are part of of mind control program, but I don’t think we have reached a high enough state of awareness to know the difference yet, I think, including myself, we speculate and listen to our intuition. I made fun of the Galactic Federation spokespeople because I knew deep inside it was all a hoax/mind control, this was 2 years ago. Do a search on the keywords and you will find many many posts about them.


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