Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 4 – How 2016’s Gog/Magog War (WWIII) will unfold (+ a P.S. – Why the Pope will be “assassinated,” then “resurrected” with Putin)

Comment: I’m not much of a prophecy and prediction girl because I learned a long time ago that we can change the course of events, therefore, I don’t put much credibility into what I call speculation. I posted this article because there are those that are interested in what could possibly happen. I have written many times that we will be experiencing difficult times and that it will get worse before it gets better. It has to. There is no motivation for us to change if everything is manageable. I personally don’t get mired into the details of “who done it”, what is important to know is that SOMETHING will happen, and that at the end of this journey, we will finally start repairing the damage. 

Does the globalist End Times script call for a Russian Judas to betray the Mashiach/Christ?…
…Will Dmitry Medvedev cut a secret deal with the West and “assassinate” Vladimir Putin after full-on war breaks out this September? Will Putin then “rise from the dead” 3 days later at the Mount of Olives? Current prophetic propaganda suggests this is the plan.

In the previous update, we explored two Jewish prophetic propaganda videos that talked about the arrival of the Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah. One video recorded the “testimony” of a Jewish boy who supposedly died and was shown how the End Times would unfold, and the other video was from a Messianic Jew propagandist who trumpeted the boy’s “revelations” and spun them to suggest that the Mashiach would be the second coming of Jesus…

So let’s explore the key talking points from the videos to see what our Cabalist Jew amigos have scripted for the upcoming Putin vs. Obama battle royale…

POINT 1 – “The redemption of Israel and the revelation of the Mashiach is IMMINENT – it’s going to happen ‘in the coming months’”

Since September of this year falls within the “in the coming months” timeframe, this prediction matches what I’ve been expecting. The man who is playing the “Antichrist” character in the Mashiach unveiling, Barack Obama, began his seven year reign when he sat as the President of the UN Security Council in September of 2009, so his time will come to an end in September of this year. This means the Mashiach (who almost certainly will be Vladimir Putin) will be revealed this year, before the end of September.

POINT 2 – “If the people commit transgressions, the redemption will come in a more difficult manner, but if they repent, it will come to pass in an easy way.”

This concept is key to the whole drama. When the final battle of 2016 turns out to be much less bloody than everyone was expecting, this will be the reason given…

“When the Satanic Western leaders started the final battle, so many people cried out in repentance of war that God heard their cries and sent down a Divine Intervention.”

POINT 3 – “It is Gog, Barack Obama, who will start the Gog/Magog War. The War will kill ‘more than a few million people,’ but it will last for only two weeks before the two sides strike a deal to carve up Israel. At that point, they’ll all turn against Israel, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will hold out for only 2 days before Israel falls and the Mashiach appears.”

In this part of his testimony, the Israeli boy is presenting the “nightmare scenario” that will supposedly unfold if people commit transgressions rather than repenting. Frightening scenarios of this sort are widely circulated by the globalists’ alt media propaganda outlets, and the purpose of this effort is to scare people as much as possible so they’ll be shocked and thrilled when the actual endgame (which will appear very positive) is unveiled.

That being said, the boy’s scenario contains much more information than a casual reading would reveal, and I will go into some key insights in the next part of this entry, including:

> Why Obama is Gog, the “King of the (Global Economic) North” (the G-7 nations)
Putin is Magog, the “King of the (Global Economic) South” (the “G-everybody else” nations).

> How this timeline conflates the Gog/Magog War with the Battle of Armageddon as part of the “Satanic Deception,” but the “real” Battle of Armageddon will occur after Putin rules for 7 years (possibly as the Secretary General of the “reformed, strengthened” United Nations).

> Why it will likely be Medvedev, not Putin, who makes the deal to join the West in attacking Israel, and how Medvedev’s apparent status as a sodomite will play into that.

> Why Putin will “rise from the dead” in Israel as living proof of his Mashiach/Christ status.

(P.S. – same day) — It just occurred to me that Pope Francis may be one of the “two witnesses” who will be “resurrected” when Putin is revealed as the Mashiach. This means the Pope will be “killed” this year, which is something Tom Horn is already talking about. I will provide more details on this soon. Until then, do you know of any Jewish leader who took an important post or otherwise entered the public scene in March of 2013? He would be someone who is as controversial in conservative Judaism as Pope Francis is in conservative Christianity.

Until later, much love…


7 thoughts on “Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 4 – How 2016’s Gog/Magog War (WWIII) will unfold (+ a P.S. – Why the Pope will be “assassinated,” then “resurrected” with Putin)

  1. Hmm this seems interesting obviously I hate the amount of Putin worshipping that is going on in the western media recently and you state that the pope will be killed this year I hope you are right seeing as he is a satanic imbecile. BTW I am a Muslim so I don’t know if this is just one of the many assumptions or taken out of context but a grand deception is going to take place soon


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