Why are They Hiding That This Remedy Can Cure Cancer? | The Big Riddle

I can vouch for this treatment. I have been treating a few people with this baking soda, MMS and ingredients containing lemon, lemon rind, walnuts and honey. There are so many cures for cancer but read the last post about the subliminal messaging. This is why people die from cancer, it’s the implanted thought with the word ‘cancer’. Why do some survive and some not? Great post.

Infinite Shift

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian expert in the field of oncology, diabetes and metabolic disorders, claims that cancer is actually a candida infection that can be successfully treated with baking soda. After these statements Simoncini was sent to prison.

“Cancer can be treated like any other kind of fungus – with the help of baking soda.” The Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini has treated his patients for several years by using this healing method.

Dr. Marko Jovashevikj has shared the experience of his Italian colleague on his blog, and Telegraph summarizes it all:

What the Italian doctor has actually found?

– Candida albicans is a fungus that is present in certain quantities in each of us. Candida grows in the intestinal flora of humans. This fungus also lives in the mouth, throat and genitals of most people. A healthy body keeps the candida under control, but if the immune system, for…

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