Transcribed from video at bottom of page.
“The elite cabal knew they could not make or conjure up a whole new dimension of reality. Instead they wanted something almost as good. This group of individuals from the same paternal power also wanted to have your power and my power. Imagine that this group wanted to take all that is ours, however, they can’t take it from us by force because it’s locked inside us and it is who we are.

Still, they desire to at least control it. This group wished for our power to walk in unison with their power and the enormity of their combined strength of power knowing would make them greater and most massive force in existence.

Imagine again that all that knowing within you has power and strength to exist forever. There is no beginning and no end. You have the power and wisdom to be eternal. Imagine that you’re filled with this knowing and completely possessed with this eternal power and strength. This is about as powerful as anyone can hope to be.

Let’s imagine that this knowing not only exists in you but exists in every person on the planet. It’s not something you have to go out and find, it’s just there, in you and everyone that ever walked the face of the earth.

For all of those who were faithful to their so-called creator god EL-the god of matter became the EL-ect. The elect, the chosen and faithful. They were the saints of god who were promised riches and power and would reign with EL, if they would just put their faith in him. (Note: This story actually is written in the bible, where Satan tempted Jesus to give him reign and would give him all the riches of the world if he was to worship him as his god).

This was the covenant, the agreement between man and god. This covenant was kept in the Arc, The Arc of the Covenant. The Arc has the Arc-ing characteristics of EL-ectricty. If anyone was to touch the Arc other than the high priest, they would be electricuted and struck dead.

Remember now, electricity is created through hypnotic suggestion or the thought process not as we come to believe that it’s generatd by means of or manner of machinery. The elite today think they’re gods themselves, the saints of god, the EL-ect an divinely appointed rulers of humanity that apply the principle of subliminal messaging taught to them by the old cabal of the past.

To religious and intellectual institutions turning that power into material wealth. They control and enslave everyone on the planet whilst giving everyone a false version of reality to experience.

The old cabal bloodlines from the beginning of time all the way to the new generation bloodlines are the shakers and movers of this world from behind the scenes. These cabal bloodlines also known by the title Moriah Conquering Wind, The Family and The Enlightened Ones.

The Olympians or The Circle  is a secretive title which is given to members who have participated in the highest degree ritual known as the 360th full Circle Ritual. 

The pindar  which means the penis of the dragon is the leader who rules the Council of 13 druids directly under Luciferian control. He is the highest level on Earth. The most popular name they are known by is the Illuminati, which means “to be illuminated into knowledge”. They actually hate being called that as this is the broad spectrum title given to anyone in the higher degrees who is illuminated into occult knowledge.

Occult means hidden. There are over 800 secret societies and mystery schools worldwide including religious factions and government. Scientific institutions are on some levels secret societies themselves. Another powerful player in the game is the Jesuit Order, however, not all of these societies are involved in any conspiracy or wrong doings, most of them are clueless.

These bloodline groups infiltrate all the societies and only initiate a tiny percent of members to the grand plan. The rest  are used in the game without even knowing. Some are easily bought or bribed, they are all used like chess pieces in the game to carry out the agenda.

There are two kinds of Elite. One are the gofers you see in the spotlight like Rotschilds and Rockerfellers; the others you never see at all. They remain hidden behind the scenes. The elite are not at the top of the pyramid. This pyramid is in a deep trance state and is composed of the Elite Royal Bloodlines that today controls world affairs. Institutions such as the Vatican, the Monarchy, United Nations, NATO, The World Bank, The Club of Rome, The Council of Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, IMF, Red Cross, Red Crescent, Federal Reserve, United Way, Salvation Army, The Watchtower Society-Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Roman Catholic Church, Protestant and Evangelical institutions, the World Zionist Movement, the Media, the movie industry, The Corporation of the United States of America, you name it, they own it.

So what do the elite cabal know that we don’t? Well, they know a lot, especially how the matrix of reality works, how the subconscious mind works and how it does something very unique by filling in the blanks just suggestions and close sounding words. They especially know about thought, what we focus on becomes reality.

Now, imagine millions of people throughout the world for thousands of years thinking a certain way and focusing on certain subjects? They also of course understand the ether and duality. Without duality there is no thought or division generated. There poles refer to to Booth and Jakin, B and J or BJ pillars, the north and the south pillars of Solomon’s temple. In turn, this refers to the two sides of the brain. The left and right side which in turn is referred to as the temples on each side of the head.

This is the receiving dish whereby all implanted thoughts are ingested into our crystal or christ brain.

Now on earth did the cabal hijack our reality?

Let us go back in illusory times. The old cabal had access to knowledge which they kept hidden from public view, especially after the deluge. Without going too deep, let us imagine that Xbox or Playstation bought out the newest game on the market. Let us then imagine that this game had 7 levels. This new game was very complicated and in fact, no one could master it. In fact, this video game was so complicated that nobody could get past level 1. Occasionally some smart and highly spirited people would reach levels 3 and 4 but somehow, small selective minute groups managed to master all 7 levels. They were looked upon as some gods or wizards by the others. This last minute group tried every trick in the book to conceal the secret of how this was possible.

This secret was handed down from generation to generation but only to family members. Now, can you guess how they managed to reach the highest level of all, level 7? If you guessed that this selective group had all the game cheats on every level of play then you guessed right.

Not only did they have the game cheats but they knew the language of the software. They hijacked reality by knowing the game cheats of creation, the language of the matrix universe to manipulate the way we decode our reality into a holographic experience.

Scientists and esoteric researchers have identified recurring and mathematical codes like the fibonacci number sequence around and throughout nature. This involves adding the last two numbers to get the next one as in 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 and so on. The sequence can be found in everything from the proportions of the human body to the way plants grow.

Other mathematical and geometrical codes and recurring sequences include Fi proportions, golden mean, so called sacred geometry, numerology, the chinese I-Ching, astrology and many others.

These are the mathematics of the matrix which at least in this reality can be broken down into numbers and codes as with DNA. Appropriately and not coincidentally, this is how computers work. Everything you see on a computer screen including colors are sequences of numbers using the binary system based on 1 and 0. This is an expression of the duality and polarity of the matrix.

How the Cabal Program our Reality
Lets take a look at some of the way they did this. Remember in video 1 how the subconscious and conscious mind really works. The mind is obsessed with shape, sound and color. Why? Because that’s all it has, the crystal brain was created that way. Thoughts and sounds, shapes, vibrations and light, that’s the Universal language or software.

The mind then decodes the sounds and vibrations into a 3D holographic illusion we call life. Everything within this 3D space is divided and therefore it is energy. As light passes through a crystal, it is reflected into a rainbow. This is the origin of the term Christ. Divided light is a rainbow.

Everything physical is formed from this light in some form or another. Everything from the tiniest subatomic particle to the galaxies above is made of bits of the rainbow. The rainbow canopy of light that surrounds our true awareness has seduced us into accepting the illusion that’s the real deal. This is the sacred geometry or sexual geometry that holds the conjured up illusion intact.

Without this mathematical wizardry nothing would appear as 3D. Arm yourselves with this information by changing your outlook on the material world. (Even Jesus in the bible said: I Am not part of this world).

Subliminal messages shape and control our reality.
Subliminal is a message that does not rise above conscious threshold as subliminal is designed to act on the mind at a subconscious level. If subliminal messaging were rational and able to be recognized on the conscious level, it wouldn’t be subliminal. We would never pay attention to it.

The 3D world is one huge subliminal. The body has five physical senses programmed to be receptive to the 3D illusion around us. The way the senses pick up signals from the 3D creation is through subliminal messages. There are 2 kinds of subliminal. One is in nature and the other is manufactured. Manmade subliminals are constructed through such techniques as shapes, sounds and colors and then the more complex multi-level methods such as reverse symbolism, distorted symbolism, reverse speech patterns, neurolinguistic programming techniques and the elaborate use of the language and number system among other devious modes of manipulation.

The subconscious mind creates this 3D reality through subliminal suggestion. The knowledge they possess is called Kabbalism, the ability to manipulate matter one molecule at a time. They apply the principle of subliminal messaging taught to them by the old cabal past through religious and intellectual institutions.

Kabbalism has kicked into high gear with the onslaught of the renaissance around 1000 A.D. The renaissance  means the rebirth of thinking which is not to say they stopped thinking but a total push for total domination.

Total control and total submission is now on.

Subliminal Messages
Subliminal messaging, hypnotic suggestions, sigils, archetypes, worldplay, so on and so on. These things program the subconscious mind and we create the reality they want us to experience.

Natural subliminal symbolism: The hypnotic subliminals will even be shown to extend into the constellations into the important way. The sun and the moon are holograms to provide the illusion of day and night. The movement of time, everything else is an illusion. Everything is, this includes space as well as time. Scientists talk about the space time continuum, but space and time do not exist.

The whole universe is one big subliminal, everything is based on a form of astrology and numerology, however, the numerology and astrological formally used are not accurate. They are introduced into the agenda as a smoke screen and front. Subliminals are all around us and lock us into a state of hypnosis, almost impossible to escape.

The six pointed star in nature.
The Atom-The Sex Ritual symbol of the ages. The symbol subliminal messages in the world today include countries, geographical formations. The streets are completely saturated with triangles and pyramids.

Symbols have hidden meanings in them. They work on the subconscious mind. Replicating or repetition is the strongest form of hypnosis. When this is coupled with fear based trauma, the victim is rendered impotent and unable to escape.

Every major event past and present that has ever taken place in the world, we have been programmed to experience through subliminals. Nothing is left for chance. The pentagram is one big subliminal. The pentagram and other shapes are codes that relate to the mathematics of the matrix and affects how DNA interprets reality. They are placed all around us to manipulate the way we decode our reality into the holographic experience.

Pentagrams everwhere. Washington. Sigils everywhere. Language is one big sigil and designed  that way. All language only evolved on purpose so as not to get the symbolism too powerful. English being the most recent and the most powerful. The basic block styled letter was first introduced just a few centuries ago. The word associations are so long that it doesn’t fit into this story.

As an example: The last letter in the English alphabet is Z. Likewise Z is the first letter of the first number Zero. This is not a coincidence. This word imagination says more than that however, and is more important than knowledge. Images which are 3D impressions are just magic tricks performed by manipulating light and is symbolized by the Sun.

The name cancer has death overtones and has been a driving subliminal force established over the last few decades with a fabrication of cancers of all descriptions. This disease has been used to establish a trance state so that its subliminal duty is to create the reality whereby we associate cancer and death simultaneously.

Lets look at the word GOD, spelled backwards equals DOG. Nothing is coincidental. It’s planned that way and goes deeper than that. It’s all got to do with Sex and atoms. Never let it be said Luceferian mind does not have a sense of humor, after all, who is it that puts the laughter in slaughter?

ZION equals NOIZ. That’s all that Zion really means, it’s just noise. There is nothing sacred about Mt. Zion in the old city of Jerusalem. Mt.Zion is wherever the most noise can be created to distract.

Confuse and deceive the masses as to what the whole corrupt plan entails. There is nothing nosier than wars, disease, entertainment, finances, law and media. All of which have been controlled in a huge way by the powerful Jewish tycoons of the ages.

Remember Zion in the Matrix movie? A lot of noise there. The center of noise.

Every word and number comes to form the 3D energy illusion is based on flawed system conspired to generate death. For example, the 360 degree circle is based on the yearly cycle how the Earth travels around the Sun. This number of 360 degrees is supposed to represent the 360 days needed to fulfill the cycle. However, the actual time it takes is 365 1/4 days. It’s done deliberately so that the illusory world is out of harmony. It’s corruptible and subject to death. So much of the 3D illusion seems to almost work but almost be in harmony, yet it isn’t. Not only does it create disharmony, it is designed to frustrate and fail, keeping peace and harmony just out of reach.

Forget scientific explanations, the Illuminati agenda stays hidden because it’s based on sheer lunacy and simplicity. We are dealing with a wicked intelligence.

Notice the word dumb, we see the meaning of number system. It is the system intended to numb our senses thereby numbing our connection to awareness. This hypnotic numbing and forced conformity is a lack of awareness resulting from the continuous bombardment of numbers associated with the aspects of life.

Let’s now look at the occult numbers. Here are some symbolic interpretations of numbers. These numbers are not based on astrology or numerology developed over the century but are based on what they mean subliminally.

1-A new beginning
3-Deity shape-triangle pyramid trinity
4-Four square foundation
5-Humanity earth-the sacrifice-the pentagram-pentagon
6-Christ-Antichrist-crystal light divider-sex origin
12-Full circle – whole-hole

The next number being 13 would start on the 2nd clockface and would have the same symbolic meaning as the number 1. Numbers also include some words, sound and manipulation. For instance, 7 seven sounds like heaven. We use the term seventh heaven. There is no coincidence 7 also sounds like 11.
7=Completion however it links in a subliminal sound and shaped fashion to 11-Death. The completion and perfection associated with 7 in this instance is that of a perfect complete death.
End of Part 3


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