Questions About Flat Earth

A few months ago I had posted an article that John Lamb Lash had written about this opinion/views on the flat earth theory. There were quite a few of you that made some really legitimate comments regarding this subject. In fact, the ones that did comment were the flat earthers, as we call them now.


I was not sure at that point, and like everything that is not known to me or not researched enough I don’t like to come to any conclusions, so since then I have been doing my research. Without a scientific background, it’s not always simply or easy to understand everything, but a few factors actually started to shift me towards the flat earth.

For example: There are no GPS satellites in space, it’s all bullshit. A different technology is used and it’s earth based for GPS tracking. I always wondered why we never had different photos or versions of our planet and why we are shown only one photo.
I watched a video of Apollo 13 moon landing, and this video convinced me that the earth was taken through a capsule window, thus, the round earth effect with black background was actually this portal and all lights off so that it created this image.

So, while I am still at 70% believing the Earth is flat, I still have a few questions, and for those readers that took the time to comment on their flat earth theory, I would love it if you could answer a few questions for me, I was unable to find the answers myself.

  1. If the earth is flat, what happens to airplanes or ships for that matter when they get to the edge? Is there not an edge of our planet if it is flat?
  2. Why do all northern sphere countries fly their commercial flights over the arctic or is that a bullshit story? We are told when flying from Vancouver to Europe that it takes less time to fly over greenland or the arctic, which makes sense, but I sure would like to hear what you have to say about this.
  3. If the earth is flat, why is it being hidden from us? In other words, what would change if we knew the earth was flat? Personally, I don’t see that it would matter to me if it was flat or round, or spherical. I want to know if we are being lied to or not because even if I was convinced that it is flat, nothing is going to change in my life at this moment at least.
  4. I have seen videos of the sun, this video claims that the sun is not 96,000,000 miles away from the earth and that it could be around 3000 miles away because of the way the sun rays touch earth. If it is a flat earth, then it would make sense. Is this true?
  5. If the earth is flat, does the earth rotate or is it static?
  6. Why does the moon have a different glow from the sun and why is the moon consistently lit for our view?

I would love to hear what you have to say about this and if you can please provide me with some type of evidence as to how you came to the conclusion that earth is indeed flat. Also, what defines flat? Is it maybe like an inverted bowl? Looking forward to your answers!


10 thoughts on “Questions About Flat Earth

  1. Hi Ines,

    I’m almost afraid to chime in on this subject, but as long as people don’t identify with it – and realize that in the scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter one whit when it comes to solving today’s problems so it really is insignificant – here’s an 18-page discussion on this theory, with observations (both personal and scientific) and discussions, that lean heavily towards the Earth being round:,39366.0.html


    p.s. I often go the cassiopaea forums and use their search engine to see if they have discussed something I’m interested in. They are really good about looking at things logically, with no emotional derailments. They are not always right, but they are a good source IMHO. BTW: Laura Knight Jadzyck was doing channeling at the same time as Barbara Marciniak, and her transcripts are listed on her site here:,51.0.html

    She still channels today. I am not a member of the forums but highly regard her work as she is as thorough an investigator as there is – and being a scientist, I am appreciative of her methods.


    • I made a comment on a blog that it didn’t matter to me what shape the earth was and I was told that I HAD TO BE IN THE KNOW on this because of the deception. I still maintain that it matters not, it does not change anything. It is curiosity more than anything else. I think we get to a point where we become obsesses with truth although not all truth is relevant. I am starting to see the fakes, even people I have admired for years are starting to sound like broken records. Things are shifting and the truth always comes out eventually. Maybe not when we need it but sometimes we are not ready for truth. Thanks for the links!


  2. Here is another question you might ask. Once one starts believing the world is flat what will stop a further erosion of what one thinks so that over time there is nothing at all that prevents them for believing anything they might think? For how do we know there is an earth.. much less a flat one? And how do we know that even if people exist? Are truth exist.Maybe all things can be all things and words can have all meanings and thus what is meaning? And why then write words… h u sss kkk rrr ;;;;;;;; ah it is so… js rl ff ttll mnmm .

    .. or one can use reason and carefully look at the evidence. For example what evidence do you have that GPS is ground based. There is none at all.. eye you seem to take that as a given.. it is not much a a jump from that to …ss.ff.t..t yy,,ddmm h tkkfld/// dhdhdhdn hrfj it is soooo beautiful.

    For it isn’t just about thoughts.. it is about how true are these thoughts. If you just focus on the thoughts and not the truth then you can think anything.. and that makes those thoughts pretty … well thoughtless. And you can see this in the flat earthers as they turn ever more into intellectual zombies… all the while claimning to be truth seekers.. but is that not just what an intellectual zombie think of themselves… sll ddduuu dii /// so trie.. so true..

    So my advise .. since you ask for our thoughts.. is do not drink the flat earther’s cool aid… that is if you value thinking and not want to reduce it to self induced mind games.But then if you say to hell with reality.. it is such a downer . and want to relaly get into your own thoughts.. then the flat earth road is a proven way to go…next stop is kks syy dshhyyh.. amn so deep .. so deep.

    Now I didn’t answer any of your questions above.. for they seem to me to be the wrong ones to ask.. for asking the right questions is important. For example

    If the earth is flat, what happens to airplanes or ships for that matter when they get to the edge? Is there not an edge of our planet if it is flat?

    Nothing, for the earth is not flat and they never get to any edges.

    Question 2.. bad question, there are more basic ones than that like how do aircraft navigate and how can they do so the way they do so if the earth is flat.

    Question 3.. beware, flat earther love that one and can go on for eternity on why the lie.

    Question 4. Imagine two lines both drawn from the center of the sun to one eye. Say the two lines are separated my one millimeter. Now imagine those two lines passing through a cloud so that the eye can see these as rays of light. Now the lens in ones eye is going to make those two rays appear that they are coming from a point (the cloud and diverge to a wide angle.. even though in reality they are only a millimeter apart.. else you could not see them without moving you eye. Now it might take a few minutes .. or even more to understand what I am saying.. but I would encourage you to take the time to do so. For once you realize that it is the lens in the eye that is making the rays appear to be form a close object and is not at all that the object is close. For if the eye is to be “believed” the sun is not even three thousand miles away but just behind that cloud.. which is of course nonsense. But this illustrates perfectly what i was trying to say above that if one wants to think something and isn’t that bent on ensuring that it is true one can think anything.

    5 is a good question. For I think the jury is still out in regard to geocentricism.. but don’t confuse that with a flat earth.. not the same at all.

    6 is not that great a question.. there are more basic ones that need to be asked first and then the answer to that question will probably fall out. Like how do the moons or mars and Jupiter work if the sky is just a dome. Why can one see different sides to Mars as it rotates .. if it is just a projection on a dome. But even these are the wrong question. Instead buy a good but inexpensive telescope with an equatorial mount and look at the moon, the stars, the planets and see how they move across the sky. And BTW don’t fall for that nonsense about moonlight is colder than sunlight in that it is cooler in the moonlight than in the shades at night. For indeed it is warmer in the shade (on a clear night) but that has nothing to do with the moon, but rather heat is lost into the sky but being in the shade prevents that heat loss to the sky.. i.e just as the shade keeps then cooler during the say, it keeps things warmer at night.

    See the way flat earthers suck people in is that they play on people’s ability to judge. For most humans (myself included) tend to think ourselves better judges than we probably ought. For instance you seem to think that you cabn ask the right questions. That is just the thing that can get one suckered in. For it seems the story always goes like this.. at first i thought flat earthers were all kooks.. but when I looked into it it started to make sense.. and the more I looked into it the more sense it made. See, that poor souls thought them,selves to be competent to judge whether flat earthers were kooks or not. Plus they do the same thing that cults do and try to separate their victims form the world they live and do this by accusing all the none flat earthers as being liars or dupes that cannot think for themselves, So one has to take a really sober look at what one is and what one is not competent to rightly judge… in many areas we may best need to rely on the judgement of others.. not that experts are infallible.. but that does not mean they are not valuable… and often necessary

    Let me stop here.. and you did ask for our thoughts.


    • That is beautiful Ron Wilson, thank you. YOu have given me much to think about but again, it’s not that important to me to know if the earth is flat or not, it’s really about the two sides and their arguments yet neither are correct because one was truly right, then the arguments are set up to last forever. You have made some very strong points and I do appreciate that, and thanks to you, I won’t bring that subject up again on my blog because as I said in the post: ” Whether it is flat or round doesn’t change my current reality one bit”.
      Thank you again for taking the time to share!


  3. I’m a wee bit ‘late’ in replying, for this one. Humble apologies… but my stance is…always has been…and I believe, always shall be. Mindscrew!! Psyop…Distraction, Distraction, Distraction!! Due to the internet EXPOSING so …very…very much that requires URGENT attention….

    Personally it matters not whether our Earth is a globe a prism, a dinner plate, a tin can, a cut glass bowl or a bread box…it is IN TROUBLE and I don’t refer to the planet itself…(‘She’ will, IMHO survive ALL of our stupidity…and there’s plenty to work with). I refer to the current ‘crop’ of what passes for ‘Humanity’.

    I see it as a classic ‘which came first chicken/egg’? Scenario…at what point does it FIX ANYTHING…to know the answers to questions which improve…NUFFIN? I am of the belief that it is an orb a globe…and my theory is based on physics and my own opinion…and logic, much like Ines internal ‘compass’ does. If it’s ‘Flat’ isn’t SOMEONE…standing at the ‘edge’…and capable of ‘reporting back’???

    We need to as a ‘peoples’ to do so much more than ‘contemplate navels’…we got in this mess by listening to things that turned out to be lies…and those same LIARS are pushing, this agenda. Along with several thousand others.

    As a resident of Earth…iti is, my opinion that ‘we’ as in the ‘Humanity’ of this planet…whateverthefeck her shape is…start to address OUR OWN shortcomings as a populace…and like ‘charity’ I feel it should begin with SELF. We’ve been lied to about ‘everything’ and to ‘beLIEve’ a lie is to give it energy…to ‘assist’ that process, in fact so it follows, as night, does, day…that we have…(sorry but it is what it is)…ASKED for this crapola to be perpetuated.

    Then along came the internet and whilst there have been many ‘dropped balls’ and ‘near misses’ and that the proof is totally IN on the MSM the global situation, per se, the guberments..ALL OF ‘EM and sadly, much of the Alt. Media too.

    That…’Hey, whatdoyaknow…more BS’. Okay…so now that we are Awakening like a global OD of ‘No Doze’ that what we really have is an opportunity to start fresh. So, the psyops pundits serve up the oldest ‘gag’ there is…THE EARTH IS FLAT!! (WTH is holding this sucker up then??)…it is a DIVIDE & CONQUER mechanism…how terribly ‘last season’ Cabal…yer gettin’ STALE!

    At first it was met with consternation and ridicule, which was RIGHT…but that means ‘we are not fighting each other’. Hhmmmn??’They’ don’t want that so…along comes the ‘Earth is a dinner plate’ argument to ‘keep HUMANITY at odds. If there is anything this ‘mob’ of utter Freemasonic/Kabbalistic Nimrods cannot, possible cope with…it is a united Humanity…able to agree…and even disagree…in…Peace!

    If you suffer a bad injury…say a broken limb, in a car smash…does it matter WHAT TYPE OF CAR YOU SMASHED INTO?? No…what MATTERS…is that, that INJURY…is…promptly, treated and caringly, convalesced back to HEALTH. I’m a simple Soul…and I highly recommend it….just keep things SIMPLE…TRUTH is SIMPLE…LIES are a convoluted Rabbit Hole that even Bugs Bunny would n ot enter…no matter how many carrots were on offer…anyhoo…that, is my opinion….A


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