Alex Collier December Webinar Must Listen

I highly recommend this video. If you don’t have the time to listen, start at the 40:00 min. mark and listen from there. As with most webinars, the first 20 minutes or so are introductions and small talk, so the good stuff starts well over the half hour mark.

This webinar is important to me because it confirms my thoughts and experiences of what is to come and when. Also, Alex teaches/states that we are not even aware of our own power, which is something I have been focused on in the last few months.
Overview of what you will hear:

​Forgive yourself for everything. You have power. You are power. That’s the biggest lesson right there. no powerlessness. It does not exist. It’s a fallacy. It’s something they want us to believe in order to control us.
It is time to empower yourself.
Planet X and other planetary bodies are being talked about and will be more often in order to instill fear in us. I’m not giving dates, but if there was no intervention, our probable scenario would be as follows: It would cross over, 93 to 96 degree rotation of planet. As it passed closest point, grab north pole, it would drive us a little bit out of orbit thus causing the surface to be cooler, at which stage our scientists will try to create another sun, which would be an ultimate disaster, not possible.
Earth shaking and rumbling, but there is going to be intervention. This body or dwarf star, we will be going through the tail of this coment for 5 years to take us through the debris field.
ASSETS are in place, benevolent beings and earth based beings are in place to plow the debris as we plow through it. Humanity on the surface is not catching up on this.
This is not to create a negative field. We are going to see this event. It’s going to be spectacular, bring wonder, we are going to see brothers and sisters we didn’t know we had, stepping in, watching our back, giving us opportunity to thrive.
None of this should be lost on any of you. This is important that you understand, we are not alone, we are loved, we are actually loved even though we don’t know that.
It is important that you acknowledge this. The fence is down. ( I wrote last year in spring that the quarantine was in the process of being lifted). When all this passes and command and control structure is dropped, when the structure to separate us are gone, we will be moving back into the laws of nature and laws of spirit that are very interconnected and it will be hard to know one from the other.
This is what is going to be happening in the next 5 years.
Don’t be surprised to see major news media going bankrupt, video game companies are going go to bankrupt because everyone is going to be here present in real time more and more of the time. We will not focus on the distractions. We will mentoring them like grandparents. Many of them are enlightened already and they will be assisting and helping.
The next 5 years are going to be remarkable. That is the window that I have been given of this incredible shift and the pace of energy of change, 50 years being creammed into a 5 year window of conscious evolution. Dumping this whole structure of what we thought was reality  will be removed from our past. Many of us have new projects and it’s ourselves. We are now the new project. Only good can come of this.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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