Our Ancestors and Helium

The video below is long and I thought I would take out what I considered to be important. Crystal Clark and James Horak have been around for a while. Although, I have listened to both over the years, I have not yet been able to connect the dots between them, meaning, James has a summary Biography on his website, but he doesn’t really explain Why he calls us as if he were a foreigner, in other words “your ancestors”is how he refers them yet I have not yet found how he considers himself to be not from this planet. 

The thing is that like Andrew Bartzis, they speak so fast that there is no way they would just make this stuff up, furthermore, the nuance in Jame’s voice instills trust in me, for some reason I believe what he has to say.

The following excerpt is from 3:00 to 22:oo minutes and I think it’s important to know this. Whether it’s true or not, I can’t say, but if it is, then it changes a lot about what I thought how the planet was prepared for sentient life. Does anyone really know the first time Earth was seeded? No. You judge for yourself, but I can assure you, it’s an interesting interview that was done in 2012. 

Crystal:” Where did humans come from?
James:Humans came from a system that is quite a distance from ours today. They are the remnants of a very proud culture and civilization that actually inhabited more than one planet. They have reached an elegant level of technology where they were beginning to affect their star. They had a binary system (one sun), and one star had precedence over the other and they were trying to develop that star in ways that other cultures had as a representation of an anvil or method of travel to other systems that was efficient.

Due to some gross inaccuracies that were made, the system became de-stabilized at a time that an expedition was headed for a more remote area of this part of the galaxy where they wanted to build settlements for colonization.

Fortunately, they had obtained a mass in a way of what we now call a moon in order to take the provisions, the minerals, everything that they need to be absolutely self sufficient.

It was probably an after thoughts at the time to achieve this self-sufficiency that they had already begun to detect the system was becoming unstabilized.

While they were in transit, they lost completely their system and they came into this system shortly afterwards and began looking for the best prospect of a planetary establishment for themselves. That planet was Mars, and having a fondness of their planet, they put their vehicle which was the moon in orbit around Mars, which brought Mars back to life, it seemed to have lost and worked fine for 50,000 years.

Our ancestors came from another system and there were two things going on simultaneously. At one point they had decided that they wanted to move out into the Universe to colonize a new section. At the same time they had people that were messing with beings that they didn’t understand in their own system and they made an error that caused the destruction of their own system.

Very sad, but lucky that these were going on at the same time because our Ancestors would have become extinct at that point if they had not already had those provisions in place.

The moon is fairly large and they prepared the moon as vehicle in which a large segment of their population could travel to this new destination that they had chosen. This was not their intended destination and something happened when that system destructed that put them off course a bit.

They had reasons for not trying to travel any deeper than their original destination because they knew they could not receive any reinforcements from their former system so it gave rise to a sense of desperation and they could get to this outpost system, and knowing the structure of this system, put more faith in the ability to be able to settle here with the help of some people that were already here. They were highly advanced and had indicated that they would help them.

When they entered your system, the Earth had not been prepared to host sentient life. It was not  inhabited or colonized yet in that sense, so Mars became the logical stopping point.

The Earth was being hit by debris from the asteroid belt at much greater incidence that it has been since, and the people that lived under the crust of Mars had found a way to protect Mars and some of the other planets were inhabited. The Earth was considered almost hostile, a lot more vulcanization going on and it didn’t help to get hit by an asteroid that made it even worse. Mars wasn’t much different at the time than it is now so placing a Moon in orbit around it revitalized it and its mantle started to grow again.

This is vital to make a planet vibrant so it began to develop for it to have rains it hadn’t had for a long time, the poles were dug and canals were dug and those canals were visible until the mid 30’s from Earth.

A Moon is required for this kind of planetary abundance and it is a spaceship in a way that gave them everything that they needed to make a very long journey. A lot of time was taken into preparation for a journey that lasted over 300 years.

Crystal: In terms of the moon and helium will split consciousness other people may know this as the left brain and right brain. The moon isn ‘t just about the water. Why is helium so important?

James: Originally, the respirant in the system that your ancestors breathed in so long was a mixture of the same gases that we have here but oxygen in a lesser degree and helium which we don’t have in our atmosphere and isn’t part of our respirant gas.

Helium is more efficient as a respirant and it can be buffered much more easily and in some cases doesn’t even need to be buffered to be re-used, but when it’s used in combination with other gases there is less oxidation reduction, we live longer and in some cases life expectancy can be doubled because oxidation reduction is aging and that’s the prime reason why we age so much faster than our ancestors.

The Earth today can’t hold helium in its atmosphere well because of the gravity push . (Comment: It makes sense now. I remember as  a child while walking along the beach, clowns would bring these hugs tanks and blow up balloons. At the time we called it the laughing gas because it made you happy and giggly. I know this because we would take these balloons home and when our parents were not watching we would inhale this stuff.)

There are machines in Earth and on the moon to keep it in parody but for some reason it was stopped and we now breathe oxygen only. (Gee, do you think that it was stopped because THEY didn’t want us to be happy and didn’t want us to have a unified consciousness? I read somewhere that the oceans were purposely salted so that we could not drink from it).

Crystal: Is it normal for planets in order to hold sentient life to have helium as a respirant?
James: Yes and the moon is also a necessary function to create a gravity wave that allows helium to be held to the planet in the atmosphere, but in our situation, if we go back to the beginning of the story, this all just happened it wasn’t really planned. Your ancestors got off track, they came here and met another race who was very advanced and tried to help them kind of engineer a little bit of our system to help them find a home.

In trying to do that, this race helped them build these machines that would self balance the moon so that it wouldn’t keep coming in and out but there was a problem.

Before these machines were adjusted, the inconsistent gravity wave corrected. These people that helped man, left. They aspired to a spiritual technology that involves an incorporation of the mind and soul into spirit, but as a collective. An entire culture and civilization doing what it wants, a very thing but that’s what happened of course they knew that they had left your ancestors with the ability to compensate and figure it all out but what they hadn’t counted on was in the meantime, a cast system had derived as a sort of priesthood and they were more elitist and they began to see that they could enslave. This happens over a period of 25,000 years in increments and they could split the consciousness and render people servile to a class that knew how to utilize this.

Helium is involved in this. So your Ancestors, they had helium in the system that they came from. They had unified consciousness. It was when they came here they began to over generations live in an environment that didn’t have that, but the split consciousness began to develop. That tells us that helium had some very special properties. It means that helium is not just a gas, it’s almost like a field unto itself.

Helium isn’t an element, it’s a condition of matter. I like to compare it to a binary system where your elements are cones and helium is its placekeeper zero. It is condition of other matter. It’s difficult to explain but the ancients had an inkling when they called it “ether”, and it’s the most plentiful element in the Universe because Suns produce it.

They only way that it’s derived on Earth is by a certain amount that is given off as a by product by refining oil into gasoline and you have to know how to catch it and contain it because it wants to into outer space immediately.

Helium is not widely heard about much and yet there are endless possibilities you can do with it. Helium is more of a symptom of an astronomical problem then it is anything else. It indicates that it’s a constant gravity wave, that it’s detrimental and that it could be fixed if the Elite had not discovered that it was opportunistic and to create something worse -enslavement.

Is it because we no longer had access to an information field outside ourselves, and when you don’t have a connection to source, then people can tell you anything they want and manipulate you because you don’t really know.

Crystal: It’s important to make these connections because so many of us have bought into this story of the Annunaki, but without being able to have a view outside of that bubble, we just bounce around inside of it.

Everyone has wondered at one time in their lives where we have come from and it really answers a lot of questions once we have that. The way that humanity has been exploited so terribly is not new to our time, it’s been going on since the arrival of our Ancestors here in the sense that it was noticeable that it could be done in the beginning and we had groups that took advantage of that and now here we are in 2012 recognizing collectively for the first time that we have been severely dumbed down on purpose.

It started a very long time ago, we see it in the way our education system works, so let’s talk about how the Earth was designed. There are nuances in the way you speak that lend a great deal of authenticity to what you’re saying because people trapped inside the bubble, it’s the box we’re stuck in and if we don’t have any view beyond that, we can’t pull anything outside of it in, and our limitations are reflected back to us in the terms that we use.

The fascinating thing about James is that he has talked about very specifically about 2 races and he named them. This particular race that helped our our ancestors James refers to as the Druige (not spelled right).

What was the name of our Ancestors:

James: The word conforms to our word man, and what it basically infers is a context of self-identity. These were people that every like the people on Earth that hold to the land, that love their environment and that are creative with it. This is in total opposition to those who adopt this exploitation.

You have 2 types of people on Earth today. You have the exploiter and you have the spiritual individual who is constantly looking for something better. These two don’t mix. You see couples where a woman is one type and the man is of other that get along but they get along only because neither ideal is realized. It’s almost imbalanced by being informative. If you put these two together the creative and materially objective, you didn’t seek to vilify either one. The blend of what you would have is the name “man”.

This was a conflict that was resolved 1/2 million years ago.

Crystal: This sounds like another mirror of split consciousness. Women have a tendency to rely on one hemisphere of the brain and men the other. It’s not always men and women, of course you have exceptions, but what we have lost is that blend of a single human being that James refers to as “unified consciousness”.

James: It’s a little bit rough way to put it but it’s elegantly true. That’s the pattern that everything conforms to on this planet. The exceptions I have been are the people who have suffered brain damage, the brain goes to construct a new self and this time it has some wisdom it didn’t have when it was 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 years old and it goes back and reforms itself without the junk and unifies. Some heal so well that they become geniuses, develop ESP and this basically reveals how the imprint is applied to children when you try to teach them to conform at too early an age which is the explanation of the “split consciousness”.

it is the rule of thumb that the Elite have employed wittingly or unwittingly over thousands of years or really hundreds of thousands of years and what keeps us recycling back to a lesser being that’s less capable of dealing with problems that incorporate everyone.”See below video for more comments. 

The helium story is new to me I must admit. When I really think about it, it does make sense. Basically, they have removed everything on this planet that is good for us. It looks like nothing is different now than it was hundreds of thousands of years ago. Perhaps at that level of highly advanced races, technology was used differently, but if we look at the situation today, it doesn’t appear to be any more different.  We are denied natural supplements the moment they start to be written about often as something that helps us.

In Canada, I had to apply to the Ministry of Health to access DHEA, yet I could just cross the border in 45 minutes and purchase it in the US for $8.00 a bottle that would last me 3 months. It’s obvious to us by now that we are not being told everything, and THEY do not have any intentions of giving us the truth or allowing us to be who we should be. They have done everything in their arsenal to keep us dumbed down, sick, scared, stressed out, living in lack of rather than believing in abundance and if that is not enough, they threaten you with jail and confiscation if you don’t pay taxes so they can fund even more wars that we don’t want.

James has interesting information, though, if he is sure about this information, then I would like to know how he knows this and who these entities are that are supposedly helping us at this time or this timeline.

James and Crystal talk about the extinction currently about to happen if we don’t do something fast, but if we are not humans, if we are souls having a human experience, then does it really matter? Maybe that is what we came here to do? Either way, if it does happen or not, our process or evolution doesn’t change. The way I see it, I simply won’t be able to come to Earth to have an earthly experience anymore and we will just create another planet in 3rd density to do that. From what I have studied over the years, Earth is the only 3rd density/3rd dimensional planet where we can physically experience all that is.


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