New Cage Going Strong


Comment: I heard the sky is falling. It would not have been fair to just post her words and not the images, though, I can’t comment on them because it’s not my area of expertise. I do have more questions though. 

Is it possible, that a woman who claims to be from Texas, nobody that I know of has met her in person, for all accounts it could be a male, she appears to be the ONLY person on this planet selling this shit, and she/he has managed to gather a furry of followers (eeks) to believe that mother and father so powerful, can create through thought need to battle galactic wars and enemy forces in order to pull the earth through a needle and save her from the false construct? 

Am I nuts or is the world gone nuts? It’s not her bullshit that upsets me, that’s her right, if she wants to deceive a group of people desperately looking for a new reality because they fucked up their own and now want to bail out, that’s her right. What I don’t agree with is that she/he is hurting some folks, those that have not yet figured it out. Both sides have the right to think and believe what they want, but I also have the right to call them out on it. 

Eve and One, the god of gods, our creators have to struggle in galactic battles, NASA, government forces and who knows what else (Rose hears this by the way), and they can’t just make it happen? Really? We are creators of our own reality but One and Eve whoever they are can’t do the same? 

I would like to hear from astrologers, astronomers, Suspicious Observers, do they see the same thing that Rose sees? Right now, she/he seems to be the only person on this planet “hearing things”. You decide for yourself. 


In the news today, they are claiming days of darkness again, due to Venus and Jupiter. Its just another attempt at a beef run. We heard yesterday, though, that the els asked nasa for help, and nasa couldn’t aid them. So no doubt, this beef run ‘days of darkness’ will again fail..




they are showing a black spot, on many of the cams. The only thing I can find out is that the enemy is in sheer terror of it. We hear that Ed is T’d, but is denied the exit. And they are talking about a ‘tear’. Thats as much as I know about that subject at the moment..
I hear the sky is falling too. 




Mercury is being cleaned out. They were hit, and are in the Bay we heard, being cleaned out. In other words, all good is being removed and all evil is getting the pot..
Source gave us duality to experience good and bad. Without the good we would not know what bad is…why would all the bad now be removed and she doesn’t indicate if this bad was a creation of source or not. Contradictory to me. 




The vah is showing the ‘blue’ cap, on either end. There is a slight separation, between the vah and the pole, which is normal for this stage.
She claims it’s normal for this stage, I suppose she’s had eons of experience with this game?
It doesn’t always show up on these images, because they are pulling the images. Just like they’re pulling the explosion pictures of Ed.
Ed the sun is not exploding it is simply doing what it always does. doh 
And, the ‘comets’ striking Ed these last couple of days, appear to be missiles not comets as we normal know of them…
Appear to be missiles? Are they or are they not?  We know of them? Who is we?

The S system is ending today. They are all talking about Earth emitting. Many are in terror, others are simply not aware of their fate..
The system is ending today? What system? I’m still here am I not? Hello, anyone out there???? 




Your thoughts are welcome!

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