Get It Right For Once – The New Age Movement Uncut

Before I start commenting on this video, I want to first apologize to anyone that feels I have offended them, I didn’t take time to write this post, it’s simply going directly onto this blog. I know if I don’t say this now, I will forget later or lose my train of thought.

The new cage movement insists on love as being the answer to everything. This insidious movement convinces people that they should stay away from negativity, actually run from it and ignore it because they “might” absorb it’s energy and that’s the last thing they want to do. Oh my.

But this post isn’t about the new cage movement, it’s about IDIOTS that keep pushing it and after you have watched the video below, you will/might see what I mean.

I don’t know who the fuck this idiot is running this idiotic show, but after commenting on this video on youtube, he wrote that he had the right to bring forth conflicting views from people. He didn’t even know what ‘conflicting’ means. When 2 people share different views, it’s called ‘different views’ but when the same person gives different explanations or views, it’s then called conflicting.

Stewart did not give any conflicting views, in fact, he stood by his words and defended them when the idiot didn’t understand him or put words in Stewart’s mouth. What really made me laugh about this interview was that he/idiot kept bringing up Andrew Bartzis as THE galactic historian and that if he said it, then it must be so. He also brings up TOLEC another new cage idiot and asks Stewart what he thinks about him and what he has to say. I could not believe my ears.

First of all, Tolec is some andromedan go between, Andrew is a galactic historian, Swerdlow is a Montauk Survivor. Do you know what it means to be a Montauk Survivor and live to talk about it? This man has done his work, his inner and personal work, he’s used his experiences to help others, he’s a realist. Nothing about Bartzis is real neither is Tolec real because they can’t prove shit other than say it is so.

I think Stewart should have bailed out of this interview, in fact, I sent him an email and thanked him for staying to the end because it shows his humanity and humility despite being humiliated by comparing himself to these new cage gurus, he stood firm, still and spoke his mind in a very gentle but assuredly way.

I had a difficult time listening to this idiot because he babbled on more than his guest did, he babbled about shit that didn’t make sense, that he didn’t know anything about, using very poor language skills and a lousy manner for interviewing. You don’t bring on a guest to your show and then compare him to idiots. This idiot kept insisting that Stewart responds to things that Bartzis claim or Tolec claims because the idiot himself considers them his GURUS. Well, dude, if you consider them your gurus then what the fuck did you bring Stewart on your show?

All he did was try and help you face and deal with some reality, some real stuff, you know the kind you can touch and feel?

I have written about Andrew Bartzis many times, I can’t say he’s a fake or not, but the point is this: You can’t prove he is right either, so take everything he says with a grain of salt. Chris Thomas is also a galactic historian and he has different information about the galactic records, so who is the correct person? How do we know that either one is correct? Remember, we have dark entities ruling our minds that can create thoughts for us, holograms, images and even holographic akash records to make us think we found them, so the rule of the game is: Listen, analyze and ask yourself if it makes any sense.

This idiot didn’t make any sense at all to me, I personally would have told him to go fuck himself after the first 20 minutes and left the interview, but I’m not Stewart, he took it so well and I admire his grit for sticking with it, without insulting anyone.

I urge you to at least start from half the interview because it is actually the most interesting part of it all. If you have listened to Stewart before, then you don’t need to start at the first part, but remember this: Whoever claims that we can’t create our own reality and that we are getting help from somewhere, think again and be aware of this.

I don’t have the answers to the world right now, but I do know that I can create my own reality, yes, I get some ugly shit in it once in a while because of automatic thoughts, but mostly it’s created the way I want it to be, now if I can only win the 24 million euro jackpot! Enjoy!

I don’t know who this idiot is but here is the link to his site, he could really use some donations to take some courses on interviewing.
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