At The Crossroads of Life

This is probably one of the most important posts I have created in the last 2 years of this blog. The sense of urgency may not be felt in the words, but I did not know any other way to do it and I do not want to create fear energy while you are reading this.

This is not the end, it is the end of what we call the matrix, it’s slowly unravelling, but remember, like a wild animal that is wounded and cornered, it will strike back with every ounce of force it has left.

This post is a compilation of my beliefs and experiences, it has not changed in the last 2 years, if anything, my beliefs have solidified even more based on my own personal growth and experiences. I have seen the gurus come and go, the naysayers, the predictions, the promises of Ashtar and jerusalem coming to save us, I have seen it all come and go, but I have always maintained that there is no savior, we are the ones. It has always been about us, we have always had the choice and we have been creating our own reality whether we are aware of that or not.

We are at the intersection. We are there now, a stray bullet can start WWIII, an accusation can bring continents against each other, an EMP can be carried out in defense, Mt. Etna can spew more volcanic ash to create a nuclear winter, anything is game at this point, but be sure that humanity will have to suffer a bit longer before we get to the crossroads. At this crossroads there are 2 arrows, one reads “home”, and one reads “3D earth”. All of us have to make that choice, dependent on what we have done here in this reality and what we plan on doing until we reach the crossroads. It is your choice, it always has been your choice, and despite what THEY claim, you have always had free will but being blinded by distortions of reality and by being programmed into believing scarcity and domination, sickness and war, we have learned to live in a state of “survival”and consider it normal these days. Nothing is normal. Everything just IS.

Earth is currently deprived of its integrity, the planetary mother loves you and gives you a place to create. It is a living being and she is about to re-establish its integrity and let you understand the importance of loving yourself by loving earth. Love yourself and love earth because they are one of the same. Earth is more resilient that we can imagine. It exists to feed you and sustain you. The animals are also here to work in cooperation with you.

If everything is done with love, it has the force of the Creator behind it then with love there would be no hurt or no harm. If you need a guide to make decisions about your behaviour, ask yourself: “AM I operating with the highest integrity and for the greater good of all?”

It is our responsibility to Earth. Now, what are we going to do for her and how are we going to do it?

Talk to the planetary mother, listen to her and let this beautiful planet teach you how to live in harmony. She is a sentient being or collection of beings.

The planetary mother is allowing us to create disruption so that we can learn about responsibility, not just for ourselves but that our choices have an impact on the human consciousness. Not all of us here are true humans, we have come from different realities to participate in this event, the event of transcending into higher dimensions and frequencies while in the body that we are in.

Our planetary mother allows its children to learn lessons and those are of course the lessons of responsibility by allowing us to create disruption upon its surface and interior.

When enough people create their own reality, consciously create it, we will then create a new planet. There will literally be a splitting of worlds. This splitting will more than likely occur within the next 20 years. In the meantime, Earth will more than likely be ravaged by war many times.

There is logic in why the earth will split into 2 worlds. Not everyone will choose to graduate, some will not be ready, some purposely came here to remain behind because they are young souls and have not yet experienced everything. Both worlds will be beautiful, the difference being is only in dimensional realities. One will be a 3D earth where those that were not ready or didn’t want to leave remain to continue with their current reality, while those that have worked hard and are done with the 3D will move onto the new earth. There we will have light bodies and instantly create whatever we want. Some may go back to where they came from.

We will have some very odd and puzzling, confusing space dramas that will take place with some cosmic cousins who need to figure out publicly who they are. There is a good possibility that we may have a false flag alien invasion, though, we might just be in total awareness of this and they may not go through with it.

In order to survive in the times that are coming, it’s imperative to move into the idea of thought manifestation or superconsciousness. There are those who are very aware of this movement of consciousness could begin to sweep the planet and they are counting on this not happening.

Thought comes first, experience is always secondary, it is never the other way around that you have the experience and then you base the thought around it.

Always, your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking.

Clarity and recognition of your own power is the bottom line. I don’t know how many articles I have written about how powerful you are. What is holding many people back right now is that they cannot accept the fact that they created their own reality. They can’t accept the fact that they are so powerful their thoughts create whatever it is they are thinking. This denial of power, or denial of being a creator. In order to accept this, it requires taking responsibility for everything in their life. Because of the duality we live in, they are not yet mature enough spiritually to ‘know’ that there is no such thing as good or bad. Although we all came here to have a good experience, things did go wrong and didn’t yet work out the way we had all planned, but it is because of this denial that we are the ones that have created this reality.

I see people struggling with this fact. It is not a concept or theory, you literally deny yourself this final leap or step into your own evolution and if you don’t do it soon enough, you will be left behind on 3D earth and will have to go through another 10,000 year cycle. In order to accept the fact that we create by thoughts, it also means that we  must accept the FACT that our whole life has been a lie. It has been a lie, but we didn’t create that lie, we simply came here without memories and it was our intent to remember who we are. For some it’s taking longer, for some they have it figured out.

Because you are bombarded with so many frequency control vibrations in an attempt to keep you from being clear, you fluctuate. We must as a species make our intention to stay very clear, stay centered and always to bring ourselves into the moment.

Stop living in the future or in the past and ALWAYS  live in your now. Say to yourself: “What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want spirit to help me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself and I want to emanate health”.

This type of thinking will bring you everything in acceleration. Do not be afraid of what you create, trust what you create. Trust that there is always something in it for you. Don’t sweep your dramas under the rug as if they are old dirty horrible things and you never wish to see them again.

Be done with these dramas, stop recycling them; however, understand that the drama with your mother, brother, sister or lover is something you may use many years later to come to a whole new realization. So, finish them up, resolve them to the best of your ability, create peace, acknowledge your part in them and then let them cycle back through your consciousness to teach you something.

Those that play the victim or victim dramas are so out of touch with what they feel that they don’t connect to how they feel with what they are thinking. Victims find victims. Victors find victors and they both attract the same.

If anything you will learn on this planet, it is that your words are either empowering or disempowering. Have the courage to live your light because I can’t convince you that your thoughts create your reality.

Never use the words should or trying. Should implies that you are operating under someone else’s sovereignty. You are a sovereign onto yourself. If you’re ‘trying’ to do something or trying to change their thought patterns, you will probably keep trying for the rest of your life. Trying is not doing. Whenever you use or even thinking of ‘trying’, you will  not accomplish anything because ‘trying’ is an excuse. Instead, use the words: I AM creating, I AM manifesting, I AM doing, I AM intending and I AM bringing about. 

State of mind is the name of the game here. How you feel about reality and how you program reality is how you are going to respond to it or how it is going to present itself to you.

Remember, when you learn the rules of the game that you are a result of thought and that this is the universal law and all you need to do is think about how you want to be and so you shall be.

Once you figure this out, you can design your body, your age, fix everything about yourself because you will be self-motivated, self-empowered and self-generated.

It is time for all of us to redefine our own identities in a much greater sense. Events are happening in the cosmos that we and many of our politicians/leaders have no idea about.

We have to stop this foolishness about the definitions of our gods thinking that they are beings that come from the sky and onto this planet with special talents and special abilities and that they are all spiritually connected.

Reach out with your feeling center and feel the confusion that is spreading in this world/reality about what is going on. This planet has operated on a very low frequency, a survival frequency and a disempowered frequency. Our identity is based on what we can collect outside ourselves.

This planet is in need of committed entities who are in search of the exalted self. It will behoove us to bring into our lives which involves knowing from moment to moment inside our beings that we are committed in discovering this exaltation. This exaltation can be translated in words as a frequency or wave of feeling or a vibration.

We understand vibration in terms of light and sound. Vibrations are ongoing. They carry and transmit forms of intelligence. When you look to yourself, don’t forget you’re on this path and you must constantly remind yourself that you ARE pulling light into your body and are seeking to raise the frequency of your physical being, defy the laws of humanity and alter the frequency of the planet.

Wherever you are, use the pillar of light coming through the top of your head, opening the crown and filling your body with light. Envision this light coming from infinity, going through you and then allowing it to go through into the earth to give the planetary mother whatever you can.

When you love yourself and earth and know you are here to re-define, re-design and break the boundaries of humanity, you broadcast this and dedicate your life to this. How much time do we need for this? All of our time is needed. Each one of us came here to do a job, it is now.

The change of what is to come means giving up a lot of things, coming apart or detaching from many things and coming together with other things will cause you to trust. To trust means to have such inner knowledge that your thoughts create your reality, feeling confidence in knowing that if you think of something, it IS.

One of these days, those of you that are still rejecting this idea that you create your own reality will get it and begin to live it and begin to change your lives.

The essence of the body that you occupy, the energy you generate are part of the developmental sequence that has a purpose for your personal search in life. You are not human. You are a multi-dimensional being. Let me point out something very important. So long as you believe that you are human first, you will continue to reject the fact that you created your own reality. As a light being, you basically were given a blank canvass, brushes to paint whatever you want.

Imagine an artist. He/she stands in front of the canvass. Once his artwork is done and people start coming by to see it, you will not hear anyone say: “oh my, I don’t like that art because it’s a depiction of war”. No, whatever the theme is not judged, it is the quality or perception of that art. In other words, we don’t judge a painting by it’s positive or negative input, art is everything good and bad, right or wrong. It’s simply art.

This is who we are in essence. The artist. We didn’t judge anything before incarnating here. As a multidimensional being, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, we simply chose to come here for a specific experience. I have written about this many times. How do we appreciate love if we have never experienced hatred or fear? If you live in love all your existence, will you know fear when you feel it? Of course not. How do we change this world? We have to create chaos in order for humans to react to it, and until people start doing something about it, we will continue to create the chaos, so some of us have come here to act out the bad guy as well.

There is an order that we exist in that we can’t see. Sometimes when part of ourself is operating without vision or seeing, events occur to get us back on track. Be aware that in this new chaos of consciousness, confusion and shifting of uncertainty, there is a divine order.

So, act as if you know what is going on, act as if you are divinely guided in every choice that you make and begin to believe that you are always in the right place at the right time. Be living keepers of frequency. When light is brought into your body it fires your light encoded filaments and helps re-bundle the DNA creating a frequency change.

Frequency is what you are, it is your identity. Each one of us carry a unique frequency signature that we identify each other with and are recognized by source. I am sure most of you have run across or met people with whom you felt instantly attracted or felt that you knew them but couldn’t put your finger on it at the time. This is because you recognized the frequency signature, the vibration synched with yours.

There is a plan to catapult and send energy into a new experience. At this time earth and a number of other systems simultaneously where we exist are instrumental in the re-emergence of emotion with the purpose of comprehending all entities compacted into one. It’s well known that the entire solar system is changing, every planet in our solar system is changing and beyond.

There is no pre-conceived idea of what will happen, this is new territory. Emotion is the key to all of this. As humans, we need emotion to connected us to our spiritual self. Emotion is essential to understanding spirituality because emotion generates feeling.

A mental and physical body are very linked as is the emotional and spiritual body. Our spiritual body exists beyond this physical limitation of 3D. This is why emotions have been so controlled on this planet.

Most of us are afraid of our emotional feeling center, they are afraid to feel. Trust your feelings no matter what they are. When you’re not afraid of feeling and you move past judgement and allow yourself to feel all the ways you feel, you will have a tremendous breakthrough because you’ll be able to ride this feeling into other realities.

Some are afraid to participate in this reality let alone ride into other realities because you don’t trust your feelings. Dive into the feeling and allow yourself to feel it, you see we think that we watch a movie that causes us sadness and tears, by fighting or hiding it, we think we made it go away. Reality is that we simply buried it inside and it will stay there until we bring it back up and experience it. The emotion is an imprint, it’s not a passing vibration, it is imprinted upon the soul and thus must be experienced and then we wonder why our life is so miserable and why nothing happens the way we want to. How can it function when we lie to ourselves?

The reason why this physical reality has been so difficult for us is because we bought the stories about its limitations hook, line and sinker. We bought them because we made an agreement to do so. It was part of the plan to buy into these limitations so that we could relate to those who have no idea about light and who have been buying into those limitations for their entire existences.

We are going to electromagnetically alter the planet, rewrite it so to speak so that all these other beings can be plugged in once again. We can only do this if we can relate to where they are. If we had come here with our memories intact, we probably would not have wanted to stay or we would not now understand the others.

I’m talking about We the awakened ones and them, the ones we call sheeple or asleep still.

So, we have been submerged in a society that has been without light and we have forgotten our light or vaguely remember it as we grow up. Most of you reading this have always known something was not right, have always felt that things are not really the way they teach us. We have had extraordinary experiences that lit up our pilot light and even though we didn’t know exactly what we knew, deep down, intuitively we sensed that something was hidden from us, some things just didn’t make sense to us.

We are the awakened ones old soul, but keep in mind that even more beings here have never experienced anything else, they (the ones asleep) have always existed in this chaos and this is why we had to incarnate at their level in order to understand.

Many of us are much more evolved beings, but let’s get real, had we incarnated here with our memories, we simply would not be able to handle this madness.

It’s now time to integrate that world of society into the multi-dimensional world of light and spirit that we represent, then the values of this planet will begin to change greatly.

Heretics are ahead of their time. The heretical ideas that come into this planet always proved to be brilliant ‘later’.

So have courage, it only seems as if these ideas are being ridiculed. You must remember that there is much activity in the non-physical realms to assist us and even though each one of us have our own blueprint and plan to evolve into, we are part of a global blueprint and global consciousness. We are finding that global blueprint and awakening.

If everyone awakened at the same time, it would get really chaotic, it will happen as we are able to handle it because putting too much light into an element that can’t handle it could blow a fuse.

If the electrical currents are not matched up, a body can be destroyed. We are going to see a disease spread across this planet that will attack the brain because people won’t be able to handle the energy. They will discover portions of their multidimensional self and go crazy, similar to what we have today called schizophrenia which is not a medical condition. These people will become obsessive about hiding their discovery and drive themselves into madness with this energy because they won’t understand it.

Our nervous system is the key to opening our eyes to see and to remember who we are, where we come from and where we are going. Our nervous system must be able to take the electrical current into the body, transduce the high energy and fit it inside the body and allow the body to evolve and nurture itself of its high energy that is consciousness.

This is literally what is happening now. Since we are carriers of light, there is a certain opening within our auric field. This opening is created by the pillar of light so that our guardians can come down and act as gatekeepers for how much energy we can handle.

Even though our intellect, mind and ego may say “More, more!”, the gatekeepers know because we are carriers of light and have committed to a certain task, we cannot be lost.

Our nervous system, which is actually a highway in our bodies can only move at the rate we can process data flooding over it into ourselves. Many of us are still cleaning out junk and old files we have no use for. These files can be from this lifetime or other existences on this planet because earth is the only planet that allows free will.

We know each other, the ones that have been working on integrating the energies over the last 30 years, we can tell pretty well how far others are in their evolution, but our job to help the new ones. We need to work in harmony, it is required until we all transcend into light beings, spirit beings, multi-dimensionally aware beings.

There is a huge transformation taking place but what you do with it is up to you. The planet will split into 2 worlds and those who move with light will be in the world of light. Dolores Cannon talked about this.

This split is already beginning and those that want to work with the higher vibratory fields that represent light and those that wish to work with the lower vibratory fields that represent fear, darkness, chaos, control and confusion are starting to polarize and choose sides.
Even though humans are not consciously aware of it, you know the deepest levels of your being that you move from one existence to another and gather experiences so that your soul can understand and process data to give you a view of one reality.

Everything that you are doing is bringing you into a perfectly divine way of that reality. At some point you will understand the importance of every event even though at times it may not make any sense, but so long as your follow your heart, you will not go wrong.

At times you may recognize that the energy coming in is just too much, that you are not calm and centered. This will occur to each and every one of us at some point. At some point you may feel that too much is happening especially in the last few months, too much data to assimilate, too many people to talk to or too much is going on.

What you need to do when feeling overwhelmed is to rest. Some of you may want to sleep 18 to 20 hours. I simply can’t keep my eyes open in the morning and require at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep now. At times, I will take naps in the afternoon as well, I simply listen to the body.

You have no idea the places that you travel to and the work done on your bodies while asleep. During sleep you’re unplugged from this reality and recharged and learning in other realities. The bridges and your eyes will open between realities and you will begin to see and carry these memories.

Remember, earth was placed in a quarantine eons ago. It was created to be one thing and then completely got off track after millions of years of existence. Many of us incarnated here over and over again and got really frustrated because every time we incarnated we had an intention of doing something. Half the time we forgot what is was. Some of us were able to achieve great things while the rest of us blundered through frustrated and waiting for the quarantine to be lifted.

We get assistance from many directions but we have to do the actual work, so the help we get is to motivate us to do something.

Many of us with great knowledge and experience chose to incarnate into this species to empower it by being examples for the rest who cannot do it for themselves.

Some of us chose to be implanted with certain information upon where a certain event would trigger us to act at the right time. My NDE was probably my trigger event because it’s when I finally realized that I was not just imaging about certain things I did in my childhood, it started my journey, I started to question every aspect of my existence.

This paragraph could be taken as fear mongering, but if you are aware and awake you will understand the message. The death and destruction will soon be upon us, a huge wave of it. What we need to do is first take care of our families, ensure we have supplies, emergency supplies and food to last a few weeks if possible even longer.

Nobody knows what country or regions will be affected, I have no idea but I do know that in many of my dream states I experienced disasters that went right by my house, leaving me and my home untouched. Is it a sign that I will be safe? I don’t know…but I am prepared for the worse and will hope for the best.

Now is the time to realize we are at the end of this madness, I have written about this many times before. It will get much worse before it CAN get better because not enough of us are awake, we need at least 17% of humanity to figure out what is going on, and until that happens, they will create death and destruction. Be aware that your experience here is not based on a human life, you are merely using a human species to exist in this reality, you will create whatever it is you came to create, all ends when we all go back home to source, for each of us it is a different journey, we are travellers on the road to love, we each take different paths, wear different clothes, prepare in different ways, but eventually that path will lead us home.

Be safe, be in love, be in joy, do not fear. So long as you do not fear, you will be safe.


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