Gun Control and Idiots That Want It

For the upteenth time this week, I have just watched RT news and heard another US senator say they need stricter gun control laws. This happens every time after a mass shooting event. Boy, do you guys like to shoot people. What it is Prozac this time or an angry veteran drugged up for PTSD?

I could never understand the term “stricter gun controls”. Perhaps, had I lived in North America all my life, I might have followed the rhetoric about needing to control the issuance of weapons in order to reduce the crime rate. Living in Europe, it’s a strange theory that a government has to create stronger gun laws in order to reduce the crime rate.

For starters, guns are manufactured for sale to the general public. If guns are bad, why are they even sold to the general public? Like cigarettes, with grotesque photos on the packages telling you; you will die from lung cancer but selling them anyways.

We all have guns here in Europe and we don’t have very strict gun laws. I have a gun in the house and I shoot rabbits from my window. I didn’t need to go through a huge mass of paperwork or criminal checks to acquire it.

This has nothing to do with gun laws or gun control. This has to do with the mentality of the population, the cultural, social values that go wrong or are used for the wrong reasons.  In most cases, the crime rate is high because people are unemployed so they resort to all kinds of illegal activities with or without weapons.

Croatia has a population of 4.5 million people, we are in shock when we read that someone killed another person with a gun and this happens maybe 4 to 5 times a year. The news are on the front page of every newspaper, it’s a big deal when when someone murders another human, yet most of us have guns. Aside from 3 major cities, one Zagreb being just under 1 m population, most of our cities are what would be considered towns in North America. Split, the 2nd largest city in Croatia has a population of 300,000. Our customs going back to the Ottoman empire is to have a weapon in the house either because we live in the wilderness and there are wild animals roaming or because we are hunters. Very few people carry weapons for protection because we have a very low crime rate.

How come Europe doesn’t have a problem with guns? How come China doesn’t have a problem with guns? How come Russia doesn’t have a problem with guns? How come North America and South America have a problem with guns?

These respective governments need to be looking at the cause, the root cause why there is so much violence in their countries, why more people die from a gunshot wound than they do in car accidents. I don’t understand how stricter gun controls will reduce the crime rate. The laws are not the problem, people are. Fix your people and you don’t have a problem. Fix your politicians, your economy, spend less on weapons and more on education.

I think Americans need to be asking WHY there are so many mass shootings, why war veterans return home, go crazy and start shooting people, why there are so many criminal gangs shooting anyone that gets in their way. Why is the crime rate so high?

Just because someone checks out ok when being run through a criminal check, doesn’t mean they will not use it for the wrong reasons. Often, we carry guns around for our own protection but find ourselves in a situation where we have to use it for the wrong reasons as well. Just because you have a PhD doesn’t mean you’re going to be a success at what you do. Just because you eat healthy doesn’t mean you will long a long life. We need to explore the mental effects, the mind control, the subjugation of humans and there is certainly a lot of it in the US. For a country that claims to be the best in everything, I can ascertain one thing for sure: It has a the highest prison population in the world, it spends the most in defense, and it has the lowest IQ rates of all developed countries.

I think it’s time Americans start asking their governments to start some studies on guns and behavior. I think it’s more important to fund something like that then for researching why fruit flies are both male and female.

We are not born killers. We were not born to kill. We didn’t wake up one morning and decide to go out and shoot people. The mind, the deranged mind, the drugged mind, the angry mind, the revengeful mind, the guy that got fired after 30 years and is about to lose his home may go out and kill someone, but we need to ask WHY this is happening.

It gets really tiring to constantly hear this rhetoric about “stricter gun controls”, but then George Bush did say once: “If it is repeated often enough, people will start believing it.

If you ask me, this propaganda is about taking your weapons away from you. They don’t want you to be able to defend yourselves when the shit hits the fan. I would like to see the numbers or statistics of how many people die from gunshot wounds compared to prescription drug overdoses, car accidents, cancer etc., and I am sure that death by gunshot wounds is not at the top of the list. Just my 2 cents worth.


One thought on “Gun Control and Idiots That Want It

  1. My dad owns a store in Big Timber called the Fort, it’s a gas station/deli/gift shop/gun store. And we strongly
    dissagree with gun control.

    Its in the constitution about our right to bear arms!


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