Fear Mongering, Nothing Else

The Global Game Board is about to be Kicked Over! from Phoenix . . . MUST READ

I don’t know this person Phoenix and it’s not about the message, it’s about WHY it’s written and I must  question the real agenda and motives of people that write and post this kind of stuff. To call your blog “Co-creating blah blah”, and then post this fear mongering crap is not helping us. This is not about the credibility of the information, I don’t even care if it’s correct or not, but if we accept the fact that we CREATE our own reality, would this type of message not make you think about it? Of course. By thinking about it, you are giving it energy, by giving it energy you could be creating a belief system that will eventually manifest itself. 

It’s very difficult to write this post because I have nothing against the person posting this, but day after day it’s the same old “fear mongering”and “who done it” shit that is not helping our evolution. 

If we are constantly focusing on what MIGHT or MAYBE happen, we are diverting our energy from where it really should be going and that is World Peace. We can’t even conceive of world peace when we read this crap and I can’t accept that this person is a light worker or someone who is trying to help humanity. This is not HELPING humanity, this is only escalating whatever it is she is referring to “world war III”. 

I am totally against this type of disinformation because that is all it is, disinformation, an opinion, and instilling fear in those that are already afraid of their own shadow, are obsessed with WHO DONE IT news,  let alone a massive war where millions may die. I would prefer to write about peace and how we can as humanity change the timeline, change the thought process, change our belief systems and simply think about creating peace in this world and NOT predicting that WWIII has started. With all due respect, this is not co-creating a better planet, this is co-creating a society of paranoid fear mongers who feel that this type of information will give them more hits on their page, and who at the same time blame MSM for sensationalizing news. Look who’s talking. 

I am against “guessing”, or “predicting” what we will be creating on this timeline because this type of information and the way it is written only leads to more fear and paranoia. I’m saddened that we have to stoop this low to create such rubbish only to get attention because I can’t think of any other reason why anyone would want to write this. 

Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow. From my standpoint, I only know what will happen tomorrow in my reality based on my thoughts and belief systems, I do not know what the mass consciousness is thinking, because whatever the majority is thinking and directing its energy to, that is what will manifest. The last thing we need to be doing is thinking about war. In the end, does it really matter who “might” start a world war? 

November 30, 2015
Thanks to D. 

Major HEADS UP! From Phoenix

The Global Game Board is about to be Kicked Over!

As many of my listeners and readers over the years will remember we have been watching for the unfolding of a series of events to take place that will change the economic and geopolitical landscape of the entire world.

I had tagged this event as “The Leveling” which is the leveling out of all that has been artificially corrupted by the violent efforts of the “few who control the many”.

I have anticipated a major economic announcement which would begin the process of the leveling and the resulting violent machinations and reactions from those nations and persons in opposition to any change.

The phrase “Kicking the game board over” comes from the often seen practice of children (and sometimes adults) of when playing a board game they find themselves backed into a situation of inevitable defeat instead of gracefully accepting defeat they instead…kick over the game board! This outburst is usually followed with something like: “Oops!  What a shame! Now we will never know who would have won”.  Unfortunately this childish practice has been carried over into real world politics and the political dinosaurs in power at this time refuse to allow much needed change to the world of global economics and will do everything in their power to prevent any other nations from winning the game of global economic domination.

Today, November 30, 2015 we are on the cusp of this inevitable change and therefore on the brink of major geopolitical events…or in other words…welcome to World War III.  Today is the day of the formal announcement from the IMF on the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan into the IMF special drawing rights (SDR) basket making the Yuan a global reserve currency.

The official beginning of the activation of this is September 2016 but with this formal announcement begins a MAJOR economic shift in the world that begins RIGHT NOW which also kicks off the immediate potential of global war.

How so you may ask?

Well the reason for the announcement today of the Yuan inclusion into the SDR and the activation date 10 months from now in September 2016 is because BEFORE the activation of the Yuan, the nations of the world must gather into their own central banks large holdings of Chinese Yuan to have on the books the day of the activation or they will be economically hindered. So well before September 2016 the process of purchasing Yuan by the central banks of the world must begin.

Here in lays the problem…with the economic situation as it is now how do central banks purchase Yuan? The answer is they must use existing reserve currencies in their central banks to purchase Yuan and that means as of tomorrow the 1st of December any currency that is seen as “weak” or with the potential of weakness will be in jeopardy of being dumped on the world market in exchange of the Yuan to strengthen the central banks of the world.  

Now…back to the “Game board”.  We now see the United States petro dollar in great danger of being dumped in exchange for the Yuan and this is something the political dinosaurs refuse to allow. We are about to witness a major push by the U.S. to show to “strength” of the U.S. dollar and this because of our 19 trillion dollars of debt can only be done by military means. On the other side…we see the BRICS nations of Brazil, RUSSIA, India, CHINA, and South Africa who as we have reported over the past two years have been preparing for this very day that the U.S. dollar would be challenged. Today, Nov. 30th 2015…it begins.

The reason for this update is to make our listeners and readers aware that with today’s IMF announcement the danger of major escalation on the existing battlefields of the world…Syria, Ukraine and many others is at the highest level of danger we have ever seen.

We are about to witness the showdown of the U.S. Dollar by many nations of the world…this will result in the U.S. exhibiting unexpected military actions attempting to show the strength of the U.S. and the U.S. Dollar.

BUT! This will be countered by massive and opposing shows of military strength by Russia and China (the BRICS) to expose the weakness of the U.S. (dollar) and the strength of the BRICS (Yuan).

The bottom line is this will NOT end in a draw…one side is determined to win and the win will be decisive! Therefore…as one side or the other finds themselves in the inevitable position of defeat…we are in danger of witnessing the kicking over of the game board.

So this is the reason of this “heads up”…be aware we have now entered a dangerous time so double check your preps and make sure you have a plan of action because the results of this event may be felt in a very serious way here in the U.S. in a very real way.

In closing I remind everyone to stay positive and of good faith because the shaking we are about to see is a needed one to shake off the old and bring in the new…the “leveling” is a good thing IF you are aware and IF you are prepared!

So hang in there…between now and September 2016 things are going to be “interesting”.


Source: https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/the-global-game-board-is-about-to-be-kicked-over-from-phoenix-must-read/

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    • You mean they are still selling the Dinar crap??? Unbelievable. Yeah, Kathryn May is still channeling her loving Sananda as well…but her story lines change and she’s always asking for money of course.


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