A Farewell to a Friend

Loss of a great Taonga (treasure)
Dorothy: “Ines , sadly John exited stage right yesterday. He went suddenly while driving his van .He will rest at Orongomai Marae until his tangi on thursday. His iwi Ngati Toa have lost a great taonga .
John was aware of the presence of Io around him last week and described the energy as exactly the same as his experience of the Void when he passed temporarily three years ago.
I am blessed to call him my friend.”

A Spiritual Journey Story by John Fowlds

by: John Fowlds.

An excellent article by one of our readers.

Aprox 45 years ago, I had an Epiphany. In that experience I was connected to the divine, via a infusion of light that came into my consciousness from above my head. I instantly knew that this experience was identical to the one mentioned in the bible, aka. Paul/Saul on the road to Damascus.

Because I had no churchy indoctrination at all, I thought, wrongly as it transpired, that I was the one out of step with the believers. How wrong I was. When I sought communication with the church, I was seen to be deluded, as no one within that community believed that I was telling the truth. That experience led to me being locked in a Psychiatric hospital, as the doctors were told that I believed I had spoken with God. That was the beginning of the shit that I have had in my life ever since. I realized that those around me knew nothing about my experience and were all in fact, a bunch of deceivers themselves.

The church itself are the biggest liars of all. They always refer to Paul’s experience as being connected to the holy spirit, as they all claim to be. What frauds they are. How did I know, because I had received the genuine article, and when you come across others that claim to have that spirit, I can tell the difference. I know instantly they are deceivers.

I knew that I had to shut my mouth about my experience, and learned how to become a liar. I wrote a letter to the Minister of Justice, requesting his intervention on my behalf to get out of the Psych system. He sent a district court Judge to interview me, The judge sat in front of me, and before I could explain my predicament, said, “the doctors know best” and signed a committal warrant, what an arsehole.

So much for justice, it stinks along with the church, and the Psychiatrists. They are all under system control. I managed to escape the system by lying to the doctors. When asked if I still talked to God, i lied and said no. I was eventually believed and let out. The communication channel that was open for me, has never gone away. It is not a vocal communication, but a direct link along a telepathic path. The Psych system had managed to shut me down, and so I did nothing further for another 20 or so years.

I then received another connection with spirit in the form of an angelic presence standing alongside my bed. It was a golden glowing mist that had the outline of a person. It then asked me “if man has done it can it be undone” my response was, ‘yes’ I believe so. It then told me to go on a journey of discovery, to seek out what man has done. It suggested that I go to the library and begin reading, It said to me “try the religious section, ohhh about 2000 years ago” I then found a bible and began to read it.

I started with Revelation, and understood what it was all about. The next part I was led to was John 1. It jumped off the page to me and the glowing person who had been by my bed seemed to come to life. I knew that that person was John the Divine. The Baptist. He was the Christ 2000 years ago, not the delusion of the church, Jesus, who never existed. This knowledge can be supported within the bible itself.

When I went to the Library I found the Nag Hammadi texts but an incomplete early edition. I then contacted the publisher and obtained the new complete edition which I purchased. I also discovered that the library had only just added to their collection, a translation of roman history written around 33AD by Tacitus.

It is in their stack collection which is only able to be read on site and can’t be removed. I looked up Jesus in his histories and found a reference to that name. Tacitus states that he had a discussion with Seutonius about the jesus character, and it was agreed that he was an individual in Rome, who was stirring up trouble among the Jewish community. He was expelled from Rome for causing problems. I then realized that there were two Jesus characters in existence.

Rome was 1000’s of miles from Jerusalem. what if both Jesuses turned up in Jerusalem. This is the story of Barabba and Jesus. The real one and the fake. When asked to decide, the crowd wanted Barabba freed. This is supported in the Nag Hammadi library text, when it states that the Apostles laughed at the one on the cross while the real one ducked away among the crowd. So who was freed, the real one or the fake.

The real one was, Bar-Abba. Bar means the son of, of whom? ABBA Abba is the father. So the son of the father was freed. It’s all there in plain reading. The church did a switcheroo. They invented Jesus and got rid of the Baptist. Swapping one for the other.

Who baptised Jesus? The church claims he was born with the holy spirit within. But he only could receive the spirit after baptisim. John was the christ, the spirit giver via baptisim. The bible supports this belief especially when Jesus was asked who is the greatest. As for the name of Jesus, Yeshua translates as Joshua. so where did Jesus come from. It can’t have been Nazareth because Nazereth didn’t exist 2000 years ago.

Joshua was a Nazorite, or Nazorien, a specific religious conviction, a member of the Essenes community. of which John, the baptist, was it’s leader. The Nag Hammadi texts are all to do with the Essenes. So what about the name of Jesus. Bachus (roman) or Dionisis (greek) was the god of wine. His monogram is IHS, stamped on the priests robes in the Roman church, and on their altar candles. There is no I in Latin, it becomes J, the H, becomes E, the S remains intact. so you get J,E,S, add the latin suffix US, which means completion, or full of the one preceding. You get JESUS. ie: full of Bachus, wine. Look up the Bachanalian festivities of Rome, didn’t they just love them. They took place in December around what we call CHRIST-MASS.

So who is the beast, it is Rome. The mark of the beast is the Cross. It represents Death. So how do you get the mark on your forehead and on your wrist. You go to the Roman church and get the priest to anoint you. He dips his thumb in oil which has a little salt added, he then makes a cross on your forehead with his thumb, and marks your wrist in the same manner. It’s all there hidden in plain sight. The Nag Hammadi states, In the Gospel of Philip. “stay away from the church of Rome, they worship a dead man on a cross, they will make themselves bishops and priests and lord it over you all, death will be theirs”.

So what will be their demise?. That is a question that is already answered in their own bible. They state that the word of God, written in their bible is absolute. So it will be. The new heavens and earth that they await will become their delight. Read the description in revelation and you will find the answer. As for the wedding feast of the Lamb, what will they dine on?. As for the Rapture, read Luke, and discover what happens to those who are taken. The original text reads VULTURES.

In the desert climate, ie: the Middle East. They built their church where they found lots of vultures, They built a tall tower to contain the bones of their dead. The dead were left out on the ground for the vultures to pick clean. After that the bones were placed high in the tower to put them near to god. As I said before, all that is needed for the church’s future is already written in their own text. Their belief will be used against them. Because it is written so, they cannot deny the process, as they themselves have invented their own demise.

So on to the alien interlopers who are the ones who used the invention of religion, and politics, the two go hand in hand, to control our nations. Most already have an inkling that the culprits are behind both of these beliefs, but why, and what did they come to our planet for. The answer I received about them told me why. I was told to KISS keep it simple stupid. So I will try. They came here from another universe, of which there are many, they became engrossed in their technology to such an extent they disconnected from their spiritual base. When they became so advanced they thought their ascension to the next level of creation could be made via their technology, they decided to give it a go. Their creator stepped in and told them not to as they were not ready.

They ignored him/her and went ahead. In the process they destroyed their home planet, and caused the destruction of their own universe. They then came searching for another birth planet in another universe that they could take over and use to regain what they had lost. When they came to our universe our planet was hard to find, we are hidden on the back end of our milky way, and from the other end of our universe almost impossible to locate. They did a hop step jump down through the other birth planets in an attempt to locate us.

Why Us??

We are the center of creation for our universe, all advance goes forward from earth. The other birth planets were destroyed by the alien hordes, their inhabitants came here to our planet as refugees, and took up various physical forms similar to their original, on their home base. A deal was struck with them that when we gain our next stage of spiritual advance, (so called ascension), we will go back to their planets and rebuild the damage done by the aliens.

How will this be possible?

Those of us who remain subject to the divine will, will be given the knowledge of creation and so know how to manipulate matter without bringing destruction as the aliens did. We need to advance spiritually into the next stage of our evolution. It never did come from apes and monkeys at all. That’s why we can’t find the missing link. There isn’t one. We won’t find Atlantis either, it wasn’t on our planet. The only thing about that story, is the message of destruction when technology takes precedence over spirit.

So what are the alien interlopers up to. They came to steal our future, which is the advance we need to take spiritually, all to be contained within a modified physical form. They couldn’t survive here in their original form, as oxygen would kill them off. An advance party of them came down on earth and decided to find a life form we had here to interbreed with. They mucked around with various species, (hence the legends of pan etc) and eventually settled on our species.

They clipped a strand of our DNA so they could link one of theirs into ours. That then allowed them to inhabit human form, which they still do. They look like us because they are us. However there were more of them than there were bodies to inhabit. so their mates had to remain as disembodied souls, who are called Archons. To survive they need our life force, so they feed on us whenever they get the opportunity. ‘Spiritual vampires’ Wars are a great thing for them, their feeding frenzies are immense.

Currently they are trying to terraform our planet, so as to take on their own physicality on earth. Why now?

They know that we intend to fix our DNA, which will remove them from our physical from. That in turn will put them at the mercy of oxygen, which will kill them off. They are using CERN, HAARP, CHEMTRAILS etc to start the process. For centuries the Church has been their main support. Lots of kiddies for the faith, no contraception allowed. Lots of bodies to inhabit. However that has changed in recent time, and they are not getting the body supply they need. They are making the same mistake that destroyed their own home planet, and universe.

They think if they find out what they did wrong with their technology, they will be able to fix the problem. To fix their problem they have to connect to their creator. This is an impossibility for them as our universes creator is not running on the same frequency as theirs, unless they return to their own home base and recover what they have rejected, they will never gain what they came here to steal. So what can we do about them??.

Sorting the problem we have, requires a spiritual collective of like minds, connected to the core of our existance under the guidance of divine will. So where are the spiritual like minds??

That is a question I have been waiting to see for some 45 years. I was told that if they are here, they should be able to find me, as the spirit would lead them to me. What has that to do with me??

I was given information about my presence here 45 years ago. Apparently I chose to be here to assist the re-build of our spiritual path, and get it back on track. There is a Council of original souls, who are Clones of source. There are 5 of them. any one of them is here on the planet at any given time. They take turns. There are souls here from differing times.

The Council souls could be considered to be original souls. Of which I am supposedly 1. After the originals came their descendants would be referred to as ancients, the ancients would produce others who would be known as old, their offspring would be new.

It takes approximately 1000 years in physical form to reach the next stage of our evolution. However when the aliens arrived the plan was altered and reincarnation was introduced to prevent the takeover bid having any success. This was something they had no previous knowledge of and so they are stuck with the process until we reached the time frame we are now in.

We are in the last reincarnation phase right now. So where are the collective minds. There is no collectivity among the alleged spiritual community. They are too much under the direction of their own belief in their inviolable free will. It will hardy be free, when they are asked to pay for it. The opposite of love is hate. So all the Light workers putting their love into light, are giving the darkness hate. Because they despise the dark. That is the energy they are playing with. When they connect outwardly, upwards from themselves they are being fed what they want to believe by the Archonic activities. They need to look inward and became seekers of truth. They never question the shit they are fed.

To find the truth you must question all, even God, if you are told that is what is connecting to you. The answer you seek most likely will come from an unknown source, usually from a complete stranger who may want to say something to you. In that communication will be your answer. Your take on the collective minds is correct. They all fight among themselves for spiritual glory, while keeping up a smiling face. That’s how you find aliens, they don’t have human emotions, so they become brilliant actors. They smile at you with a beneficent look about themselves, while giving out no emotions. Read their body language, and link it to emotion. If the communication channel is closed. Give them a miss.

I am working on a solution presently, as I connect to the Council directly, I give them feedback from my earthly observations. They then make decisions on how to handle the future by altering the energy accordingly. The key to all this, is the adjustment of time. All their decisions must be unanimous. I know more about the future plan for all, and have to wait observing the outcome of planetary thinking, to relay the changes back to the council, who then make adjustments to bring forward the desired end result. I’ll be back soon. John. ps: I’ve put your partner into the healing process, I hope it has some benefit to him. May the spirit be with you all. You may use this info as you choose. I would be cautious as to whom you give out how the heavenly adjustments are made.

I was told not to publish my information, because you don’t want to create Prophets/Gurus, who would plagiarize the info and claim it as their own. However now it is time to put it out there, so all those who are genuine seekers of the truth, can receive the rest of the story re: the Alien Presence here. where they came from, what they did, are doing, and why.

None of the other Spiritual “Gurus” have ever come up with the answer, which tells me that they are not in connection with the divine. If they were they would have the same information; none of them have. They are all fakes. If any of them read this, my message to them is. Suck it up, what goes around, comes around. It’s coming in your direction.


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