Visualization, intention and saliva: a simple but powerful self-healing method applicable to many diseases

I am going to try this tonight or tomorrow…or whenever I can shut up long enough to collect my saliva. (laugh please). I know that if you keep a Tbsp of oil in your mouth for 15 minutes it will extract toxins from the body, but this I am surely going to try and let you know if it works.

Infinite Shift

The following article written by holistic healer Len Walker (UK) reveals an astonishingly simple but apparently very powerful technique he used to heal himself of two serious and painful health issues (scoliosis and a gallstone trapped in the duct leading to excruciating pain), the former having been of very long standing. The same healing technique is now successfully applied by others he has shared it with, to help heal a number of different health issues. While Len has no experience with using this technique for cancer, he feels certain that it will reduce recovery time.1

We do not know how the saliva used in the technique contributes to the healing effect, but it is interesting to note that qigong practitioners consider saliva (which they call ‘jade liquid’) to be full of life force energy or chi and actively incorporate swallowing saliva for instance in a qigong “walk” particularly geared to…

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