What is Ascension?

|Wonderul post Bernice!

Gaia Ascension Forerunner

There are still far too many light workers (LWs) who still do not understand what ascension truly means.  They are some of the worse offenders as far as putting out misinformation about ascension.  Some of them continue to put out messages that big change cannot and does not happen in a short time or in a big leap.  While other LWs make it sound like ascension has already happened.

Christ, many of these LWs won’t even use the word ascension anymore, like it’s a dirty word.  This is how far from the mark they are.  They’ve turned the very thing that they came for, their own soul mission into a taboo.  Goodness sakes.  Stuck much?  Caught up in the old 3D paradigm much?  *shaking head*

These LWs may have busted through a few of their own self-imposed limits and yet they still find some way to create new limits.  THERE ARE…

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