Pleiadians and the Karma Lords

At the bottom of this post is a video that I want you to listen to, it’s important. The Pleiadians have been part of my life since I was young girl. Thought at the time I didn’t know this, but I would look up into the Orion belt and call upon them to come and pick me up.”Why did you leave me here, I want to come home”. Throughout the years it was confirmed to me many times that is my original home. Although we are created at Source, our first home becomes our origin.

In 1992 or about that time, I purchased my first book: Bringers of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. When I pulled that book off the shelf, I had no idea who the Pleiadians were, it was intuition, I simply chose it. It was after that purchase that I waited in line to see the Psychic that day and she then told me I had Pleiadian eyes. I had no idea what she was talking about, but it sure was a coincidence wasn’t it? These coincidences happened for the rest of the years ahead, so I believe that the Pleiades is my home of origin.

I have also been listening to the videos  from Barbara Marciniak and I have to say that the messages she receives/channels have never been wrong, but today I am coming out of the closet to tell you that my Pleiadian family truly exists and that I am part of them, so, what you do with this information or whether you choose to listen to this video or not, that’s your right.

Why am I urging you to listen to this? Because the first 50 minutes basically sums up everything we believe to be true, and it sums up everything I have researched in the last 30 years. It also confirms a lot of information/beliefs that I have written about in the last 2 years.

Here are a few examples of what Barbara is saying: You may think that you’re not doing much but that’s because you can’t see the effects of your thoughts and your energy fields, not only that but we can’t connect the energy of who did what. It’s like pouring water into a bucket in drops, the drops drop individually until they hit the water and become one, but the progress we can see is the rising water levels.

This is a time of tribulation, a time of change, a time of conflict and these are very volatile times but it is not going to go on forever.

You Do create your reality but add to that, we do have those that are helping us and this is why we must wake up because your power dismantles the controllers and it’s time for you to throw off the burdens you have been carrying and are becoming greater because of the double edged sword we call the electronic world.

It serves us in a positive way as we use it to learn and connect with other souls waking up, join organizations, join groups for creating a better world. It serves us in a negative way also because the controllers track us, what we write, what we do, what we read and they insert their programming into information to confuse us.

We arrive here with excitement to participate in this event, as I write a lot about this subject, that we choose the time and place we incarnate here. We are like actors in a play, as multi-dimensional beings we can participate in more than one role or play for that matter, so we get so involved in the play here on Earth that we forget why we came and who we really are. We get caught here on Earth because there are those that are controlling this reality and using so many methods to subdue us.

It takes a lot of work to get the right timeline, to get the right bloodline that will augment our abilities to connect with our soul groups. In other words, we plan out each existence by choosing first our individual roles, then we form the group of actors in that particular production.

So we incarnated here for millions of years, each time raising the frequency of the planet and humanity.

I’m not so sure that I buy into the Karma Trap or being greeted by the Karma Lords anymore. Cameron Day was the first one to coin the phrase “Karma Lords” and it’s been used ever since then, he’s also described the process of being caught in that trap, but I think I have resolved this now and even might consider that Cameron is not such a great guy or he’s been compromised as well.

Let me explain why I feel that way. Something didn’t make sense to me and that is this: We create our own reality. Period. Once the soul leaves the body, we are back to being a multi-dimensional being in total awareness of who we are it is instant, so nothing can fool us as we are totally aware of everything once we leave the physical plane.

If the karmic trap truly exists, then that would indicate that we are stupid souls and are easily fooled, I don’t buy that.
In my NDE experience, I went from being on the operating table to directly at Source. I know accept that upon leaving our bodies, we will experience what our beliefs were prior to physical death, and the karmic trap is actually another deceptive method these entities channel to humans to implant that possibility into our consciousness so if you believe there is a karmic trap, that is what will manifest for you.

Cameron Day even warns people to NOT go towards the light. Why not? He claims it’s false light, but again, it doesn’t make sense. The white light is source light, therefore, does it matter if we create our own reality?

The beings that channel this information are wisely creating a belief system for you to accept so that they can harvest your energy yet they don’t have to trick you because you believe this; therefore you created that reality.

This now answers my question why some people get caught in the trap and why some don’t such as myself. In essence, if you’re a catholic, you will live your live thinking about death, fearing it and wondering if you are going to go to heaven or hell. Imagine this, some people don’t even know themselves to know where they are going, so they are haunted by these thoughts until their death. If they were good, and they believe they were good; they will be greeted by some saint that will ask a few questions and send them on their way. THIS IS THE KARMIC TRAP. In other words, it’s not something THEY created, it’s something WE created based on our belief system at the time of the body physical death.

It all now makes sense to me. This story about Karma lords is an invention, a new form of mind manipulation so that we can add that to list of fears of what will happen after death. Most people, including myself actually thought this to be possible, so, we are then told to change our belief systems OR be careful when you get to the trap and don’t go into the light.

So, bottom line is this: You will experience whatever it is you think you will experience after death. Period. I suggest to you then to visualize what you want to do and where you want to go now before leaving this place, and since I have no idea of the environment I am going to be in, I will simply start thinking this: When I leave my body, I want to have a party! I want to go to a place where there is great violin music, sweet champagne and all my best friends greeting me there!

Hey, thanks for listening today. Enjoy the video.



9 thoughts on “Pleiadians and the Karma Lords

  1. Ines, I have some comments on some things you talk of here. First of all this:

    “Here are a few examples of what Barbara is saying: You may think that you’re not doing much but that’s because you can’t see the effects of your thoughts and your energy fields, not only that but we can’t connect the energy of who did what. It’s like pouring water into a bucket in drops, the drops drop individually until they hit the water and become one, but the progress we can see is the rising water levels.”

    “… not only that but we can’t connect the energy of who did what”

    That caught my eye because it’s become abundantly clear to me that ETs cannot tell who is doing what and hence weren’t learning much and then not advising properly. BUT! God (Source, Isness, All That Is) knows! And when ETs actually connect with God, they can know also. But for years those helping out from above the veil, the GFL, the ET councils, etc. were NOT checking in with God. Unbe-frickin’-lievable.

    But since last summer into fall, that situation was remedied as God got after the more sovereign types “upstairs” – ya know, those who did / do not blindly follow asinine GFL / ET council black & white rules – and had them take over the assistance that comes to us from above the veil. If you want more details on things I’ve come to know about such, see my site.

    And WHY is it important who is doing what? So that these ETs – who just can’t shut up and have to communicate through every channel out there – could actually advise humans based on reality. If ETs check in with God, then they DO know who is doing what and essentially they will know WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS for personal ascension, which is what then also works for individuals to energetically help the planet and collective. But all they can see themselves is collective energies. Not so useful.

    What was happening was that a VERY small portion of the world population was carrying the energetic load in this planetary ascension and frankly, it was killing us. No really. Well, that got stopped also.

    And why is THIS relevant? Well, a system that depends on just a few to hold it together and yet that “holding it together” is kicking their *sses, that is NOT a sustainable system and so beats against EMPOWERING humans, as opposed to making them dependent on others, especially others who, because of being in 3D human vessels, only have a finite life of being able to do energy work. Use them up and that doesn’t bode well for anyone. (and that was a very euphemistic way for me to express that last sentence)

    “Cameron Day even warns people to NOT go towards the light. Why not? He claims it’s false light, but again, it doesn’t make sense. The white light is source light, therefore, does it matter if we create our own reality?”

    Tom Kenyon’s Hathors back up Day’s statement, saying that the “light” seen upon passing through the death portal is some beings’ actual beacon and they want you to come their way. They also caution that following a guru while incarnate can result in a “hereafter” that is the guru’s version of that. The Hathors say another option is to go into the pitch black, which is Infinite Possibility instead of someone else’s version of reality or “Heaven” or what have you. That all resonated with me and jives with what I’ve come to learn about goings on above the veil.


    • That’s a wonderful explanation of everything, but I said “white” light. There is light, white light and VOID. The void will take us to another journey, the white light is SOURCE, the light is THEIR trick. Now, neither you nor I can prove any of this, but you know what? I know I won’t be tricked, that’s all I can know at this point. I like the Hathors as well…and just so that you know…I wrote about Cameron Day it’s not on the video..just my thoughts. Thanks again!

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      • I also appreciate BM’s Pleiadians. They and TK’s Hathors are some of the very few channels over many years that have resonated with me and consistently so.

        Ines, we have no Power nor any Responsibility to “prove” anything to anyone. We just share. We make an offering. That’s it.

        Rock on.


  2. I have long understood this truth Ines…beautiful sharing. My experience was when I was 8 years old. I have walked with this knowing and the sacred growth my whole life…always knowing that I belong here for something in which I will be a part of.but never of this Earth…only in the human expression….I am now 60..and for years now….between Barbara Marciniak and Judy Satori…I have long been an active participant with my Pleiadian Family…much energy understanding from both these fine women….I thank you for your sharing…Namaste’



  3. Love and light .

    I love truth and a that reals it self comsistatnly over the known omniverse .

    I have done extensive research on as much as I could find .

    I’m not denying any of your inner action with the pleadians .

    But I do not trust them .

    Even though there vary origins seem pure , as an of breed from the lyrains , the cat ppl . Self same cat ppl , are the reason Egypt had a life for life policy on cats .

    Now what I propose is heavy stuff . If the pleadians are not for us then they are evil .

    Which causes me to shutter cause so many of there messages are so solid .

    But I test the spirit , as the Bible strongly reomends , I don’t feel they are to be trusted .

    There are other human species that walk among us cause there home world was destroyed and we do t recive a single message from them , in a addition to this there are many abductee reports on greys and seeing pleadainds working side by side .

    Pleadians are not spiritual they are mental .

    I have not been shown other wise , this father confounds me cause I also believe they are part of the council of 5 .


    • As 3D humans, we are being deceived from every direction. My truth is not yours, you will have to find your own. If it’s true that we live in an illusion, then we see what we want to see.


  4. Dear Ines,

    I am very scared cause of Camerons article. Now I do not know what to believe. I hoped everything will be fine after you die. Of course if you lived a proper life. Please help me to overcome my fears.


    • I’m not here to overcome your fears. I’m here just like you are, seeking my origin and trying to figure out why I am here. It’s an innate human trait to want to know where they came from.
      As for death, I can’t help you there. I was blessed to have an Near Death Experience, I was dead for 12 minutes after a botched surgery and the experience I had led me to believe that the human body and earth is hell…there is no other place to go but UP. Death is just the end of this body, the Soul will continue to exist after it leaves the body.
      Your fears are something you need to work out. Wish you the best of luck and have confidence you will find your answers.


    • I’m not here to help anyone to overcome their fears. Sometimes it’s good to be afraid because it forces us to think or find solutions. I’m here to share my journey, nothing else.


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