The Business of War or The War of Business – Take Your Pick

Damn, I hate using the word “war”. I don’t even like writing about this subject, but something is telling me to do so. Yes. War.

Europe is in a police state. Most of the EU members are now doing “emergency” exercises and what is scary, Poland has started the bioweapons exercises preparedness. Man, they really got us this time didn’t they? Obama couldn’t secure the Turkish border, Putin spoiled his plans and so in desperation his handlers demanded that he started getting his thugs into Europe and start creating false flags. Now all the attention is on TERROR, you won’t hear so much about Syria and Putin’s successes there, TERROR is on the front pages of every media source.

Politicians/governments are like modern medicine. They treat the symptoms and don’t bother looking at the cause. WHY? Because if they treated the cause, there would be no profit. Right now, stock prices have gone up for all weapons manufacturers and whatever else that produces things needed for perpetuating wars. As long as you are sick, you are a money maker for the pharmaceutical companies.

Sure, we go into the Middle East, bomb the crap out of those countries and we are now surprised that it has hit us home? What did you expect? Did you expect the Iraqi men who lost their ability to provide for their families just kneel and pray to Allah for money to come down from the sky? Did we expect that those men who through tradition are the heads of family, would just sit back and watch the bombs drop?

Going after one bad person, a whole city is bombed and we now wonder how this could have happened. Did we not expect this to happen? Of course we did, if you’re reading this then you’re not an idiot and you fully well knew that eventually we would pay the price for this.

We destroyed Syria, 11 million people have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their traditions, their cultures because Assad was a bad man? Who is NOT a bad man? Don’t you find it funny when Obama states that the US stands for democracy and values they want others to enjoy? Well, I guess Americans might be enjoying bombs coming their way now because you reap what you sow.

No, I have nothing against Americans, they/you are wonderful people, a nation built on immigrants, a nation wanting freedom and peace, but who are we to decide what other nations, cultures and societies should desire, let alone deserve? I have many American friends that I keep in touch with and love them dearly.

We have been writing about this for over 20 years now, the day of the Police State. Jeff Rense was one of my first websites I started following in 1992, although I don’t visit as often as I like to, his writers have been predicting all this that is going on now, it’s nothing new with the exception that the dollar collapse is about 10 years late, it should happened a long time ago, but the system is now an artificial intelligence on it’s own and it’s designed for the 1%, fuck the rest of us.

We talk about creating our reality. Do I dare say that we created this? I will acknowledge it, it’s my fault too. I never voted, I never stood up to the politicians, I never made my voice heard in public protests, not that it will make a difference, but chose the other route. I chose the route of empowerment, I chose to be the light for those living in the darkness, and honestly, we can’t all be musicians, some of us need to provide carpentry, electrical work etc., we all came here to play a different role.

But we did create this reality, whether we like it or not, whether we want to  or not, whether we were aware of it or not, we did. We have been warning people for years that this would come, and guess what? We created the fucking reality we warned about for years. For years we gave it energy, and we created it.

One of my readers asked me in a comment: How do I create my own reality, it’s still a theory. It’s NOT a theory. You are creating your reality, it’s not about HOW, everything that is in your perception of reality right now is what you and I created together. This is why I dislike writing about wars and violence, bombing a nation way beyond submission because it only feeds the energy of war.

How dare we say that terrorists are bad people? What did we expect? We created them by bombing their way of life into oblivion. They never asked for our democracy, they lived peacefully side by side for thousands of years. It was our democracy that destroyed them. We felt we knew best and we insisted that they have a democracy. 11 million Syrians are now refugees and we are surprised that Europe is now a police state?

So, don’t blame the terrorists. Has anyone ever asked a terrorist why they do what they do? They don’t hate us, they hate what we did to them, we took away their lands, their farms, their culture, their way of life, with nothing left, they had nothing to lose.

So, next time you feel terrorism is a problem, look into the mirror and you will get your answers. People are not born murderers or terrorists, they respond to violence and don’t tell me dear American that if some military forces just landed in your country that you would kneel down and pray to your god for the good deeds done. Hell, I just read today that arm sales have gone up 30% in the US alone this month. We are prepared to defend ourselves from the enemy, but WE are the enemy. We project our values and democracy to other nations that  perhaps is part of your ancestry and through migration and immigration entered into the new world. How dare we put ourselves on a pedestal insisting we know better?.

What is more valuable than life? How would we feel looking out our own window and seeing an entire city destroyed, but afraid to leave our war torn home because of mortars flying around us? There are 250,000 Palestinian children alone that will be damaged for life because of trauma they have experienced over the last 5 years alone. If you are a parent, think about it, think about your child going without food for a day let alone watching them now sleep under a tent and filthy because there is no clean water to drink let alone bathe in.

How dare we consider ourselves better, we have all contributed to this state because we were too busy watching Kim Kardashian swing her artificial fat ass around and displaying her disgusting life.  We were too busy waiting in line to get the latest iPad or iPhone, while millions of children are traumatized because we decided that a dictator killed a few thousand people needed to be removed from power. So what do we do? We maim and kill another 2 million and then wonder why there are terrorists wanting to get back what we took from them.

We took their freedoms away, their way of life, we took their husbands, wives, children, in some places we took entire villages off the map and we wonder why we have terrorists wanting revenge?

So, you may ask”What can I do about it”. I have said it so many times it’s not even worth repeating. Just do something to make this place a better one. DO NOT focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you have. DO NOT give power to THEM, spread your kindness and light around, it will spread slowly, but do something to make this place a better one.

The way it looks right now, we are making this place as worse as it can get, shame on us. Yes, I take responsibility for not doing this much sooner, but the light is strong and it will never go out. Shine your light old soul, that’s all it takes to make this place a better one. Do it now, it’s never too late but it can get a lot worse if we don’t start somewhere.

Hey, thanks for listening to another rant.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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