Our words are creating our reality

I love this post!

Experiencing Wisdom

A new awareness of how our words are creating our reality :

Every word spoken creates our lives. I have had real time experiences.

Universe is hearing Our Words In this Universe are creating our reality

My brother in law, kiddingly used to say,
” Aah I have so much money that bugs and termites are eating it all the time”
He used to say this ( and I suppose he used to say it with his intention of lack of money)
A few days back I got updated that his complete office is full of termite and he had to get the whole office cleaned up.
This gave me an insight that I used to do.
Every time I used to see someone who had a new born baby. I used to say, just kiddingly, ” sleepless nights for the parents”. And resultantly, I used to sleep really late in the night…

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