In order to have peace, we must do it together. I needed to respond in general because I don’t want to re-type my answers to each person as it requires a lengthy one, so here it is.

Let me start first by saying that I can feel your anger, frustration and helplessness. The triggers do that, each time our consciousness energy is rattled, it stirs up deep, ancestral fears that we carry. The posts with Seth material and creating our own reality topics brought out of you what I was hoping for.

A response.

On this blog there is no right and wrong, I try not to judge you through your comments, my intention is simply to invoke you to think. I have done that, at least partially and even if it means bringing out emotions from your deepness. In no way do I expect you to agree with my views or articles I post from other sources, but that too is done on purpose because it is how I learned through my journey. You may read a book and resonate with one sentence, but that sentence may be a lifechanger.

If you walk into a market and see only one variety of apples, are you going to buy them if you know you can go down the street and buy from a place that has many varieties? Isn’t that the reason we prefer to shop in markets where we have more choices?
Personally, unless I don’t have a choice, I will purchase enough to carry me over until I can find a market that will give me those choices. I don’t want to be forced to buy yellow apples if I prefer the Fuji variety.

You are not going to want to quit your job if you are happy with it. Even if you don’t get paid as much as you like, you are valued and respected, therefore, you will stick with it. But, if you don’t like your job, you will want a change and start looking for a new job.

If you read the purpose of this blog, it was you dear reader contributing. You have no idea how much I have learned through you, your comments and I don’t reply to many comments because I simply can’t, so I answer emails because they were intended specifically for me.

You see,  I write about this all the time: Contributing to a better world doesn’t require going to the bank and cancelling your debit card or credit card for that matter; it can be something important such contributing your views and experiences here for other readers to read and maybe even give them a different perspective on the subjects I write about.

I write from the heart, I don’t know any other way.

What have you done today to make this world a better place? Did you make someone smile? Did you maybe walk by a homeless person and tell them how special they are? Have you ever cared enough to ask them how they ended up on the street? This is what I call contributing, simply by caring you have made a difference in that person’s life.

I honestly feel your frustrations, dissollutions and feelings of helplessness, seeking answers and not seeming to find the one you WANT to happen. It’s ok to feel that way, but it’s not ok if you are not asking yourself what caused this feeling, how to stop that feeling. You see, I believe that your feelings of frustration and helplessness are the result of you not doing anything to make a better world. Helplessness is a feeling of “not having control” or “not being able to help” and if you are doing something, then you should not be feeling that way.

We can’t collectively change this reality if we are content or willing to wait it out hoping something will change. We ARE the change, but until enough of us desire to change, this madness will continue.

Now, as for your comments on Paris events: Prior to posting that list of headlines, I should have made myself clearer, I think some of you misread what I had to say. Yes, read about it, get what information you feel is needed to satisfy your curiosity but move on. Do you think this event was created to kill people? Hell no. The controllers don’t consider us as humans, we are cow fodder for them, they did this so that we focus our energy on to that event and so that we will give energy to that manifestation of going to Syria, supporting the countries that don’t have the support of their populations. Listen to the chatter, this is what they wanted, they wanted you and I to say: Kill those bastards! By focusing and giving energy to the Paris event, we are not focusing on what really matters and that is how to get our own shit together.

They know we are catching on and waking up. They incarnated here to wake us up, and we need to do this soon because that is their job/agenda; to cause you pain, anger, frustration, desperation, to feel hopeless. All these feelings will and have to cause you to do something. Without them causing this chaos, we won’t want change. I know this is difficult concept for many of you, but please respect my views as I respect yours.

Just because you don’t agree with some things doesn’t mean it’s a load of crap and I challenge you then to tell me and the readers what IS the truth. I make it easy for you to submit any work you want published without judgment providing it within the context of subjects I cover here.

I don’t know the answers, we don’t know the answers to everything because our memories have been blocked, so we’re fumbling in the dark, we know there is a door to freedom somewhere in the room but some are afraid and are frozen from fear, some wait for someone to turn on the light, others boldly crawl on all fours touching surfaces looking for that door. This is where we are at right now. Freedom is behind that door, all you have to do is collect your courage and start touching surfaces the more people you can motivate to touch with you, the faster you will find the door to freedom.

Thing is: When we finally open up that door, we will expect sunshine outside or something we can relate to. When you open that door there is a dark VOID. Now you must make another choice. Do you jump into the void having no idea where it will take you? Depends on how well you know yourself. Depends if you have done the work and remembered at least partially who you are old soul.

Know thyself folks. I don’t have the answers, I’m simply sharing my journey and thoughts with you.

You inspire me to think and write. Your comments always leave me a new thought to ponder, without your comments and emails I just might believe that I have the right answers and know everything.

Thanks to you, I do not and we’re in this together like it or not. We have many choices, many ideologies, many, many of everything, but we only have 1 choice on creating a new reality, a new world and that is TOGETHER. You may not believe this, but you DO matter and I thank you all for existing and being part of this great production called 3D Earth Experience. for those of you that feel I’m off the track, then I ask you to please submit what you think the real answers are. Don’t shoot the messenger just because you feel it’s not the answer you want to hear.

It does end though, we do graduate and we will play out our roles just as the script we wrote indicates. So far so good, it will get worse, remember there is no such suffering, we create the suffering to learn what it feels like. Unless any of you have better answers, I would love to hear from you. If you teach, teach by example. I want to be an example to those I share with, my experiences have brought me to this reality, but it’s not yours.

Ask yourself: What is my purpose in this life? Am I fulfilling that purpose? You will know then by answering this. It’s your purpose, it’s your private reason, it matters not what is expected of you, it matters that you know what your purpose is.

May your day be filled with love and joy.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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