Everyone is buzzing about the “event” in Paris. I have proof on the last post that while it was still happening I felt it was a false flag. Whatever it is, it’s violence. In the end, it doesn’t matter who did it because the result is always the same. People suffer and those that are not living in fear yet will start to, especially those that live close to the events in Paris.

So, what are we going to do about this? Talk and write about this for months guessing or researching WHO actually did it? Does it matter who did it? Should we not be talking about WHY this was done? Whether it was a false flag or whether it was actually pissed off terrorists (and rightly so), it still creates fear. It will still start another process of closing down borders, tightening already tight security, it will move those against war towards war because they have been close to the events and NATO or whoever will be creating the perfect reasons for attacking WHOEVER did this. You see, it matters not who did this, we end up suffering regardless.

I have to say that I sympathize with those that are trying to avenge the destruction of their homeland. The entire Middle East is in ruins. Gerald Celente often says: “When you lose everything, you have nothing left to lose”. No, I don’t approve of violence, but like a naughty child you can’t spank him for hitting his sibling. This is what we do. We punish a criminal by the same means of their actions. If a person is convicted with stealing, we send them to jail and steal their freedoms and rights. We steal them away from their families. If a person is convicted for murder, we murder them in prison with a life sentence or death by lethal injection or hanging, or electric chair. We kill for murder, we murder for killing.

Our world is changing, it will get worse before it gets better. I have often written about this. Those that are committing crimes against humanity came here to do so, they had to because we are not waking up. I know this may sound crazy to some, that we purposely come here to inflict harm, but remember, we are existing in an illusion that we created. We created this hologram to play out the production. Our humanity hurts and is suffering greatly because we don’t remember who we are, I get that. I am not immune to the suffering and for a long time, I too suffered. For months I wrote about the current suffering, I am an empath, I feel the pain and suffering from far away. Perhaps that was my role to expose myself to that suffering and be a part of it in order for me to understand that as humans, we are merely acting out the play.

I can’t say that suffering is good, by no means am I advocating that. I think that religion created that concept of suffering so that we could accept it as a guilt of sorts, you know, Christ suffered on the cross so we must carry that suffering into our lives as well. Suffering is a creation we created in order to move up. It’s the false flag or terrorist even in this reality, in order to open our hearts and realize that it is a creation and method for us to finally realize that we have had enough of it.
Suffering is designed to burden us for a long time  until we realize that we don’t need to suffer, we didn’t come here to suffer, we came here to FEEL what suffering is like but it’s not part of our divine existence, rather just an experience while here learning our lessons and experiencing.

This event in Paris is another “lesson”, it’s a reminder that we are still asleep, we are not pissed off enough, not hurting enough, not scared enough, not suffering enough because until we remove ourselves from it, it will continue to create suffering and fear. I understand suffering and it’s long term effects. I live in a country where people have been born into wars and suffering for centuries. Not only does it implant into the human mind and is passed on genetically, but people become numb after a while, nothing is good, they see everything as futile and not worth the effort to fight for. It is this condition that we now have to beat out of our reality.

Futility and apathy is our current condition but in order to rise above this, things have to get worse. The people are now coming together in Paris. Helping each other, opening their homes to strangers because of martial law and restrictions, this is what happens when disaster strikes no matter what kind is it natural or man made. We come together, we unite and become ONE.

Don’t focus on Paris events, those souls played out their game and left, it matters not who did it, the end game and results are the same. The motive is to create more pain and suffering be that through strict laws, WWIII or chipping us with RFID devices, it’s all suffering, it denies us our true condition, our existence as Souls because when we leave the body, we are severely affected by the trauma, regardless that we came here to experience it. It will get worse, it has to.

Humanity cannot change the current condition without a massive event that will bring us together. It’s what we came here to do, accept that. I know many of you won’t agree with me, but I too had to go through a process of understanding all of this, the suffering was too much for me, the pain I was feeling from human suffering was breaking me down and I was angry at the world for causing such suffering. I now see it for what it is, an act, a necessity, a planned experience because WE are divine light, we are a spark of source, we are powerful, we’re here just playing the game.

I hope that humanity wakes up soon, otherwise, we will now be experiencing these events all over the world and this does not include Mother Earth shaking us up to remind us who we are. We will win, we will learn, we will experience and one day/time/space/reality we will be meeting each other and laughing about our roles here on Earth. I guarantee you that. How do I know? I just know.

May love and joy fill your day!


2 thoughts on “IT’S OK, IT HAD TO HAPPEN

  1. ”Futility and empathy” is our current condition. I believe you meant ”apathy”.
    This insight is truly a beacon of Light that I am grateful for. Thank-you!


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