Comment: How long will now last? These are posts from 1 or 2 WordPress blogs. Sadly, we all truly believe we are doing the right thing by informing people, it’s noble and I’m sure some people really believe that, but I don’t agree. This is psychological terrorism using “love and light” for the purpose of presenting information/giving energy to  events like this. The more we focus on the event and who did it, the more terror attacks we create. Is it really important who the terrorists were? I’m asking you. 

Attack in France – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State? by Tony Cartalucci

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ked by American Eagle of the Death Metal

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Attack in Paris – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State?



  1. Maybe none of this is important right because we all play a role in this, and it’s all part of waking up. Everything is going according to plan.

    So, if we pay no attention to the who, what, when why and how, then shame on us for not noticing what lies behind this sort of event. How else are we to rise up against the fear porn, violence, oppression and control. I mean it’s why we’re here to learn and make progress and we can’t do this without the help of these psychotic tyrants, right.

    But if we do investigate or put forth an inquiry to find truth in what’s happened then we give it power. If we give this any attention or importance then maybe it creates a chain reaction of events. Quite possibly creating more chaos, violence and a means with no end.

    This whole concept of everything is both right and wrong at the same time is such a convoluted mess! We are also told there is no right or wrong in our approach because each of us has an individual lesson to learn. We create our own paths and our own world and we are responsible for our life exists for us.

    I think I have finally lost faith in any of this nonsense. What kind of thinking is this? How are we ever to make a difference if we don’t have the strength in numbers, rising up together to impact/create change. It sure feels like another hundreds years of this…

    I have dedicated a few years to seeking answers and all it has ever done is create more confusion – with no real or resonating answers. This is my rant for the day. I think it’s time to unsubscribe to all of this and get on with the world as it is. Seems we all come back to this grand game, no matter what we do.


  2. I am not dwelling yet… as it just happened but by tomorrow it will be dwell 🙂 But what I am seeing is an orchestrated event complete with crisis actors that have been pictured in other tragic to dos now proven to be false flag events. Plus watching the ones that put this stuff under the microscope do their thing is very encouraging.
    The speed with which the monuments around the globe were lit to Frances red, whit and blue was interesting. It was almost as if they had zillions of bulbs in just those colors at the ready. huh
    The 1000’s of facebook memes that hit immediately was something to behold. Why one would think that it was created weeks ago with the variety flooding that social media. You Tube changed it’s emblem. and this will go on and on. and it is only the first day of this shit!
    So for today I will give it energy in the manner that I usually do to these manipulations and post the info for the readers. Who knows what staggering news will take its place tomorrow?
    Stay safe everyone!


  3. This whole Seth material has permeated deeply in you. But, I don’t quite agree with this. I have been reading about the Paris massacre… so far there are many article but no real information. All they have is the death toll, injured toll, time and location, and the fact that it there was a passport linking one to Greece as refugee. There really is no information other than that. If as Seth says… you create your own reality. Then, what does ignoring or shifting the focus create? Does that guarantee that there will be no more acts of terrorism? Can you really shoulder the “co-creative” blame or responsibility on the attacks on yourself for “creating your own reality”? And if Seth is right…. and you do create your own reality with your thoughts… then what thoughts did you have that let to the creation of the Paris massacre?

    The Seth material is channelings, I have been watching the audiobooks on Youtube but I don’t agree with most it. To a certain degree I get the jist of it but completely agree… no. As far as Paris, I wish there was more concrete information regarding the attacks. It is important because the European nations seem to be getting drawn into a larger conflict and the issue of refugees, open boarders, the union itself, and the political sovereignty is center stage. These are important topics with great repercussions. To me the world seems to be living on the edge and at any given moment things could go wrong… at least that is how it feels to me. But, when I step back and see it from afar… it is more of a slow boil and psychological conditioning.

    I don’t know if what I wrote even makes sense. It is like I want to express a certain thought but I can’t even do it concisely. I like your blog Ines and will continue to read it even if we don’t see things the same way. Thanks.


    • Just because I post other material that is not my own is not to have you believe it, rather give you something to think about. I don’t agree with everything in the Seth material, but this material was written in the 70’s, and it gave me a lot to think about. Never assume anything, not even about my beliefs as I have less and less these days, meaning I do not adopt someone elses truth. Thank you for sharing.


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