What does creating your own reality actually mean? We use this phrase a lot lately, especially myself so the last few days I set out to monitor my thoughts, knowing that every thought I think will create my reality. Do we or can we just create a reality that we want or do we just unconsciously create a reality not aware that our thoughts ARE creating them? I think it goes both ways.

So, the last few days I really focused on my thoughts. I’m lifting up my pants in the bathroom staring at the mirror: “I look great, I am filled with vitality, nothing hurts and my health is improving day by day”.

I broke down this sentence to see which of those thoughts will or can manifest.  “I look great”, is a now observance, meaning it’s happening in the moment, therefore, it’s instantly created, I DO look great.  ” I am filled with vitality”, probably isn’t going to manifest much because I haven’t defined what that means exactly. “Nothing hurts”, implies that something doesn’t exist but will not manifest because again, I’m not being specific. I should be thinking: “This body is pain free”. And last “my health is improving day by day”, implies that my health is not where I want it to be, I’m not happy with my current state and that “maybe”, it will be better day by day. What I should have thought was: “My health is great and will be everyday from now on”.

Our thought process defines our reality and how it is manifested. The brain doesn’t differentiate between parables, paraphrases or traditional swearing, it will take each word literally, so if you are thinking or saying “My back is killing me”, it will literally kill you eventually, yet you were merely meaning to say that your back was in pain.

I have spent the last 24 hours, carefully monitoring and using feedback towards my thoughts. It is very difficult because a lot of thoughts are automatic, in other words, we spend 95% of the day in an unconscious state and 5% in a conscious state. These are not my numbers, I researched this and therefore, it makes sense. Walking, eating, sleeping, cooking, most of the things we do during the day are automatically performed especially if someone has a very rigid or tight schedule. I know what it’s like to get up in the  morning, prepare 2 small kids for school, drop them off, head to work, work all day, then pick the kids up from babysitter, stop at the shops to purchase last minute items, come home, prepare dinner, help with homework and entertain the kids before giving them a bath and putting them down for the night.

Creating our reality is not simply a phrase. I gotta tell you, it’s not easy monitoring your thoughts all day long and reminding yourself “You create your own reality”. It’s  a mantra that I used these days and you know something, it works. At first you will skip and lose thoughts because of our unconscious awareness that each thought creates our reality, but after a while I started to stop and think before answering to my partner and or while observing, caught myself judging. It’s very hard to see the sky filled with chemtrails and just observe without getting angry, but I did it today finally.

If it is true that we create our own reality with our thoughts, then every thought will have a consequence, though I can’t be sure if that thought only relates to this reality here because the Soul is the driver of this body and life, it determines what it wants, this body is simply a vehicle for IT, the Soul to experience this physicality. We can go one step further and say that the Soul/WE create our realities way beyond this current reality. I haven’t thought enough about this, but I must say, I have been driven to read Seth Material, starting from Chapter one, and listening chapter by chapter. It’s indenting in me some real freaky facts that I never thought about.

Here is question: While my partner was very ill, looking at him, I would think: “He’s going to die soon”. Did I create his reality or my reality? Did I create both our realities? No, he didn’t die, and I believe we have to think thoughts to the point where we actually believe them before we will manifest them, so will I create that reality by sitting beside him and constantly thinking: “He will die soon?”. I don’t know and I sure as hell am not going to try it. That thought was a unconscious thought, and it was how I was feeling seeing him so sick and without giving it any thought, not yet clear as to what thoughts form our reality but I now make sure I really filter the thoughts.

What I did notice the last few days is that I am much less talkative. My partner noticed this last night and said that I was too quiet for my normal self. I answered: “I’m too busy thinking”. What are you thinking about? “I’m thinking about my thinking”. He said: “I don’t want to know what that means, but as long as it’s just that, I feel better, I thought maybe you weren’t feeling well. The second reason why I am quiet is when I am in pain, rather than thinking out loud how much it hurts, I am talking to myself thinking: “I don’t want this pain, go away, what did I do to make this pain come back?”. These were wrong thoughts.

I have since then learned to just accept the pain as part of my experience, it’s obvious that I created it somehow. How? I don’t know yet but I’m working on it. Using EFT is great as well but it’s temporary so I know there are issues that are either still buried very deep or it has to do with a past incarnation or our humanity trauma we suffered incarnating in Atlantis and other civilizations that were destroyed by their own technology. Michael Tsarion talks about this. He says that on top of the suffering we as humanity are currently suffering by the matrix/controllers, we also carry with us past traumas that may go as far back as the flood, so these traumas can have an effect on us now in this reality. The soul is able to clear itself, after each lifetime, but it holds all of our memories as well and it can be a keyword, smell or sound that might trigger something from the past.

Creating our reality requires a lot of time to first understand what it means. To understand if they are commands to the body or simply any thought that can manifest itself. For instance, if I think: “I hurt”, how will that manifest if I haven’t thought about what part of the body it is or in that case, do I need to because the conscious mind knows what parts of my body hurt?.
These are now complex questions and probably come with complex answers because we are after all, souls occupying a physical body, we are detached from our higher selves, and are being poisoned, attacked, enslaved from every direction so the physical body itself is in a state of fight or flight because of constant stress and dangers, never mind the thoughts we think during the day. I am going to explore this a bit more and find out if our thoughts have to be a certain way or simply “all thoughts go”.

For now, the practise of thought awareness will be enough work alone. It’s like quitting smoking, although we don’t smoke anymore, there are certain places and events that trigger that desire to smoke, such as having your morning coffee. Although it’s a poor analogy, I think you get my drift.

Your thoughts create your reality, simply put. We created this reality long before we incarnated here, but while we are here having this experience, the quality of our life will depend on our thoughts. I didn’t do a bad job in the last 11 years. Whenever I wanted something, I actually visualized it exactly how I wanted it to be and before going to sleep, I would think about that until I fell asleep. There is actually nothing in my life that I was not able to do, probably because I have the advantage of being born into NO FEAR. I have never been afraid of anything, even at great risk, I would just jump in and do it. I’m sure that my thoughts at the time mattered as well because it was usually the same thoughts: “I can do this, I need to do this, I want this, I must get this done etc.”

Live your life according to your thoughts but in order to start somewhere, it might not be such a bad idea to write down thoughts you can remember each day and when something goes down, refer back to the diary to see if you had such thoughts prior to this. Personally, I’m practised out over the years so I can follow a discipline very easily and because I have the luxury of time and a stress free life, I would assume it becomes even easier to remember/learn/filter your thoughts.

I know that some of you are not going to agree with this. I also know why you are not going to agree with this. Because you are not ready to accept responsibility for your life and actions.

Even way back in 2000, when I was diagnosed with Liver cancer, at the time I was a Buddhist, Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist, therefore, I didn’t go crazy in any way, I simply understood that I got sick for one of two reasons. First one could have been karma in this lifetime. In Nichiren Daishonin buddhism, we can clear our karma in this lifetime and we do not carry karma from previous lifetimes, so I thought it was possible that I had some bad karma. The second reason was and I still believe that to be true is that I created it. But once I accepted that, everything became clear. I had nobody to blame, I could no longer blame my parents, my co-workers, my kids, NOBODY. By accepting responsibility for the cancer, I immediately started to seek out what I actually did to cause it. My teacher in Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Wu, upon starting treatments basically explained to me that I had carried rage in the liver for a long time and it finally had to manifest.

You see, I was not a candidate for liver cancer. I didn’t drink, I did take a few prescription medications, but I wasn’t your typical liver patient so it made sense to me. I called up a Reiki master friend of mine and we worked on releasing the rage. So, yes, I did cause the cancer unconsciously and in ignorance as well, but rather than focus on the illness it takes you into a solution process right away unless of course, you want to die.

So, some people may not accept the concept of creating their own reality because with it comes responsibility and a lot of self-reflection and work in order to filter out thoughts that we don’t want to manifest, it can’t be any simple as that in theory yes, but not so easy in experience. Like I said, I’m a seasoned self-help individual and have spent most of my adult life working on myself so to say it’s easy, of course I know it’s not.

It will be difficult for people that are in a negative state. What I mean by that is people that are in a negative physical reality, bad/poor health, lack of, no goals, lack of employment, family problems and basically financial problems in general as most of the world today needs money to survive. These people will have a difficult time accepting this because it would mean their current situation was created by them.

Waiting for change only prolongs the inevitable. If we are creators of our realities, sooner or later we have to face the work and deal with it. You, the powerful being that you are, are in control of your life if you choose to be. You can either continue down the path of victimhood or waiting for someone to save you, but even if you believe that someone else is going to do the work, that should not stop you from paying attention to your thoughts, just in case the savior doesn’t arrive. Always have a backup plan or a Plan B.

May your day be filled with love and joy!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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