Do you want a better world? Do you want abundance in your life? Well, here is what one client thought about that.

Therapist: Do you want to be healthy?
Client: Yes I do.
T:Ok, so let’s make it happen.
C: How do I make that happen?
T: By thinking what you want. Let’s start with your body. You know the old saying: What good is all that money when you can’t get out of your wheelchair to spend it?” In order for us to make changes in our lives, we have to make them internally. In other words, before we can heal our bodies, we have to remove the toxic thoughts, dramas and traumas that could have even caused the disease. Without a healthy body we can’t help others, we can’t make a difference in the world, we can’t even be an example to others. In order to manifest and create, we need to project internally and clean out the garbage.
C: Ok
T: So, you want to be healthy, you will if you choose. You are powerful.
C: I can’t do that, I’m not powerful. I don’t believe I can do just become healthy. Isn’t that what doctors do?
T: Sure, how long have you been ill with diabetes?
C: 10 years now
T:Your doctor couldn’t cure you in 10 years yet you keep going to see them?
C:Well, yeah, I mean, I feel good as long as I take my insulin.
T:Sure, but you still have diabetes. What if I told you you can cure it yourself?
C:I don’t believe in that shit.
T:What shit?
C:I don’t believe I can do it myself.
T:So, if I told you by practicing the way you think, you would not believe it?
C:Not only would I not believe it but it’s impossible. If my doctor hasn’t been able to cure me in 10 years, how can I?
T:Once you realize how powerful you are, you can heal yourself.
C: Look, even god can’t cure me and I have been praying to him for 10 years now.
T: What has god got to do with it? Did he make you sick and why should he fix you? He didn’t make you sick, you did.
C:God is my father and obviously he doesn’t think I deserve it. Hey, I didn’t make myself sick, why would I want to do that and how could I do that on purpose?
T: Because you did, you just don’t know how you did it. Do you honestly believe that god pointed his finger at you and said: “John, I don’t think you’re suffering enough so I will give you diabetes”.
C: No, I don’t think he did that, but someone did cause I sure as hell didn’t want diabetes. (Ooopss…He’s going to hell).
T: Ok, it matters not at this point, but I can tell you that you caused it. How? That’s not important because it doesn’t change anything. You can fix it, you can heal yourself.
C: I don’t know, I don’t know anything. I’m tired of being sick and want to get better, but nothing works.
T: What have you been doing to help yourself aside from seeing your doctor?
C: I try  to eat healthy, I am a  positive thinker, and pray to god.
T: What does positive thinking mean to you?
C:You know, I try to think positive, you know, like: Life is good, I want to get better, god will hear my prayers one day, just try to stay positive.
T:Ok, you need to define what you think when you are being positive.
C: I just think positive, you know, I avoid negative people, I don’t complain about anything, I consider myself an optimist and see everything positive.
T:It’s no wonder nothing is changing. In order to heal, let me put it this way: Have you ever just thought of yourself as healthy?
C: Ahh, no, how can I think I’m healthy if I’m not, I think how sick I am and that I will get better.
T: Ok, so if I show you how to change your thoughts, would you practice it?
C:I have to practice to think different? I don’t have time for that, I thought you were just going to do some energy work on me and that I would get better?
T: Well, I will do energy work on you but not to cure your diabetes, I’m simply going to remove all that toxic energy and balance you so that you can do the work. I can’t cure you, I’m not a magician or witch.
I didn’t make you sick, you did that.
C:Look, I didn’t come here to play some hocus pocus shit. I thought you would help me and I don’t believe in that stuff.
T: So you are saying that you don’t want to get better?
C: I want to get better but I don’t believe that I can do it. How come everyone else is sick out there? How come they don’t fix themselves? I don’t see anyone around me healing themselves.
T: Because, like you, they keep looking for someone else or something to fix them.
C: So what do I have to do?
T: You have to stop thinking/giving energy to the diabetes for starters. Each day you will forgive yourself for getting yourself sick, for allowing diabetes to manifest in your body and every moment you can spare, you will remember to think: I am healthy, my body knows what to do and will repair itself. I do not have any health issues, I love and accept myself completely.
C: I have to do all that everyday?
T: Yes, if you want to get better. Every moment you have to spare an empty thought.
C: Well, I’ll try  but you know, I just don’t have time for all of this and I can’t believe I will get healed just thinking this. How much do I owe you?
T: If you come back free of diabetes in 6 months, probably more than you can afford.

This client is real, he never came back because he decided from the start that he didn’t believe in himself, that he didn’t want to take responsibility for his disease, he didn’t believe in himself or that he was powerful enough to change his condition. More than likely he made fun of me too because I didn’t help him.

Do you know anyone like this person? I have yet to come across anyone that returned 6 months later with good news. Humans choose to hold on to their illness because the programming and mind control keeps them locked in victim mode.

90% of society is determined to blame their external world for their problems. In fact, I believe the governments created the program and want us to blame them so that we never find out how powerful we truly are. They are the diversion and since you can’t vote them out, they don’t give a shit so long as you don’t find out.

You don’t have to believe that you’re powerful, but for heaven sakes, don’t deny it either and at least give it a try before you make that decision.

Why do people not want to believe they are powerful?

I think I can answer that. To know we are powerful means taking control of our lives and that’s just too much responsibility. In a world where everything is instant, what if I fail? What if I’m wrong? What if I am powerful? It could mean they just wasted their life “not doing” what they could have been doing. It would mean that everything they believed in was a LIE. Afraid to find out the truth because it hurts. The older you are, the more years you wasted and the more it hurts to know this. It might mean they would not have gotten sick or they would have not had to mortgage up to keep up with the status quo or it could mean that our whole belief system was false.

Many reasons and varied reasons why people don’t want to accept that power and knowledge or being powerful but then I might ask: WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO BE POWERFUL?


One thought on “THE “I CAN’T” SYNDROME

  1. When someone says they ”can’t”, it could be due to their unwillingness to make the needed/required effort. The ‘I CAN’ ‘energy’ is not theirs to begin with, they have not made that choice in their consciousness.

    It takes a lot of spiritual work to reach a sufficient amount of genuine self-knowledge that brings one’s awareness into one’s personal power. It’s was a step by step process (for me). It is a daily walk with small victories in the beginning, that eventually lead me to genuine awareness of my own personal Power.
    It’s a lifelong quest of being True to yourself. It is a walk in humility and accountability. The ”I can/’t option is a personal choice whether it is an unconscious one or better yet a conscious one.
    Therefore, I suppose that the choice/act of being an ”I Can’t” could be indicative of some form ”spiritual laziness”.


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