Freedom and Sovereignty By Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion is one of a few people I can say that I follow. I have read most of his books and they really put you in a place where you have no choice but to think about what you did in this lifetime. Aside from being an “expert” in the history of humanity, he’s also a very powerful teacher when it comes to reminding us how powerful we are and yet how we sabotage ourselves by constantly looking outwards for someone to save us. In actuality, when you see people pointing fingers at others, it’s really a reflection of their own behaviour that bothers them. The same goes for us when we know that things are not right, we’re not happy, we are unable to succeed in anything we try , we turn towards something or someone to give us the answers because it’s not only easier, it takes courage to look within. I can relate to that, been there done that. I still do it though by seeing the weeds grow in my garden and telling myself “Please sundown hurry up so I don’t have to go into the garden”. Not because I don’t love working there, but because I do not know where I would start. After so many months now of taking care of my partner, I have neglected it and now it’s filled with weeds. 

This is how we treat ourselves. We collect toxic thoughts, insults, traumas, shocks and dramas thus we can’t bear to go inward because we don’t know where to start. Once you make that first step, everything else is easy, it just takes time, dedication and love for one self. 
This video reminds us all to get off our asses and do something about it.
If you’re in a rush, go to 1:50 min. mark and he talks about our Sovereignty. 


2 thoughts on “Freedom and Sovereignty By Michael Tsarion

  1. Thank you Vera and about the book…well…find my email on the blog and send me a request and can send you his recent book, I have an e-book version. Thanks for stopping by!


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