Saviorism or Escapism Choose Your Disease

A poor society usually has problems such as gambling, alcoholism and drug addiction. I don’t want to categorize this into crimes, rather societal obstacles that force people for whatever reason to seek the activities above. It is within our human nature to want better and more, we desire goodness, a quality of life and if we are put or caught in a situation where we can’t see the end of the road we turn to things such as gambling, drugs and alcohol as a means of escaping. We often judge people that are in a poorer class because they spend what little they have on these things, without considering why they do it and or what causes them to seek this ‘pleasure’.

I shall save you from all pests and parasites on this planet.
                  I shall save you from all pests and parasites on this planet.

It’s not pleasure, it’s a survival mechanism, an escapism if you will. When we are gambling we think that winning money will save us from our problems or that it is the only means of acquiring badly needed money. Money is god, money is religion, without money we can’t survive.
Taking drugs or alcohol we escape from our reality however bad it is, we think we are escaping and while drugged or drunk we don’t think about our problems and if we do, they don’t seem to be so bad. One can argue that we don’t all forget, of course, but I’m not here to solve psychological reasons as to why we do things. I’m speaking from a survivalist view. Some drunks are aggressive and will harm others, but that’s another issue altogether. Their aggressiveness is due to holding deep and unresolved issues. When we are drugged or drunk those deep issues tend to come to surface, but each to his own. Personally, if I have a glass of wine too much, I go to sleep.

Today, 99% of humanity is in a state of escapism or saviorism. Most of us are fighting for our survival of the species. We know what is being done to us, we know the chemtrails are not for our benefit, we know vaccines are not for health issues, we know our food and water is poisoned.  Many people have reached their limits of understanding and compassion. They simply can’t cope with the life they are living for whatever reasons, so they turn to god, to drugs, to alcohol, to gurus promising them a new heaven on earth etc. It’s a human condition, we can even say that it’s normal for us to do so.

So far, in the last 20 years alone, we have discovered more information and history about humans than we have at any other period before that. In 20 years we have discovered that the Pyramids were not built by human slaves pulling huge megaliths on some bamboo woven ropes. We have discovered and have proof/evidence that aliens have visited this planet. We know they were here and were visited in many cultures from Hindu to Mayan cultures and their respective continents. But what we have not yet figured out is what our original design was. In other words, when God/creator/Sophia/source created the first specimen of a human body, what was it?

But let’s return to the present. I have always been a curious person. From the time I was a young girl the heavens fascinated me, at the time I had no idea why I was connected to the Orion part of the galaxy, but I longed for return and often sadly questioned why I was left here in this madness. I don’t question it anymore, but I question myself what in the hell was I thinking when I chose to come here. I have been following many blogs and websites, reading different perspectives and I have chosen two to return to. These will be followed up in different posts, but one of them deals with Escapism such as YRFT and Saviorism such as Kathryn E. May and her galactics and Sananda. In fact, I never removed myself from her mailing list because I like to keep up with progress and for a long time have been silent on her newsletters but this last one left me taking a deep breath thinking “Do people actually still believe this shit?”.

Rose has done her job, she’s united and separated the wheat from the chaff. We have learned from her how to discern better, how to define logic, how to understand what is real and what is not real. Because our world is an illusion we created through a thought process, how do we know we didn’t create Rose and her cult like story of Eve and One our saviors/parents coming to the rescue? It’s time to stop pointing fingers and blame, it’s time to pat ourselves on the back because we have learned another lesson.

Those that follow this blog know that I have not wavered from some principal truths and that is: We are our own savior, we created this reality in which we now don’t like, we are responsible for our human condition, and we have the power to change this. There is also a universal power/law that is assisting us to move forward. Our enemies are too powerful for us with sticks and stones to fight off, but we have to make a concerted effort first and we are not doing that yet. Fuck the saviors and gurus who sell you kool aid laced with hopes and promises of a better earth or new earth. Fuck the channelers that claim to be the only voice of mother/father god. How dare they speak of exclusivity in a unified world of ALL that is, we are all parts of god equally.

Fuck this imbecilic society where if you attack the messenger you are now an enemy just because their dreams were shattered and they can’t accept their own reality of being totally DUPED into some false promise of being saved from this wretched planet. Hey guys, don’t blame us, we warned you in a nice way. We asked questions, we looked for logic, we looked for proof, we didn’t see a second hand going up and supporting your fairy tale stories and last but not least we got fucking tired of hearing it will be SOON.

So, the next 2 posts are going to deal with Saviorism and Escapism syndrome, you know, the one where you run to your savior cause your life is so fucked up here that you need to run away from it or why work towards my own enlightenment when GOD is going to save me from this wickedness that I helped CREATE.

Stay posted, should be interesting.

May love and joy fill your day!


4 thoughts on “Saviorism or Escapism Choose Your Disease

  1. Saviorism or Escapism is that really a realistic choice?

    I choose individual and personal responsibility
    I choose self mastery and sovereignty
    I choose freewill
    I choose Truth
    I choose love
    I choose humanity and planet earth

    Saviorism and escapism is just a deferral of your own decision making to someone else, giving up your power to another or hiding away from or refusal to see or deal with or even accept the truth. In the end it comes back to bite you in the ass and eventually you have to face your own fears and deal with them, no matter how many life times it takes.

    How far we have fallen, it sometimes takes tough love to make you realise it, sometimes you have to have the experience to grow from it. Sometimes you succumb and are consumed by it. Sometimes a word or thought or deed from some kind soul or random act of kindness can make you re evaluate.

    I absolutely love this video clip its my favourite out of several similar. There’s always someone much worse off than yourself.

    When you can’t face or deal with the here and now, when you can’t face reality, when you can’t cope or become overwhelmed you become paralysed, closed mind and discernment is out the window and you look outwards for a solution, someone else to ease or remove the burden for you. This is not a criticism we all need help and support and most importantly love. When you fail to or lose love for yourself, that’s when you are most vulnerable. Depression and disillusion leads to deceit and desperation, that’s the disease. We all become acquainted with it at some point in our life.

    On planet earth everyone is susceptible to saviourism its programmed into us through religion and education. Who doesn’t want to escape mans inhumanity to man, the endless suffering. But can we expect somebody else to clear up this mess we created or acquiesced to? Do we just move somewhere else like YRFT suggests and watch the world go Nova?

    But as they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I feel sadness when I read some YRFT followers who say they don’t care and just want to escape, even if it is out of the frying pan and into the fire. To give up something as precious as your soul essence to an entity claiming to be your father/mother is madness. Selling false hope and salvation is a crime against humanity given the suffering we as a species have endured so far in our existence.
    Everything we desire is already within us. Love, happiness, peace and abundance. Harnessing these powers means we sow the seeds for real change.

    Edwin Mamerto
    Make choices that take your mind, body, and soul into consideration. You are the only person who knows what’s best for you. It’s impossible for anyone else to know. No matter how much you share with them, they are not connected to your deepest desires, intuition, hopes and dreams. Always, ALWAYS listen to yourself and what you want first.

    Suman Rai
    I hope that people will find the love, peace and happiness they so desire and deserve but from looking within themselves and not outside to a saviour, or guru or in some narcotic or alcoholic drink as a means of avoidence.

    If only, I have not lost my love for humanity. It’s all there for us as an example in John Lennons song imagine. We are the creators lets create something better together.

    Ines thank you for this post i look forward to part 2 and 3


    • Great comment and I agree with most of your thoughts. I am blessed with a good life full of abundance. I often write about this with gratitude not because god just decided I should have it, but because I worked for it and created it out of my thoughts. We are what we think in the present moment and not future. Thinking what we want into the future is projecting but not creating. This moment is what we create and this is what these cult followers have a problem with. They created a lousy miserable life for whatever reason and now they think/believe they can just escape it because the prison wardens are at fault and they had nothing to do with it. This is the core issue. Fuck the savior and wanting to leave. They are leaving a world that they co-created and now that it’s all fucked up, they wanna run. We all co-created this world, it’s an illusion indeed but we created it not some architect of higher intellectual proportions that this entity was so smart it created a world out of poles and gears?? Come on. higher beings don’t need poles and geers and servers, how primitive. Their denial will exist until who knows when, until they finally realize they wasted years of waiting and sadly, I have seen this over and over in the last 10 years especially where people grab on to some hope that someone else created so they can escape their own misery they helped to create. End of story. Sad story, but hey, they came here to learn those lessons and experience it. Who are we to judge? We try to help them, but they bite, attack, claw at you like you are taking their last crumb away from them.


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