The link below this post is showing a bunch of Secchi images but images that are what you want them to be. In essence, if rose says so, then it’s so.

I had to write this today because it felt right. After reading Rose’s new post  ” YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : WE ARE GOING TO BE LET OUT”
I read some of the comments and the link to this post:
I came across a comment but I will take out just a few sentences so that I can explain what the parasites want: ” The pilot keeps telling everyone what they are waiting for so please be patient as they are working on the problem. Everyone is excited to be landed and ready to enjoy their destination! As time goes on, the excitement wanes and frustration takes over. That is what I was feeling.

You can find this comment on the link provided above, it matters not who wrote it, what matters is the last second to last sentence: ” Excitement wanes and frustration takes over“. This is a Universal feeling or reaction every time something doesn’t happen according to a prediction, prophesy, savior event, UFO disclosure. People EXPECT something and it doesn’t happen.

It is exactly what the energy parasites, archons and dark entities create. They createthe story, help humans interpret that story into an event so that when it doesn’t happen, they get to feed off your frustration, disappointment, anger etc.

Now, I’m sure somebody is going to comment on this, accusing me of making fun of Rose or insulting her, but according to what Rose “says”, everyone that is good is going. I get that Rose, but what you don’t tell people is that nothing is for free. To you folks out there, actually waiting for something to happen; if you done nothing to contribute to humanity, you’re not going anywhere, you don’t get everything for nothing. These people found a concept that does everything for them and they just have to wait.

That defeats the whole experience of coming here to have an experience and if Rose’s theories are correct that everything is an illusion, a construct and 7 billion people/souls duped  and worked for nothing? I could be wrong and wouldn’t that be awesome if all of a sudden I found myself on New Earth. I’m not losing anything by not believing this, everyone good goes so I can disbelieve all I want and leave but difference is that these people have already given permission to be lifted and if NASA is all lies then the current images they are showing including Secchi as they work together must be too. How do you know you are given the true images and how do you know they are not altered to get as many people giving permission to be lifted?

If NASA altered the images you may be leaving but it wouldn’t be home, it will be just another mechanism to remove as many people off this planet or you may be part of some experiment because I don’t see what you see in the images below, so obviously someone is not living in the same paradigm though I would be reluctant to trust any images that NASA puts out, if those images truly show Earth at a docking station you really think you would be given the truth?
All I see in those images or sticks and stones, lines, grainy salt and someone’s handwritten markers for Earth and other planets. You see what you want to see, but if Rose says so, then it must be that so.

It can only be a hoax or experiment on a group of people gullible enough to believe they are going to be saved by doing nothing for themselves.

So, I lose nothing by not believing because Rose ” said” everyone goes or everyone that is good goes so that would mean those of us that don’t have a clue what is going on, those that don’t want to go (me) and those that believe they will get pulled out of here (a tiny fraction of people, maybe 100?)

If this was all true, I can assure you nobody would show those images and you have to give permission to go, so the images were created to suit the story, a few of you fell for the trick, gave your permission and you may go somewhere but it probably won’t be to visit your mom and dad, although they will greet you as Eve and One, although you don’t really know what they look like so they can be anyone claiming to be Eve and One. hmmm.

I on the other hand don’t give permission so if this is real and for my benefit, it should not matter, I will go regardless right Rose? The Archons trick people into getting their permission or getting them to agree to something because nobody is allowed to coerce you or use force for you to do something. This whole story was backed up by images you see what you want to see, believe it and give permission by just thinking ” I’m leaving or getting out of here”.

Do you honestly think that NASA or Secchi would put out images showing Earth being pulled on some pole? Let me ask you this: How come nobody else on this planet sees what you see and how come you’re the only group on this planet promoting this silly idea that some parents calling themselves gods were not powerful  enough to fight off enemy forces by a simple thought and now after millions of years of residing on some server they decided to save humanity?

It looks to me like the rest of the world is stupid and only this small group of people know what really is going on? What about the thousands of astronomers, astrologers and experts who use these images for their work, research and education? How come not one of them, NOT ONE of them has come out and confirmed what Rose wants you to see? Just asking.

Like all prophets here on this planet, including the gurus who claim to be the official voice for Mother and Father god, how come there is only ONE guru or ONE messenger and this person is supposed to inform the whole fucking planet? Just asking.

You see, whether I buy this crap or not, I get to go too if it’s true but will not give my permission because if I do and we’re tricked, there is no going back from wherever it is they were going to take us.

So, I would love to hear from you dear reader and can you please tell me what you see on these images? I just see sticks and stones, lines, grainy salt backgrounds and handwritten labels. But, assuming I’m wrong, who cares! I get to go anyways. I don’t have to believe and I can make fun of anyone I want, cause so long as I am a good person, I get sucked out of here. And you know what? I would be really pissed off if this was true because I spent hundreds of lifetimes trying to be a better soul, evolve towards enlightenment and pick a lot of shitty lives only to find out it was all a computer game? But who cares, whether I believe it or not, I get to go!



  1. Ines you spend too much time and energy on feeding this YRFT, it’s all fake, the followers are locked into a cult through the faked illusions of benevolence and saviour mentality. Nothing has or will come to fruition because its based on being fake.This is fake reality in a fake universe. One lady from Texas chosen out of 9 Billion to give the most important message to humanity?

    Everything on this planet is fake we spend all of our energy in numerous articles discovering and pointing out everything that is fake. Do we need to point out and prove to people what is fake before we wake up to what is truth? or does the constant energy expenditure on the fake keep us from discussing the truth, what is natural and what is universal law? Do we keep feeding the beast through our emotional responses particulalry anger? When we find out everything we have ever been taught is a lie it triggers emotional responses. Does the fakery coming from YRFT and her followers prompt such emotional responses from us all?

    What do i mean? Well here’s a few things that keeps us all in the alternative media engaged and it’s all fake. You can put the meat on the bones and think of all the things that are fake and fit into each heading – it’s massive. Each one can have several sub headings. Could be here all day typing the fakery within each one.

    It starts at birth with your fake birth certificate and ends in death which is also fake. Think about what you now know in the follwing examples.

    Fake programme and indoctrination starts early with –
    Fake Education and Fake Religion within your Fake nationality and identity status.
    Fake Gurus/Gods/Saviours according to your given fake religion and influenced by nationality/cultural identity or you can have
    Fake New Age and Fake Spirituality
    Breaking down of any resistance to self discovery or individual thought and creative imagination begins with.
    Early ( Becoming mandatory) innoculations leading to –
    Fake medical diagnosises
    Fake diseases
    Fake medicine
    Fake Acquired Immunity
    Fake Pandemics
    Fake cures
    Fake medical deaths caused by Fake unnatural Drugs
    Fake Corporate PR and Advertising creating demand
    Fake Need/want/desire
    Poisioning of food and water supplies for control of the masses with –
    Fake Water/Fake Food/Fake GMO
    Free will decsion making and soveriginty handed over to world leaders through
    Fake Choices (look at the USA Presidential campaign!)
    Fake Leaders
    Fake Elections
    Fake Democracy
    Fake Government
    Fake promises
    Debt slavery implemented through –
    Fake Fiat Money
    Fake Economy
    Fake Austerity/debt
    Fake Free Markets
    Fake Free Trade Agreements
    Fake Accounting
    Fake Welfare
    Perpetual war implemented through –
    Fake National Security
    Fake Terrorism/false flags
    Fake lone wolf attacks
    Fake Crisis Actors
    Fake witnesses
    Fake War on Terror leading to
    Fake National Defence/ Fake Wars
    Fake colour revolutions
    Fake Freedom
    Fake Peace
    Fake investigations/commissions/public enquires to maintain lies
    Fake properganda
    Fake History written by the victors
    Fake Anthropology
    Fake News/MSM
    Fake Journalism
    Mind control implemented through –
    Fake Music/Film /Entertainment Industry
    Fake celebrities/Fake personas
    Rebellion controlled through –
    Fake Law
    Fake Justice
    Fake rights
    Fake Authority/ police and military/corporate/Judges
    Fake Morality
    Use of technology to control through –
    Fake Clouds- Chemtrails
    Fake weather- HARP
    Fake science/Fake Scientific Research/ Fake global warming
    Fake national achievements/ such as Fake Moon Landing/ Fake International Space Station and Fake Space Walks
    Fake NASA,
    Fake NASA images (YRFT whole evidence hinges on NASA images)
    Fake Agendas

    I’m just scratching the surface here, do we need all this fake?
    The sad thing is most people don’t know or believe these things are fake and will fight tooth and nail to hang onto their reality. Its one of the hardest things to admit that you were wrong and let go of a limiting belief. I’ve been there. Most people don’t want to face it and bury the head in the sand. Taking things on face value is Fake.

    Now make a what is true list for yourself. Start with
    I am a Conscious Sentient Soverign Free Will and Immortal Being and go from there.
    would like to see your truth list that you have discovered over the years of your blogging. Does the truth cancel out/overcome the fake. Do we give enough time to the truth or are we consumed by exposing the fake?

    Could they be deliberately putting that much fake out to keep us engaged and away from the truth?
    Isn’t this just all keeping us from what we are supposed to be doing? Don’t waste anymore time on YRFT, you’ve done your bit, It there for people to make a choice.

    We can spend a life time exposing the fake, it’s never ending. In the end even death is fake………….


    • I agree with everything you WAS the last post but that’s what I do on this blog. You see, we have to take into consideration that we are all at different levels of evolution. There are those that are just now starting to figure things out, so I can’t assume that everyone knows everything. I actually choose a post based on the most common emails I receive as people write and ask questions so I just let them know that I will write something in relation to that! Thanks for your contribution~whoever you are~!


  2. Not everyone is in the same state of awareness therefore pointing out what is ‘fake’ can result in being the spark needed by someone to become more alert.
    Your point is valid but calling out the ‘fraud’ helps to increase awareness and discernment. I know it’s been beneficial to me in the long run.


  3. Enyiah,

    I agree that pointing out the fake can be the spark someone needs and yes in the beginning it was also beneficial to me. However, they are generally the people who are already looking anyhow, who have a instinct/feeling that something is not right, who are searching for something they can’t describe, a knowing inside, something’s missing, something’s wrong, what is it, it drives you mad.

    Those people are attracted to conversations, chance meetings, with someone out of the blue, all sorts of synchronicities. Then they go looking themselves and build up their discernment. But how much do you need to get somebody to look with their eyes and see, to listen with their ears and hear, to do their own research. They are unfortunately not the masses. I like to provide that spark for debate on a one to one basis as I don’t have the writing talents of Ines and others to do a blog.

    Discernment is a hard one to develop and is an ongoing process. I found this website to be a useful point on this issue

    One of the things that always comes up is the discussion on the various articles published is the issue of discernment. Just search the word in the search menu of the site and you will find some nuggets of gold in developing discernment.

    On each of the above fake issues i mentioned there is a mass of information, evidence and documentation that shows the who, what, where, when, how and why. Everything is hidden in plain sight. We have been dumbed down so much through our food/water/ vaccinations/religion/education, chemtrailing, television (TELL A VERSION, Programming) that we don’t even look. People have no need to come out of their comfort zone and look. Most are too scared to with installed fear that none of us were born with. Those that do can get trapped in other paradigms like the YRFT followers as an example. They have surrendered their open mind and discernment in my opinion.

    Even when governments declassify documents and show us they did it such as Operation Northwoods – a proposed operation against the Cuban government, that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the USA in 1962 to attack its own US citizens with terrorist attacks to blow up innocent people and blame the Cubans. yet most Americans still believe in the Twin Towers terrorist attack and went to war on it, even when there is live footage from the BBC stating the third building (Solomon Tower) had collapsed 20+ minutes before it did. Its visible behind left shoulder of the on scene correspondent. If people can’t wake up with just the stuff I’ve highlighted then what will wake them up?

    Articles and documents on web sites such as give another view on what happened at 9/11 and why and what’s really going on in Syria and other countries overthrown such as Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, just to name the latest in a long line of colour revolutions.

    This article from Ines was a long list of articles and comments that Ines has made/produced on outofthisworld and her own blog about YRFT, formally called OLDSOUL who has been promising delivery by The ONE and Eve as long as you consent and give up your freewill to this benevolent being who no ones ever met. This has been going on for or several years. Nothing comes to fruition. Ines and many others have exposed her lies and fudging for quite a while.

    All this is there for people to read and judge for themselves. I’m with Ines on this one, i’m not giving up my decision making, free will and Soul essence on the say so of YRFT, nor do I consent to what YRFT says has been chosen for us. I know from reading Ines articles that it grinds her gears and cause her a lot of hassle with the followers of YRFT refered to as the EEKS (Extremly excited Kids – their own designation of themselves) .

    Keep spreading the spark of truth to others that they can find their way in the maze of darkness, best wishes.

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    • thank you for your support…I write about my passions even if I seem to repeat myself, intuition tells me it has to be done. In reality, I can’t prove it right or wrong, but I try to write in such a way that it gives the reader something to think about and decide for themselves. If we could even take the bible as a book of truth and reality, we might then be able to stay stronger in our beliefs, unfortunately, our entire history has been hidden or convoluted to such an extent, we are running around like pepper sprayed animals looking for shelter from the enemy. I have never given up on the idea that we all came here to play this game and we all knew in advance what the outcome would be. One thing we didn’t know and that was that our planet would be infested with parasites, and so, the end game is taking just a bit longer. Prime Creator will not allow our destruction because it is why we are here, to experience all that is.




    Are these families just playing with humanity … Please change the laws cos they stink
    Why would ONE create such a law ???????
    Something smells fishy

    Who in their right mind would make such a law yet again

    Seems like the purity to go through the eye outshines any stoopid laws … So yet again SOURCE overrides the families and their harvest times … SOVEREIGN BEING

    Same as claiming dna … sealing us for consenting to be saved … When it’s nothing to do with ONE … It’s source we belong to and source doesn’t trade nor make up laws that can be manipulated … We are free spirits … I REFUSE CONSENT

    In our hearts we all know that

    After all we are but consciousness … Human form is dna
    To be traded

    I wasn’t created by anyone

    We are unique beings of consciousness … From SOURCE

    Form is a derivative … A second nature

    Even light is material
    Dna can be manipulated … Why hold on to dna
    Claim rights to it ?????

    It’s so simple it deludes everyone

    Us in human form have been messed up … Until we look at our inner hearts we’ll always be looking at outside forces … And when your heart speaks then it’s you and source innerstanding together as a unit
    Sync sync sync

    You can’t put it in words as HEARTSPEAK is not a language

    It’s an innerstanding … FREEDOM

    So why promote sealing … You have to say love one another cos that’s the truth but if you don’t understand the freedom bit then your not free … Who wants to be sealed to get out … When a free heart is all you need

    No spiritual fat needed


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    • If things were so simple. In fact as you say they are so simple that it stares us in the face. Our only dilemna is that our memories were taken from us, because of this, we are like an accident victim suffering from amnesia. He gets up and traces his entire life in order to find out who he is. But even upon meeting his family, wife and children he can’t love them because he doesn’t have the memory of that either. It’s our dilemna as well, we were created in love, but how do we love if we don’t remember it?

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  5. I had serious doubts with the YRFT stuff and had weird things start to happen after watching The Lies That Nasa Told a few times, it started feeling very cultish after a while. It was horrible seeing the angry comments directed at Ines for questioning anything from the people following the info. I don’t know what happened in the last week that brought out the fangs from this Rose person, or her true personality? I did enjoy the story line but wasn’t an “eeker” by any means. What the heck happened in the last week or so? Maybe there was more to the collection of people and not from a good place, was there to be a soul harvest in the works and a few declined that brought out the viper anger? I may have missed a post or two, can anyone tell me what happened?


    • Lets call a spade a spade, anyone that follows one individual is called a cult especially when this “cult’ attacks anyone that dares to question. Journey through truth is questioning, simple questions that should give simple answers. This cult is so convaluted and so complex that the eeks argue all day long about trivial matters and yet still don’t know what is going on, all they know is that they want to leave this place and it don’t matter who the hell takes them out of here. Just my 2 cents worth. It’s typical of a cult to attack the messenger, nothing new, been going on for centuries, the blind leading the blind.


  6. Thanks Ines. All I can say is Wow! Rose has been at this story for years. She remains usually calm when questioned but this time, lost all composure and attacked Tann like her life was on the line. It makes me wonder who she is working for. Very sad, these people are not living, life is passing them by and for what? Any group of people taken somewhere else, what will happen is the same as society now, the dominant will try to rule, the weaker will follow, the troublemakers will undermine, the lazy will take and not contribute. So, nothing will change. They will still be miserable. People are people no matter where they are. Just my thinking.


  7. Looks like the mask has finally slipped and we see the real YRFT. I see the spate going on with Tann asking the very questions we have all asked, particularly you Ines.

    Looks like the EEKs are suffering a bit of cognitive dissonance which is particularly evident in this latest situations where the individual’s behaviour conflicts with beliefs that are integral to there self-identity as EEKs.

    The chosen few who have sealed themselves to the ONE and EVE, can’t face the possibility of being had over and are attacking with typical cult mentality.
    A good but dated article (2008) titled Discerning Alien information can be found at

    Parts 2.3. and 4 show all the methodology that YRFT has employed over the years from Oldsoul to present. Well worth a read. Cats now out of the bag.

    Thankfully some have seen through the charade and revoked their consent to this seal nonsense. Tanns website was a big draw for a lot of people following the YRFT saga, when he then questioned it he couldn’t be dismissed as easily as commentators on the blog and has been viciously attacked by the send them love brigade. That was the tipping point for YRFT to show her true Yellow colour.

    Tann has woken a lot of them up, even a few EEKs. Well done Ines and Tann for sticking this one out. Looks like the cult will need to move to another blog. Harvest not looking so good now,

    Ines, well maybe one more YRFT post ? If nothing else the YRFT saga has been useful for honing personal discernment so thanks YRFT.


  8. Oh forgot to mention. for the YRFT and the EEKs you can stick your seal where the Sun (or as you like to call him, ED) don’t shine I don’t consent to anything I am a free will, sovereign being, I ain’t going anywhere, but your free to go with these entitles EVE and ONE who you have no direct contact with and have never met, who got their butts kicked, when we were allegedly stolen and they need a fleet of ships and Allied forces to come into a server and pluck us out. Doesn’t sound like a Prime Creator to me. A load of fear porn to ensure a good harvest. Bon Voyage!


    • Well, I think it’s called following your intuition and higher self even if it doesn’t seem logical at times, we have to listen to our higher self and if the pieces don’t fit, they don’t fit. In this group, the pieces don’t fit but they keep trying to shove a triangle into a circle shape.


  9. Ines its your blog, quote what ever you like. its all about the discussion, perhaps the piece should be titled, “The long goodbye” YRFT has been dragging this one out for several years, she must be on a different timeline because nothing she has said has ever happened in this reality. Still plenty of loosh made on the way. Kept a lot of parasites well fed, sort of like a food bank for alien entities.


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