What is Coherence?

In the program of MORPHOGENESIS, coherence refers to states of awakened consciousness that are in congruence with the new race genetics and a more intelligently created physical reality.

This type of ‘holistic coherence’ implies harmony, interconnectivity and stabilized order, where the whole is greater and more efficient than the sum of its parts. This acknowledges a type of synergy, that, when individuals are connected together consciously, a new entity is created with much greater meaning and value.

As our consciousness continues to awaken, we unveil our natural ability to function in coherently connected states. This is like reforming an enlightened ‘global brain’. This gives us the ability to move peacefully in unison while being completely self-supportive.

HOW does Coherence serve us, practically speaking?

* Functioning from coherence builds a magnetic field of manifestation around you.
* Functioning from coherence raises you into the reality of your preference.
* Functioning from coherence dramatically accelerates your evolutionary advancement.

It opens you up to tap into the same power that drives the entire universe.

This is essentially a harmonic convergence of your personal energy into coherent states of ‘collective’ frequency, thereby accelerating you and all of us into the new reality of our preference. This occurs through your willingness to blend and integrate all the formerly segregated aspects of your consciousness into a unified whole.

Through the support of group fusion, we each become the pattern for the reality that we desire to experience for ourselves… and also to see manifest in our world. By placing our conscious attention upon this new reality, it will naturally accelerate in that direction. We are accelerating together, much more quickly and from our choice to be coherently connected.

Any way that your thoughts, visions and dreams reflect to you the awareness of being ‘coherently connected’ will be reflected in your outer world.

What is so exciting is that, through coherence, we can interact with other parallel realities and dimensional states. These ideas are addressed further in the program. I will add this… as a vast multidimensional being, you already exist on every level there is to exist upon, simultaneously. Therefore, the vibrational frequency of your particular reality preference will place you in whatever vibrational timeline to which you are most aligned.

As you gradually let go of all other non-preferred realities, you progress into more cohesive levels of divine coherence. This will eventually become the single most prevalent experience that you have as a reality on Earth. It will be a self-created reality that contains the things you identify with most strongly… and NOTHING else.

Life on Earth becomes ecstatic in each and every moment!

Through the increasing joy of living your life completely from the now moment, you create an opening for future intentions and all desired experiences to accelerate most quickly into your present experience.

This is referred to as the SHIFT, or, going through a ‘dimensional consciousness shift’.

You do not leave this reality; you ELEVATE your self above limiting perceptions. The supercharged bonus is…. that by unifying with others of ascending frequency, you learn to live in a new timeline of self-empowered inspiration.

This all begins through the idea of ‘coherently connected consciousness’.


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