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Anyway, we had our dinner last night, just the 4 of us.  My partner released from hospital earlier, myself and our dog Max and cat Leo. It was great,and this was for my partner and part of his Catholic tradition, I personally do not celebrate Xmas, but you don’t need a holiday to celebrate life. Watching my pets eat better than most kids in Croatia today, reminded me how grateful I am for living in abundance  Max basically had cut up pieces of roast lamb
and Peking Duck. Leo ate squid in yogurt, a gourmet cat food. That one tin of food can buy a loaf of bread in Croatia. This started me thinking because I
realized today that I take my abundance for granted at times, yet I am always so grateful and aware of how much we have compared to how little others have.
My thoughts go more toward the love and light, truth movement and basically the New Cage movement. I don’t agree with the status quo of “lack of”, I believe that abundance is evidence that we are living correctly and according to universal laws. When I read about certain people calling themselves “light workers” and in the same sentence state they are experiencing poverty as a result and accept this condition as a normal condition or state for anyone involved in helping humanity; I get angry because not only do I disagree with this, I feel these people are using that as an excuse for failing to have abundance in their lives and blaming someone or something as to why they can’t have abundance.
There have been many articles/essays written about light workers being misguided in their goals or purpose that they use to help humanity. It’s possible this was done on purpose or part of the Cabal plan to throw them off track so that they do not achieve those goals.

The law of abundance states that the Universe is filled with abundance. You can see that physical evidence everywhere you go in nature. However, abundance exists not only in this physical world but we can find it in other dimensions–in the unseen, in the non-manifested.




We live in a thought universe, as thinking beings, we create our world with our thoughts. If we think thoughts of lack; that’s what we will manifest, but the Universe is abundant and the law of abundance states there is abundance everywhere.

“To look upon the appearance of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind. Instead, you must hold to the truth that there is no poverty. There is only abundance.–“Wallace D. Wattles”.

If you are experiencing poverty or even difficult financial conditions, you are living in a poverty consciousness. I know that feeling, I know what it’s like to lack and spent most of my life lacking and thinking that I was lacking. It wasn’t until I started to read Stuart Wilde that I understood the universe doesn’t give us what we want or need, it gives us what we ‘think’.

This theory on abundance is common knowledge amongst those that call themselves “light workers”, although I think that the term was made up in order for a certain group of people to feel special or different. If you call yourself or identify with the term light worker and are not living in abundance then you need to take a step back, stop whatever it is that you are doing and work on yourself first.

Like positive thoughts, meditating, basically changing unwanted thoughts takes time. This is not something you do overnight. The same goes for positive thinking or any change you need to make in your thought process. The older you are, the longer it takes to change because the tape is so long and it needs to be rewritten so to speak. I started the work in the early nineties and 30 years later still occasionally catch myself saying or thinking “I don’t have enough money to pay for this or that”.
Although it happens very rare and I catch myself, it’s still deeply ingrained into our psyche I would say becomes almost in the category of automatic thinking even though realistically there is no such thing. We can behave automatically like in a flight or fight response which is more instinctual, we can move, walk, drive and other movements automatically. Someone may bring up the subject of shopping and we can automatically think ” I don’t have money to go shopping”-because we have been in that state for so long. It’s not necessary to go into the details of each though process therefore lets move on.

I have been living in abundance for over 10 years now, the 20 years before that were in the intermittent stages. I have actually mapped out my financial situation parallel to my life situations and I could clearly see and identify that during times of chaos and negative events I also suffered from lack of. During happy periods where things went well, I could also clearly see that my financial situation was better. This was the adjustment period if you will, going up and down until the abundance thoughts were firmly ingrained and replaced the “poverty consciousness”.




I can also remember moments where I was thinking “How the hell can I feel and think and visualize abundance in my life when there is not a moment in my day where I am not worried about how to pay the rent? It’s difficult to project abundance consciousness while living in the actual and physical lack. I would post sticky notes all over the house to remind me, and it does take time, in my case years and years.
For some it can be very challenging even more if your surroundings such as the neighborhood, friends, family and co-workers are constantly talking about how they are broke and can’t pay the bills.

I look at abundance consciousness as a result of living in the truth, it’s a test as well. If you are in the “light and love” or truth movement or consider yourself a service to humanity or light worker; then you should be living in abundance because in order to serve humanity you have to BE the example of what you want to change in others.

You cannot be a fat person giving advice to someone on how to lose weight. Are you going to trust a dentist with bad teeth; or take yoga classes following a fat instructor that can’t make the movements they are teaching you?

While doing research on Kathryn E. May and reading a lot of various forum contents and FB comments, I noticed how people calling themselves light workers or service to others all had one thing in common and that was poverty consciousness, but it went beyond the state of mind of not having. These folks took their financial situations as a part of their role like Mother Theresa helping the poor while she lacked or people who are taught through religion that money is evil. (Mother Theresa actually didn’t live in poverty, she had a secret opulent lifestyle and died a very wealthy woman).
They used their state of mind of not having as the sacrifice they make in helping humanity yet displayed emotions of desperation while waiting for the so called Prosperity Funds to arrive.
The Cabal set up the New Age movement for those that deserted their respective religions, they carefully orchestrated this whole light versus dark agenda and programmed those involved into believing that “lack of” was their sacrifice or suffering and therefore, the light workers would be the first ones to have access to these prosperity funds.

Kathryn E. May is one of those disinformation minions in teaching this religion just as Christianity teaches how Jesus suffered, sacrificed, healed and rejected material wealth thus chose to live a meager lifestyle. Of all people, and the Father/Mother God connections she has, she should be living in abundance, after all, doesn’t she teach centering techniques? I always wondered how come she always had to ask for donations when she could just picture the abundance and would have it.

Your lack or poverty conscious state has nothing to do with your role in this lifetime, it is simply a state of mind, a choice and ignorance. I’m not saying that only light workers suffer from poverty consciousness but my audience is in the light community or truthseeker . Most of the planet lives in poverty consciousness because we have been programmed to believe that our self worth is based upon our material wealth and that asking yet not receiving is the result of bad luck, destiny or God is simply not hearing you or answering your prayers.

You lack because you think you do. We are also taught that universe will give you what you ask for but not when you want it rather when the universe feels you’re ready for it. That is total bullshit.

The universe does not fulfill requests, it does not choose or decide. It fulfills your state of mind so if you believe you live in abundance, you will have abundance and I’m not talking about a moments worth of thoughts, I’m talking about an actual belief that becomes part of your existence and daily reality. It means when looking into any empty wallet, you just see the empty wallet and have no negative thoughts about it. You see an empty wallet and know it’s temporary because we spend money therefore need to replenish reserves. This is the difficult part I wrote about earlier because we all experience an empty wallet, that money was spent, it’s gone but to think: ” I don’t have money or I need more money now”;–will not activate the abundance consciousness, it will only keep that wallet in the state that your mind is in.
I could write a book about the various thoughts we can use or throw out, but I’m sure you get the idea.

You create your reality, you get what you think and if you’re living in a state of not having, you’re not serving humanity, you’re only lying to yourself and spreading your poverty consciousness around as energy. The people that I am referring to right now are those that are openly, actively sharing their lack of, or thinking inside that their lack is due to a string of bad luck.

I can’t be around poverty conscious people for too long because I can’t stand the whining and complaining or feelings of helplessness or blaming our governments. I can’t stand them not knowing they are bringing to their life what they think. I can’t stand being around them because they believe my abundance is luck or what goes around comes around. Often my clients will tell me how lucky I am to have such abundance and that I must be a good person and that it all comes back to me.

That’s bullshit and you know that’s bullshit because if you’re reading this, you are probably a good person, a humanitarian or call yourself a light worker and yet you live in lack of. I would almost consider that give and take as a form of good luck. Even some positive people experience abundance because they think positive and are not hung up on money, so without those “I need money”thoughts, they manifest some abundance.




Abundance is really a relative term, so let me define what abundance is for me.

I am not rich by far, have no debts, live within my means. Basically I lack nothing, all my needs are met and money always comes when I need it. For instance, my healing work was very slow last month. I started to think about it and realized that I was getting what I was thinking and that was “This month is really slow”. So, the following month and following that realization I started to think how busy I am and how the phone doesn’t stop ringing and that is what happened, but then I thought “Ok, I don’t want to work through December, I need a rest”, and voila, no calls again.
I thank the universe and creator every chance I get for all that I have and for all that I am going to have. It’s been a while since I really thought about this subject personally. After so many years it has become an instant unconscious thought process but I don’t take it for granted because I also know that I can change that at any given time just by changing my thought process.

It’s not just about receiving albeit difficult to stay in that state of mind at first, we can also lose it because it’s not permanent. It exists as long as we picture what we want. As long as we think and feel abundance consciousness, we will not lose it, but even a few days of “I don’t have, I need, I’m broke, I can’t pay my bills”, will take you back to that state of lacking.




In order to accomplish what you came here to do, if you chose the “light worker” or service to others, you have to be an example you are teaching or creating.
As many of you know by now, there are no prosperity funds and there never were. Those entities of false light or higher dimension forgot to tell Kathryn E. May that the prosperity funds were not material gifts but were our prosperity consciousness state of mind.

It must have been terrible and still is waiting for years on this Dinar RV, Prosperity Funds, NESARA, GCR, and now the Global Reset to never come, while suffering from lack of, bankruptcy, home foreclosure, job losses and blaming it all on the Cabal for putting you in that situation, yet all you had to do was erase the poverty conscious tape and rewrite it with the abundance conscious thoughts. I have abundance, I lack nothing.

Abundance depends upon a recognition of the laws of abundance, and the fact that MIND is not only the Creator, but the ONLY Creator of all there is. Certainly nothing can be created, before we know that it can be created and then make the proper effort.

Affirmations that you can place in different areas of your home to remind you: “My universe is full of abundance. I always have everything I need”.
Picture that abundance, see yourself in that reality, of what you want and practice this until it becomes part of your everyday thought process. When you see your empty wallet, think abundance and picture how you want that wallet to look like.

In the last 10 years I have never been worried about money, it always comes when I need it, You see, giving away money is like giving away a fish, but teaching people how to manifest abundance is like teaching someone how to fish.

For those of you out there waiting for the prosperity funds, it’s actually proof of your poverty conscious state. Even if the funds materialized, you would spend them and be in NEED eventually. Create it yourself and then you can tell me you came here to help humanity.
Set the example first first, otherwise you’re no different than the fat lady giving out advice on how to lose weight. BE the example you want to teach or give to others. They don’t need money, they need to know how to manifest it themselves, how are you going to help them if you’re lacking yourself? This was the plan that the Cabal set up, to keep you in a state of lacking yet at the same time believing that a lack of was the sacrifice you pay as a light worker or warrior. So, light worker, what have you accomplished in the last 20 years?

How can you accomplish anything when you yourself are living in poverty consciousness? Have you not figured out by now that the joke is on you? How many years have you waited? Maybe if you stopped whining about being broke all the time you might realize that like everything in this reality, you are a Creator.

You see, there is no such thing as a light worker. There is service to self, service to others and you are either my brother or sister, and we are ALL of the light, we are all Creators of our own realities.

I know some of you are not going to like this, get over it. The sooner you realize you have not moved an inch, the sooner you will take that step back, sit down and start learning how to manifest abundance in your life. You determine what abundance means to you, but if you’re lacking and suffering from financial problems, it’s time to re think your reality.




  1. Ines, This is the game changer if it delivers on 16th October 2015. Must see
    Everyone needs to ensure their ambassador is present at the world peace conference on 16th in Rome is present. Send to all sites you know and make viral. See also latest videos.


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